A dog, a flea and a red ball

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Piarom has a new challenge up on her mix it monthly blog, “We Love Our Pets”.  Most of you know that we have five furry children who keep us endlessly entertained, so who better to illustrate this challenge than our dogs.  The challenge also has a color scheme and I tried to stay within it except for that red ball, that was a must.  I had fun making this last night after a long day of our and about.  This dog most resembles our red heeler Ryder, especially his docked tail.  Wish we could have seen him with his full tail, but in rescue land that is usually not to be.  He still manages the most expressive wag with this little tail and I know he is happy when  it moves at about 100 miles an hour. Oh, and by the way, NO Fleas actually live here.

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  1. This is a fun piece, love the expression on the dog’s face, he looks happy! Valerie

  2. Love this! Glad you put in the red ball too. Hope you and the pups are enjoying the snow. xo

  3. Whimsical, artistic, creative, and wonderful! xo

  4. Such a sweet doggie page, Corrine. I love your flea….although, in doggie land, it is just about as much fun as lice! This page just wouldn’t be the same without that fun red ball–glad you included it! Mwah! KayW

  5. dog art. I love it.

  6. When I first saw the name of the post, I thought there must be a punch line in there somewhere. I was laughing before I even got to your blog.

    What an adorable painting. I adore the dog and the ball, but both Bleubeard and I have an aversion to fleas, even ones as cute as yours (grin).

  7. Perfect illustration of the challenge!

  8. I love the “fur” on your picture doggie!
    How cute! Dogs are the best friends in the world!
    We have two rescued Dobies.

  9. This is adorable. I love whimsical animal art.

  10. HA! Just great – you and your pups are adorable!

  11. He looks perfectly happy with his red ball!

  12. well I should think not!! not on mutts so spoiled as yours! and deservedly so!! x

  13. This one is really nice. Like the picture of a dog and a flea playing bal togheter

  14. This is such a sweet piece Corrine…love reading about your fur babies.

    The layers you achieved here are really really well done! And I agree with you, the red ball is a must. xo

  15. Love your painting and the cute dog!!

  16. Ooh this is gorgeous Corrine, the face says it all lol!!! I LOVE the red ball, works perfectly. Ha ha my pets were always well protected too, I’m allergic to flea bites and the darn things love my blood!!!!
    Huge hugs x x x x

  17. Simply beautiful doggy portrait. I am so impressed with your recent works. They are full of joy, vibrant and warm colours, very empowering as well. Fantastic pieces, Corrine. Thank you for sharing

  18. Simple and so loving!

  19. Corrine such a cute guy and he seems to have fun the whole day 😉 I so love this painting: the loose strockes, the pencillines and the shapes so freeing easy:) that make my heart sing! so Love your are making art with us on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  20. what a cute puppy! I love his docked tail and cute smile.

  21. This is such a sweet and whimsical painting – I could see it as an illustration in a children’s book!! Love it

  22. I love his fur … And his eyelashes really make me smile 🙂

  23. That’s one happy dog … 😉 And this flea actually looks like it’s a play-friend …..

  24. Oh Corinne – this is just amazing!

  25. This is soooo lovely!
    Creative, unique and makes me smile.


  26. Such a fun piece, I LOVE it, Corrine!!!

  27. Love it! Very funny!

  28. What a super happy dog , is that his pet flea?

  29. What a cute dog and a funny flea! I like it!!

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