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Welcome everyone to another great blog hop from StencilGirl.  Today we are playing with Kae Pea’s(Kristen Powers) stencils.  Most of you who know me and read this blog regularly know that I am a big fan of re-use and that I have a passion for our rescue dogs…In this project I decided to combine those two passions to make my thoroughly Mod Pet Pad…Luckily I have a fantastic model right here in the house to show you how comfy the finished product is..



I started out with a piece of fabric given to me by a friend from a rummage box at her church sale.  I planned to use the felt with it, but the project too on a life of it’s own mid-stream. I used Kristen’s stencil Mid Century Modern Elements #1 and my  small gelli plate and over printed on the WRONG side of the fabric in my favorite colors orange and turquoise and in this case some yellows and greens.



I used Golden’s GAC-900 fabric painting medium mixed with acrylic paints because I wanted this Mod Pet Pad to be washable. I wanted to highlight certain design elements and add more so using permanent fabric markers I added MORE.  More is always better, right?  Well in this case, yes.



You can still see an homage to the fabric itself showing through the design elements which I quite like.  A quick stitch up  and some leftover padding made it nice and comfy to go on top of my raised mesh dog beds making the perfect winter time sleep accessory.  BUT remember I said MORE is better?  Well Kristen also is the owner of Rubbermoon Art Stamp Co. and a lovely artist in her own right.  I personally adore her charming designs and since she was nice enough to send us a couple of stamps, I had to pick and use this one on my project.

IMG_1210So I stamped all over the bed, because it is so true, I do love my doggies to the moon and back….IMG_1224

And my adoring Ryder obliged as our model so nicely.  Pup tested, Ryder approved.  Mod Pet Pad….more is a good thing.

Jump on board and visit all these wonderful artists to see their projects.  I am always in awe of what gets created and by all means leave a comment everywhere for your chance to win some stencils for yourself.  Now that a new year if upon us, check out StencilGirl Club and create something wonderful, don’t forget your Rubbermoon stamp’s too!

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  1. Awww. Could not get any better! Love it to the moon and back!

  2. I totally love the painted fabric!! And what a great idea with the golden, I didn’t know you could wash it! Thanxxx for the tip 😉 Hugssss

  3. Wonderful work, and that doggy looks happy with it, glad your Ryder has such a good home! Happy New Year and happy PPF, Valerie

  4. LOVE THIS!! What a great way to start the new year.

    I have some fabric I’ve painted on the reverse side, too. Sometimes the back is better than the front. What a great way to honor those adorable pets. Bleubeard approves, too!!

  5. Oh you did a great job here — and your lovely dog looks so happy..
    I think as a muse dog he really enjoys this unique handmade design…
    “What special dog I am?” he thinks in this moment!



  6. Denise Spillane says:

    I love this! And Ryder looks so cute on it. I never used GAC so now I have to try it. I plan to make my Dusty one. Hope the cats won’t steal it. Can you tell me about the best beds?

  7. I wish I were a doggie in your house 🙂 Beautiful patterned fabric you’ve created for your friend! I love it! What a cutie Ryder is! xo

  8. Awe this is fantastic Corrine, beautifully done. I love the ‘test’pictures, Ryder certainly looks very comfy.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  9. Love the resulting fabric. So fun and colorful!

  10. Kim Scales says:

    I learned something about reversing the fabric.

  11. Oh your fabric turned out so good. I love the colors you used (I always love your colors) and you pup looks quite content!

  12. Elaine Parsons says:

    Love your playing with fabric & paint with the great stencils. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The fabric came out so fun! I want to do this, too. It’s obvious that Ryder loves it, too.

  14. I love the says it all.

  15. We pay for both side, right. lol I want to do more with fabric. Thanks for the great post!

  16. I love how your fabric print shows through. Great project!What a lucky dog!

  17. This is totally delightful, Corrine and your model Ryder is really styling! I just laughed out loud when I scrolled to the end and encountered that terrific pic of him 🙂

  18. Oooooh! My pooches would be so jealous if they could read blogs! Love what you’ve done here! Very clever!!

  19. That’s awesome! I never would have thought of working on the wrong side of a fabric!

  20. Ryder is one LUCKY dog! Beautiful! Thank you for all the wonderful projects and dedication you have given to StencilGirl! We love you Corrine!

