Sometimes it’s too much for the heart to handle

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Some days fragile is bigger than others.  Sometimes it’s too much for the heart to handle…

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  1. ain’t it the truth. be well.

  2. Due to some recent misfortunes, I can totally relate. However, it is not long before the darkness is replaced by the light of day, and with it will come uplifted spirits.

    This is a terrific and powerful piece, Corrine. I love it.

  3. great colors! love the painted bubbles! we got a couple of in. of snow last nite how bout you?

  4. Fantastic! Love the use of bubble wrap! We got another dusting last night – no biggie. Stay warm! xo

  5. Let your heart out and keep painting friend. You I know can release so much this way, so bright and expressive, your art talks and is truly an expression of your authenticity!

  6. Amen! I love how you used the bubble wrap in this!

  7. This is fun, love how you used the bubble wrap! Good for you with the 14000 steps, keep it up, sistah! Valerie

  8. Super colors! The bubble wrap is a good idea!
    Maybe he gets sinus pressure headaches like me…
    If so, SORRY!

  9. Wow – there’s some passion showing up in this piece. And I never thought of using the bubble wrap IN a piece – so clever and SO effective. I love how your journal, your art pieces, reflect you and whatever emotions or things you’re working through. Hope peace and calm is restored soon……

  10. What a stunning, emotion packed piece of art sweetie, love the bubbles. Hope you are ok??
    Huge hugs x x x x

  11. Soft hugs sometimes help. Consider this one of those….
    make it two 🙂

  12. Migraine? You? Sending a big hug xx

  13. oh this is strong indeed. Hope today is a better day. From my heart to yours…

  14. Very expressive piece. It’s visible that it comes from the heart …

  15. Amen, Sistah. You conveyed this so beautifully with the deep colored bubblewrap. Makes me pause and take a deep breath in and out.

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