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Sue Pelletier always makes me laugh.  In a class, in the hallway, on her Facebook page.  There is an infectious sense of humor in her that just makes everyone around her take deep belly laughs.  She also brings out the kid in me.  Her stencils are FUN, remember FUN for the sake of FUN.  Well, with this thought in mind I began my double journal spread using this sweet stencil, Loose Dress #1, on a stamped sheet of paper.  I ran it through with Wendy Vecchi silver embossing paste and began to color it in with colored pencil.



I finished coloring in the dress and highlighted all around the outside with white paint.


This is when my inner child took over.  I cut out the image in a wave pattern and set it aside.  Using bright inner child colors I painted a loose sun, drew a dragonfly, and randomly collaged magazine images around the page. I added some wash tapes too.  With posca pens I scribbled and dotted the wet inky color all over in gleeful abandon feeling like the child I remembered so well.


IMG_0882The more I scribbled, the more fun I was having….and I had no idea quite where this was going until this phrase came into my head.

IMG_0888She dreamed of summer’s sun, dragonflies, and dress up days.

IMG_0898And dress up days – don’t forget hula hoops, popsicles, the ice cream truck, blowing bubbles and all your childhood dreams…

Hop along and see not only what the fab Sue Pelletier has in store, but all the whole StencilGirl gang to be part of the giveaway.






  1. Holy cow. I LOVE that stencil. And I love what you did with these two pages. This really is FUN! It was fun reading about these pages, it was fun seeing your cut magazine images, and it was fun seeing your results. Beautiful art.

  2. Oh boy; I see a stencil coming in my mailbox! WOW! I love this and what you did with it! It really makes me joyous! xo

  3. Fabulous – the colours are just perfect!
    Roll on summertime!

  4. And I love being here with you and that very playful inner child! Love what you did with the stencil!

  5. Corrine, this is beautiful and so much fun! It reminds me of those wonderful summer days…allowing me to forget the snow that’s falling outside…at least for a little while! Love it!

  6. What fun!! Brings back memories.

  7. Corrine.. I am glad you are continuing to have fun this December… and creating beautifully free!

  8. April Lopez says:

    Love the colors. So bright!

  9. what a bright sunny post for this cold grey day. me thinks we need a day like this together – wearing our party dresses too. Love what you created here. xoxo

  10. I want to jump into this page with you. Those strips of collage paper reminds me of buildings and a city I want to take a walk in. So bright. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  11. Beautiful pages Corrine! love your colours!

  12. Absolutely love these pages!! Your colors, your composition and words!!
    So good and very inspiring. Makes me want to go play right this minute!!!

  13. I love what you did with this cute stencil!

  14. What a delightful piece!
    Love the bursts of color and energy and happiness!
    Lovely, Corrine!

  15. The colors are so bright and cheerful. I love this spread so much. It makes me smile. Love these stencils.

  16. RaNae Ellett says:

    I really love the way you used the dress stencil and the journal pages you created I would love to win a stencil girl stencil so that I could play with it and design different things ………

  17. cute, colorful and beautiful works, Corrine. thank you for sharing

  18. I love your journal page! Thanks for sharing! I sure would like to win a stencil to play with!

  19. This is simply amazing! I love Sue’s art too.. . and you do art in the same loosely style she does!

    I love love love this happy spread!
    off to hop!

    xxx Susi

  20. Inner child INDEED! I LOVED the page before the stencil….then the stencil and WOW! