No Mice Today

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Snow day play.  pLaYiNg again in Mix it Monthly February challenge. I do love my furry companions and the ones who live in my neighborhood too.  We have a kookoo cat named Seiko who lives at my neighbors barn.  He is afraid of nothing and hunts all the time.  This is a silly homage to him. No mice today.

IMG_0112Not quite as true to all the colors, my red keeps slipping in and a bit of purple too, but another loose sketchy drawing.

IMG_0111That’s how I feel with no chocolate today!  Join in the fun.




  1. Adorable. No mice, no chocolate and too much snow. Glad you got through your finance stuff.

  2. No chocolate? Sounds bad! Love your cat. Off to look for a piece of choccie….Valerie

  3. No mice. No chocolate. Such a sad state of affairs. At least you made time to play on this snow day! Love the texture in this piece. 😀
    Just out of curiosity… Dark or milk?

  4. He doesn’t look pleased!!

  5. I feel like I know this guy! Grumpy Cat has competition!
    Hope you are enjoying the snow as much as possible! Being warm and cozy inside and looking out at it is the way to go!

  6. Seiko is a sweetie…hope he finds a mouse soon.

  7. No; he does not look pleased. This is great; when it snows, might as well make art right? I’ve been in my art room most of day – taking a break with the treadmill and cooking spaghetti sauce! 🙂

    Stay warm! xo

  8. Love this! Looks like my cat, Sprinkles, who is a big hunter too!

  9. Such a look at total exacerbation on Seiko’s face! This is priceless, Corrine. Love the “tell all” eyebrows, too! Stay cozy! Mwah! KayW

  10. No mice? No chocolate? What about fleas? Does she love to crack them? Because I think I know a dog right in her neighbourhood who could help her out. 😉
    A beautiful painting!

  11. Amazing tribute Corrine, the expression is truly sublime. I love the texture created by the typing underneath, superb. Ha ha ha my old cat Billy used to pull the exact same face when he bought me live mice to play with, I’m sure he thought I was a cat too and wondered why I wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as he was!!!!!!!! Huge hugs x x x x

  12. Denise Spillane says:

    Hi, this is adorable. I love anything kit and pup , bird, animal related so your posts always make me smile.

  13. Oh I love him! Cute and done in your own authentic way Corrine, great!

  14. I know how you and he feels. I am trying not to eat any sweets and I have lost 6 pounds but it is so hard to do without chocolate! My kitty loves to hunt mice too. She is Target, the one I drew for this challenge. She loves to bring them in as little presents and I have to check to make sure she doesn’t have one every time I let her in.

  15. love that kitty! my guys make those faces when I wont open another can! are you snowed in yet?> we lucked out

  16. Poor kitty!
    He is so sad, hmm, he starts to think…
    “I’ll go to Corrine’s house, she’s a softy to us furry guys”!

  17. Poor little cat. Not even one mouse. But i like the page you did make.

  18. stunningly AWESOME Corinne!!!!

  19. No mice….what a bother! Poor boy!

  20. I would be fine with no mice, but no chocolate??
    Fabulously textured kitty with splashes of red, just wonderful!

  21. So fun – I love the simplicity of your critters. yet they each are so expressive …..not easy to do!

  22. What a lot of fun Corrine…super how the text shows thru and your sketching inspires me!
    Hope you get some chocolate soon…
    it is one of the food groups you know 😉

  23. oh, I can relate to how he feels …. At first glance I thought you had sewn this cat. Love that sketchy look …

  24. a fabulous and funny cat!!!… hope you get some chocolate … mice love chocolate -lol! did they steal yours???

  25. Haha, this one made me laugh – wonderful!

  26. Ohh Corrine, sorry about comment so late about this fantastic and fun piece!! Soooo love her expression (hihi I would look the same when having no chocolate) and the cool typewritings in the background!!!
    So Love you are making art with us at Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  27. Fabulous!

  28. Love the expression on this guy! And those eyebrows are such a fun feature. Hope you fared well with all the recent snow. We’re expecting a bit more again tonight.

  29. So cute and pretty, full of charm. I love his story. Beautiful work, Corrine!

  30. This is so adorable ~ love it!

  31. Oh, this is fanatastic! This expression on the face made me smile! Wonderful work!

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