Sometimes you just have to trust your intuitive vision

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When a painting needs to come out, sometimes you just have to trust your intuitive vision…the power is moving




  1. Nice. Love the color combination.

  2. Moving like a locomotive….well done Corrine.

  3. great colors.

  4. Woosh. Paint love.

  5. jill eudaly says:

    I think I looked a little like this after dinner tonight, a little green. (I don’t know when to say when) I can’t take my eyes off the background, so much …interesting as heck! Love it.

  6. Splash, paint and let it all go, that’s the way Corrine!

  7. Corrine, I wish I had a little more colour in my head, coming out, when creating- but it seems to get stucked inside, or it is not really there… but I become enthusiastic seing your gorgeous coloured art pieces.

  8. Yes, it’s always better out than in! lovely colours. Valerie

  9. Gorgeous painting Corrine. Those colours are amazing and work beautifully together.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  10. You inspire me so much Corrine!! Just Trust!

  11. Loving the layers, Corrine!

  12. I can just feel the movement here. Beautiful colors and physicality. As Judy said, WOOOSH!

  13. Bold and free – like you!

  14. Trust is such a powerful thing!

  15. Love your guy. What is he thinking?
    Purple and yellows are SO alive!

  16. Fragile, but with a bolt of strength!

  17. Lovely Corrine! I’m like Dorothe…it always seems like I have a hard time using color. Your work is inspiring!

  18. Beautiful overflow of your color within

  19. Ohh yes the intuition…such a big wonderful tool!! Love your choose of color and those paper interests showing through 🙂 ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  20. yes, indeed you do! Very nice and i know you love color. xo

  21. tremendous energy and power and movement. There is something building inside of me, screaming for release. I know I need to close myself in my room with my paints. It’s coming.

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