Happy Doodle Juice

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Coming back to life after my cold, slowly, and some snow.  Shoveling was NOT a treat, but watching the dogs romp and play was the best medicine.  Needing some happy doodle juice to get me flowing again…Happy Doodle Juice

Gotta get around to some wrapping, um, maybe tomorrow?  Back to my book.



  1. Love your “happy doodle juice,” today, Corrine! And, glad you’re feeling a bit better. I love to see Jake play in the snow, too–a bit on the strange side for a dog born in Puerto Rico! I have spent most of the day creating small pieces of art. Just for fun. Just for me!

  2. hummmm….happy doodle juice….I may have to try some…(glad you are feeling better).

  3. Love it sweetie. Hope you are much much better soon. Lol you have the same approach to wrapping as me ha ha ha. No more excuses – I must get the tiddlies ones wrapped before school and nursery break up on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Huge hugs x x x x

  4. Oh bright, juicy and warm! Take it easy dear friend and stay cosy, rest, relax and enjoy!

  5. Get well, you don’t have time for colds! Whatcha reading? Love your doodle.

  6. Fun, fun!

  7. Corrine, I love the happy colors!

  8. Doodles are great for aches and pains !
    Glad you found sweet joys in the snow shoveling day !

  9. This warms my heart! Love your Doodle Juice! Hope your cold is better. Your snow was mixed with ice which made your shoveling harder. I hope, at this writing, you are fully warmed up and cozy. Take care! xo

  10. “Happy Doodle Juice” to you too”
    I like the the HAPPY layers and colors!

  11. wonderful that you feel better Corinne.. this Doodle Juice.. is a good medicine-
    for me too.. makes me happy this colorful piece with so much positivism -great!
    Have a nice week Corinne!

  12. I hope by now you are feeling better. I also hope you didn’t have to shovel snow when feeling poorly. But that doodle juice will make you happy, I’m sure, and I see you used some of those gelli papers, too. Looks like I’ll be stopping by a LOT to see how to use mine when I open my gelli box on Christmas.

  13. Happy doodle juice is just what I needed to see when I woke up this am. what fun!

  14. happy doodle juice to you! please send some here just cant get moving! all the cold, snow, rain and dark days does get to you doesnt it! and the computer was in the repair mode for quite a while! winter!!!!ugh!

  15. Holy popping doodle juice, Batman. That is just awesome. See what are does.. makes us feel better.

  16. Oh, I hear ya. It is so hard to do everything I have to do. I’ve already dropped three of them, and now I’m wondering if I will drop them all!
    This is an interesting and cool piece.

  17. I’ve been conspicuously absent lately….I keep putting off your posts until I “have time” to read and absorb them all and now suddenly I have over a dozen to catch up on….where does the time go? Sorry to hear you’ve been miserably sick….colds seem like such a waste – you feel terrible, there’s no cure, and it’s such a random time. Hope you’re on the mend. Off to read the rest of your posts…………….

  18. Oh Corrine, I missed you having been sick with a nasty cold…. I so hope you take care and don`t get cold, –as it should not come back, here before christmas, dear.
    Your happy dodling juice was truly flowing , I love your christmas bubbles floating around in the happy christmas atmosphere .
    Hugs and be well my friend.
    Dorthe xx

  19. love this!more tape?! – I love the word juice = juicy – juiced. no reason. just do.

  20. Love your doodle juice… it has woken me up already…not that I have been shovelling snow. it is very humid here and getting hotter by the minute.

  21. Happy doodle juice to you too, Corrine!
    I am drawn between the want to create and the need to clear everything away so that we can decorate for the holidays tomorrow morning, so I do nothing. I could use some of your doodle juice indeed.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  22. This is so bright and beautiful… I am really happy for Blog Lovin’ as I haven’t had to miss a single post of your gorgeous artwork.

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