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Faces for Soul Food, faces for Mix It Monthly…practicing not practicing and being sketchy.  Or trying to be anyway.  Trying to let go and be loose.  That’s sort of working, maybe?  More not practicing to come…

face142014Faces with unusual hats/head gear for Mix it Monthly….

face 1214Trying for a bit more realism…at least my version of it…MUCH more non-practicing required.





  1. I’ve been feeling a pull to realism too Corrine…….. and like you say , my own version of it. I’ve seen some wonderful images that have been pulling at me to try to sketch them……faces too….. but mostly animals and some flowers and plants…… I seem to have to give them my own special touch which takes them right out of realism and plops them right back into whimsy…….Hugs! deb

  2. You really know how to have fun Corrine…these are so great!

  3. You are doing fine my friend! I love, love, love your second – really speaks to me and has a spiritual feel! Colors are fabulous! Your first piece is whimsical yet realistic. So alive! xo

  4. Your faces are amazing Corrine, the expressions are always brilliant and with a cheeky twinkle to boot! Keep up with the non-practicing, I can’t wait to see some more my lovely. Hope you are OK over there with that snow, news reports over here were saying the temps have plummeted again!!??
    Huge hugs x x x x

  5. Looks like fun to me 🙂

  6. Love the colors and textures. I hope that your faces never lose the soul that reflects through them. Your soul. xo

  7. oh which do I like best/ Love that wild hair on the first one, but the color on the second is great! so can’t choose

  8. Love your faces, and your hair!

  9. It is most certainly working, I LOVE them!

  10. Your art captures the soul and heart, your colors a delight!

  11. jill eudaly says:

    Love, Love , the second painting. The colors speak to me. And I like the eyes, they remind me of??? some painting style –name escaping me. But it has a feel of old world nicely melted into modern. Timeless is what I’m getting at. Keep not practicing, so good!

  12. Wow Corrinne she is a stunner 🙂 she looks so amazing the layering of lines in those striking colors!!! She is sourrounded by vibrancy and excitement! Thank you for linking up to Mix It Monthly again ♥ Conny

  13. I’m trying to get back to sketching more, and getting looser with my lines. I’m also doing Soul Food and really enjoyed the sketching video.

  14. both are wonderful Corinne.. I think the first one is the drawing lesson exercise?
    I failed totally .. did three pieces – they look like from a 4 year old child…

    but it was fun for me……
    great way to use markers… but I am a very bad drawer..so it is not my thing-


  15. So different, in every way, –one ,head in the sky- the other thoughtful-
    wonderful both,- but I love the more drama, coming from number 2 work- and those colours making her like a hot sun/fire-angel.
    You go on working,-and not practicing- as your work is fabolous dear Corrine!!

  16. I am liking these very much! I think your not practicing is paying off.

  17. Very pretty! I really love the soft pastels of the first painting. While I love the vibrancy of the second painting, just something about it seems so sad to me…almost makes me feel like crying.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to visiting your site again. Happy New Year!

  18. Love those faces! Valerie

  19. love the orange one..happy arty 2014

  20. I love both of your fun and free painting but the orange one is my favorite. I love those beautiful colors!

  21. so much emotion ! I love your big bold stokes and your personlaity always shines through!

  22. I love both pieces…. the second one says determination to me.


  23. G’day, Corrine! I am playing blog catch-up today, after a long snowy weekend! I really like both of these images, the second being more favored. I do have to take exception with your comment about trying to draw more realistic faces/heads! Your traditional (ok, non-traditional) faces and heads have character and those characters, in conjunction with their environment and any text that falls their way, are REAL! If you are trying to make your characters more human-like, then, go ahead (I do like these two today), just don’t shortchange your signature characters! I love you art!!

  24. That second sketch/drawing/face is wonderful – I love the shape, the colors, the expression, the abstract realism of it. Great job!

  25. Loving both of your fab paintings for Mix it Monthly, Annette x

  26. Your paintings are each so interesting and colorful.
    I admire you for drawing these originals…I am not yet that brave

  27. Very lively paintings, love both!

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