Collette Pretty and Plain

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Collette puts on her pretty face for the world because she is a fragile being. While she has pretty eyes and many of them, and a charming flower decorating her hair, her smile is tight and strained. It is difficult to pretend to be the pretty one to hide what’s inside. The real Collette is content in being plain, with her raggedy heart full of promise and love, so open to wounding. Her single eye is not much to look at and her spare eyelashes don’t give it much definition but it’s single focus sees much in the world and takes it all in. Plain Collette has a rich inner life and a light that emanates from her the belies description….Collette is learning to meld the two parts of herself and be the authentic woman she is in the world.

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Collette Pretty and Plain is in my etsy shop and she will ship worldwide. Thanks for meeting her.


  1. Your artful stitched people share such wise lessons !

  2. is she a 2 faced woman? love the heart side!

  3. Collette is a great gal! Valerie

  4. <3 the <3

  5. Colette is brave! Love her! xo

  6. She’s fragile but her heart is strong. You write such good stories Corrine.

  7. I love your dolls and your stories. A gift, indeed.

  8. stunning! what fab doll she is … love her and can find my inner self in her!
    You are unique Corinne as well as she is!

  9. Saw this on your FB page….and I’m still smiling at the stories you create Corrine. ‘Her smile is tight and strained’ made me giggle (I once knew someone like that 😉 )

  10. I like that you tell stories about your dolls. This one makes me smile.

  11. But isn’t the “heart” what its all about?

  12. Colette is another fragile authentic soul dear friend, such a dear and sweet collection!

  13. She is big on love , love is all that matters, love heals all! I love her!

  14. Loving her tattered heart, her fragility and her authenticity! Melding seems to be working for her. 😀

  15. How do you find the time???? You post every day; you seemingly create every day; you work; you take care of furry pals…… I dub you super woman to go with your superman!

  16. Love these cool dollies!

  17. Colette is beautiful in every aspect. I nearly cried when I read her story. Stunningly beautiful visual and written pieces.

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