  21. what a lucky pup! will try this for a new coat I’m planning for my precious papillon, Domino. …and maybe matching booties? Love painting on fabrics – glad to see I’m in good company – both as a fabric painter and a dog lover!

  22. What a wonderful project! Lucky dog!!

  23. Love this!

  24. A wonderful doggie bed cussion , Corrine.
    The colours looks happy together, and the shine through from the backside is a great effect. The stamping of exatly those words, makes it just the most loving gift for your friends.
    xox, Dorthe

  25. Those colors drive me mad with love. Your love for your fur babies comes through with this pet pad.. lucky Ryder. I sure hope the other doggies don’t get too jealous. xo

  26. I love what you’ve created – as does Ryder!!
    Happy New Year!

  27. So cool. I never think about using rubber stamps on fabric.

  28. Carolyn Pertuit says:

    Fantastic technique! Lucky dog!

  29. Love repurposing! You did an awesome job with colors and use if products!

  30. Beautiful! I love that your canine buddy reaped the benefits of your creative efforts. Awesome!

  31. Beautiful! I’m so glad it got pup tested and approved. Lucky dog!!!

  32. Ryder looks quite chuffed at that lovely new bed. Great use of colour and stencils Corrine…but the stamp says it all.

  33. The fabric turned out Greta, love that you used the flip side of it!

  34. Oh my goodness. How sweet!

  35. Love how you used the back of the fabric … adds a nice subtle layer to the stenciling. Wonderful!

  36. Ryder is saying “thanks, mom. My bed is more comfortable and much better looking now”. And I’ll say thanks for the tips on painting – using the reverse of some material.

  37. So creative! And your conversational fun style just adds +++to your tutorial!
    THX for the GAC-900 tip:)

  38. Barb Adams says:

    What a great project!!!

  39. Pet approved … how nice.

  40. Just perfect! I love that you shared the process.

    Ryder looks very happy. (Ryder is my grandson’s name!)

  41. sandy karsten says:

    How great to use the back side of the fabric. And Ryder is sleeping in style.

  42. Corrine! totally awesome doggy bed!! I love your idea, your green sense and design! beautiful- thanks for sharing…with us and your home with those babies!

  43. I love seeing new ways of using materials and supplies as well! I am an animal lover to the core…my service dog is a rescue and is loyal to his mama to a fault. Lol thank you for ssharing!


  44. Hi Corinne, from a fellow ‘sparkly girl’! What a supremely clever use of fabric and stamps!!!! i LOVE what you chose for the stamping – the mods are on my fave list too! it looks like it passed the comfort test as well!!! 😀

  45. Corrine.. what a happy puppy!

  46. Susan Schultheis says:

    What a cute idea for your pup! Everyone on the hop has submitted some WOW pieces using Kea’s stencils and stamps. I hope it’s mine turn to play with them soon. Thanks!

  47. Such a sweet puppy with a new comfy bed!

  48. This is absolutely BRILLIANT!!
    I love your idea of printing on the reverse side of the fabric and your color palette…and RYDER!!
    I’ll have to show this to Bruno. 🙂

  49. Sweet “comforter” for your pet beds, Corrine! Love the colors you chose, and that stamp is just the frosting on this puppy cake!

  50. Robin Parton says:

    Love the new bed, my Yorkie would love it too. Thanks for the tutorial.

  51. I like the use of the fabric with your paints -never thought of using the back of the fabric this way

  52. Love the idea of painting over an existing pattern. Very cute!

  53. Denise Bryant says:

    Your pup looks very comfy on his new pillow! Great colors and technique!

  54. Wow, you have a lucky dog! Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Lisa Vice says:

    I would need a lot more fabric because I have Greyhounds! So cute!

  56. Deborah M says:

    Re-use rocks!! Love this!

  57. Aw, it’s Ryder! What a sweet little face. Loved this project Corrine. I hope you are staying safe and warm! I love snow, but not too sure I would want that much of it!

    Happy New Year to you!


  58. Great project. Result was inspirational to begin using fabrics in my work. Thanks for sharing.

  59. What a great project! Your pooch looks pleased too, lol.

  60. Gorgeous pad! You could be selling those! Ryder thinks it’s da bomb! I better not let Windy see it, she will be jealous.

