Bandit is a pony, he is my friend

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Conversation with the Superhero this morning – “write down the first words that come into your head”.  Since I have been writing one sentence a day in my Happiness Project journal, he decided he would do a journal too(shock, awe, inspiring, so happy for him) to see if it would infuse more mojo into his guitar playing. His response, “well if I just think….”.  I said,”don’t think that’s the whole point…”  Euraka moment and the Superhero is off writing whatever pops into his head.

Bandit, my neighbor’s mini shetland popped into my head this morning, so I journaled him.  He is a spunky, feisty dude who thinks he rules the world. He constantly sneaks out of his paddock into the open pasture for a little extra grass.  Bucks happily at the dogs who try and play with him and has fallen madly in love with the mare Summer and moon pie’s around her all the time.  Bandit is a dude and I love him.  Homage to my pony friend with  a bit of digital pizzaz.

Bandit 1814


  1. This really made me smile, Corrine. I love your happiness project! And so happy for SuperHero!

  2. Go Superhero!! What a giant leap that is! I’ve had a few horse friends in my life.
    Very important to a young girl growing up. Love your journal page. Hugs! deb

  3. love bandit and go superhero!

  4. hello to Bandit! LOVE that your husband is keeping a journal too! After I saw you got the book I ordered it too….just haven’t opened it yet….

  5. Bandit is a funky little dude!

  6. I need more sentences like this in my life!

  7. Darlene Propp says:

    I love the color and energy of your page. So free and fun!

  8. Bandit is a sweetie… is your painting!

  9. Reminds me of playing “My Pretty Pony” with my daughter. There is so much joy in your page. xo

  10. Every girl wants a pony, and Bandit is yours! Well, sort of! I have more than once wondered–on seeing horses grazing in fields as we drive by–how Jake would interact with them. Glad to hear that yours want to play with him. Love all the interest in both your back… and foregrounds! Yummy oranges, too! I am sated!

  11. This was my first visit to your blog since my return to Cyber World! What a lighthearted post! Loved it! Hope you are well! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures in art! Have a beautiful day!

  12. So sweet and adorable Corrine!

  13. Thanks for introducing Bandit to us! He looks so happy, there, in your art! Kudos to SuperHero, too! xo

  14. You guys are having too much fun! Oh wait — you can never have too much fun. xoxoxoxo

  15. All that happiness and color came out of one simple sentence about Bandit. Very cool, Corrine.
    Working in my journal this evening and loving every minute. It feels SO good to be making art.

  16. That’s a great little picture. That kind of journaling and painting would be a great idea for doing a whole
    year & then bound into an altered book.
    (Give the sweet Bandit a hug around his fat little neck from me).

  17. Well now I have crush on Bandit too.

  18. Everything about this made me smile! I can just see Bandit romping around and trying to impress Summer.

  19. YeeHaw!

  20. Very lovely lil bandit…he would be my friend too, I am sure 🙂 Lucky one lives in a gorgeous flower field…loove ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  21. I love that SH has a journal. What a great idea for a guy. Don’t think Don would go for that. Will be funny to ask him, however. I love bandit and this field and the lovely story. Makes me wish this snow would stop so I can come play.

  22. Dottie Lou says:

    I love your sweet stories – Thank you for Bandit!! xo

  23. Such free and happy artwork, very inspiring.

  24. I love that! And how cool to purposefully write one sentence a day … And inspire super heroes to do it too 🙂

  25. Ohhh Bandit sounds GORGEOUS! What a character….
    Lovely, fresh journal page. X

  26. Sounds like he has quite the personality! What fun page.

  27. Whooo,this pony its georgus,loove the little one,sooo cute,and he live in a wonderful bloomfield with beautiful flowers,love him so much!!!

    Lovely greetings Jeannette

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