Easing back in

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Easing back in after the holiday.  The cold here held dampness in it’s grip and the wind joined the damp making it feel even colder.  Spotty snow here, but still alot more to the north with power outages and discomfort for many over Christmas.  Thinking about snow patterns and tiny villages tucked out of the way, texture and ice and stillness.  Still North To Snow…

still north to snowContemplating my word for 2014 and a project I am designing around it.  Clearing out and making way for new possibilities to emerge. Easing my way back in and forward.



  1. That blue really does look icy! Glad you missed the really bad stuff…. We on the other hand , are STILL waiting for rain……. Hugs! deb

  2. Rain ….. at last. Definitely better than snowstorms on your side of the world. I’m enjoying the damp.

  3. I see a lot peeking out of your piece here.
    We are amidst a mellow winter here in northern CA.
    As always, I look forward to see what emanates for you.

  4. Love the chill you have created in the background, Corrine, but also those warmer colors of hope and transition. Can’t wait to see what word you add to move you through the new year! Happy New Year, my friend!

  5. hope the word is a warmer one! this winter is being a mess so early. send spring!

  6. In our area it’s to warm for the season… and no snow…
    but I don’t care about the elements..
    keep always summer and sunshine in my heart!
    what a fab spread… so much to interpret …

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Corinnne!

  7. Love all the texture on these pages and the little splashes of warmth in between the cold. It really does look like winter….

  8. Love the warm colours you have used here, hope the winter will be kind to you! Here at the Rhine it has been milder than usual up till now, but with lots of rain and stormy winds. Thanks for your bithday wishes, I appreciate your visits to my blog. All the best for 2014! Valerie

  9. ooh I feel the snowy chill – you have captured the season perfectly in your journal. Sending a warm hug your way. xo

  10. Cold and icy,-frost and snow… a world hidden in the soft and silent snowfall !
    Warm hug, and a happy and healthy new 2014 to you ,dear Corrine.

  11. Hiya sweetie, I hope you had a fab Xmas?? I love your pages, the pink/yellow/orange combo rocks, gorgeous imagery too. Hoping 2014 brings you joy and inspiration aplenty my lovely.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  12. Love the silence in your page! I have take a little snowwalk in it 😉 So love the looseness and the textured fields ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  13. Loving your art and words, as always, and look forward to sharing more art and life, with you, in the coming year!

    Be well……..xo Marilyn

  14. Wonderful texture and color…very wintery feel! Sounds like cleanse and renewal are in your future!! Happy New year!! May you be blessed with piles of creativity!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Easing back in – me too – like swelled up feet into an old shoe 🙂

    It will be fun to see everyone’s word choices this year – I will have to ponder mine

  16. I love the depth and range of colors in your snow. amazing that it can still present itself as whiteness on the page even with so many colors underneath it and mixed into it.

  17. I truly love this!! The texture and colors are just wow!!!

  18. your words and thoughts and your art piece match together so nicely. your art warms up peaceful and snowy thoughts. Happy and full of love and beautiful moments New Year !!!!

  19. Snowy walkways and chilly temps… ugh. A new year approaches.. what will it bring? You have me thinking. Happy New Year!!!

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