  61. Now you got me hooked, Fabric Dog and Moons…,love it!

  62. Lucky Ryder! Pity Faith considers the biggest sofa is her pet pad and she’s all of 8lb! I love the project, and the repurposing.

  63. cheryl dobbe says:

    I love the pet bed! As I have two rescues myself (a Doberman and a border collie), I see a few of these beds in my future!

  64. Great reverse technigue! I love the results and it would appear that Ryder did , too!

  65. What a cool project! And an adorable model 🙂

  66. Love your project and the quote. One of my favorites!

  67. What an adorable idea!

  68. jill eudaly says:

    Bow Wow! More is better.

  69. Sharon F. says:

    I just love that saying..I love you to the moon and back. It touches my heart everytime I hear it. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome project with us.

  70. Hach so great your post, made me smile and inform me that your dogs have the best mummy in town 🙂 Love the pillow…turned out so lovely!! The stencils are truely amazing 🙂 ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  71. More is More and better! Love the colors you picked.
    And what a cute doggie! Just look at those eyes!
    Eat him up!!

  72. Helen Markee says:

    what a lucky dog!!

  73. I love all color that you use, there are fantastic!

  74. This is so fabulous! I shared it on Facebook the other day but only now got to see the finished project…. that stenciled fabric is killer cool and surely this pup rocks it!

  75. Amy David says:

    Wow! I am a new ‘dabbler’ with the sewing machine and serger..what a wonderful way to incorporate your love of art and applying it to funky fun fabric. The outcome was an amazing, ‘Ryder approved’ piece of art!

  76. Janis in ID says:

    A PURR-fect project for a kitty bed, too…..except that cats won’t use the beds you provide for them. It’s better as it is….for a dog!! 🙂
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  77. Rebecca Buchanan says:

    Love this. My main medium is cloth and so love seeing the stencil and stamps used this way. And I love dogs (and cats). I was surprised when you decided to use the wrong side but what a masterful touch–it really worked so well. I’ve got to train my self to ask “what if” more often. Thank you for the inspirations.

  78. Linda on the Prairie says:

    The back side of fabric is often more interesting than the front, so great idea! And thank you for your rescue work, a cause dear to my heart as well.

  79. Barb Rogers says:

    LOVE this project and your use of color is grand!

  80. Carina Karlsson says:

    My Ranger says Ryder is looking comfy and stylish.

  81. Rebecca Clarke says:

    Oh my I never would have thought of using the back of the fabric, I had only ever considered the front. Thanks so much

  82. I’m just amazed at the variety of ways everyone has used these stencils. Ryder is a lucky pooch.
    textilerecycler (at) yahoo (dot) com

  83. The painted fabric is so cool. I never would have thought of this, love it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  84. A great reuse of fabric and a very original use of the stencils and stamps. Your puppy has a very crafty and artistic bed.

  85. Sweet little pillow! I would love to try the fabric paints with stencils!


    Great use of fabric and stamps…thank you!

  87. Ryder is a star!!!! I love the layered effect of the color

  88. What a great idea to use the BACKSIDE of a fabric! I’m sure everybody has some fabric that’s not a favorite & now they can go ahead & use it by just decorating the other side! I know I’ve got one or a hundred and one like that in my fabric stash! A really great use of the supplies & I’m sure you pup will enjoy his new cushy! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  89. What a lucky dog! I love what you created! Your blog is awesome also! How cute is this FONT???

  90. That looks like pup!

  91. Valerie Hayden says:

    Love this! Great colors (more is better) and such a worthwhile creation. Love your dog what a face.

    Makes me want to try fabric on my Gelli plate with stencils, and I have plenty ot Rubber Moon stamps…though there is always room for more. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Awww, my doggies would love one of these! And Ryder is so cute!

  93. VickiR in OH says:

    Ooh, I Love your stenciled fabric mod pet pad!!!

  94. what a great pet pillow! you did a great job/art!
    stamping sue

  95. All of these blogs are so inventive and different! Love your project, especially since I have a new puppy. Very retro-chic.

  96. Patti Campbell says:

    Corrine, That’s almost as adorable as your dogs! I love that you added Kae Pea’s stamp at the end.

  97. lura brown says:

    just loved what you made and love dog rescue too. kristen and stencil girl and two of my very favorites and now i found you to add to the list. thanks for the chance to win xox

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