Silly Journaling

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Silly journaling today in between work, well work in between journaling is more like it…LOL.  Giant chicken invades village…Anyone remember Revenge of the Fifty Foot Woman? One of those old black and white B movies from the 60’s….scraps from the box I need to clean out and get rid of, but somehow refuse to…..paints and gel pens and my own small leaf stamp turned into feathers…..If the chicken shows up I will let you know.

giant chicken 1614


Close up of the feathers I stuck on with glue dots…

feathers 1614



  1. This is fun! Those feathers would make an elegant breed on hen! Valerie

  2. lol

  3. love this. At Samy’s 2nd birthday party, we had a little petting zoo come to our backyard. They had a llama, which the kids were able to ride. When they were loading up, the llama got loose and ran all over the neighborhood – through backyards and around the corner where it was corralled in the playground at the elementary school. It was very exciting… The day the llama got loose…

  4. That is some chicken!!! We all need a little silliness in our lives, particularly in this snow, wet, warm, cold….you name it!

  5. Thank you! In the deep freeze this put a HUGE smile on my face 🙂

  6. Looks like someone is having fun. Love the giant chicken with the ” leaf” feathers! ;-). Xoxo

  7. Yes….someone is having fun and staying in out of the freezing cold. Maybe you are wishing you had feathers to keep you warm. xo

  8. love your chicken feathers- so cute!!

  9. Fun fun fun… I remember that movie.

  10. What fun!!

  11. Are you kidding?! This is fabulous!

  12. Giant chicken indeed. I love it. And the way you used your stamp to turn leaves into chicken feathers is perfect.

  13. Fabulous!
    I keep chickens – Jersey Giants! I wish they were as colourful as yours!

  14. So happy and bright as always here Corrine!

  15. Silliness indeed! – can’t believe I’ve let so many posts pile up unread, but this is a great one to start on …. smiling for the new year (and chickens everywhere!)

  16. Awe what fun Corrine, I LOVE it. Fab use of your stamp, they make amazing feathers.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  17. Lovin’ this chicken!!!! Those feathers are awesome ! Your stamp is perfect for this! Fun! xo

  18. Oh, sweet Corrine…I love it when you play just for the sake of playing! And, the result is a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Great leaf stamp there, I might add!

  19. Love it! and yes, I remember that movie well!

  20. Oh my, this is just too much wonderfulness, I seriously love it.
    Hope the village is alright, it looks like a friendly chicken but you can never tell.

  21. This is one rockin’ chicken!
    The whole village knows where he is!
    He looks VERY determined to get somewhere!

  22. Those pink feathers caught my eye on your main page… effective!

  23. Great fun and makes me want to play right now

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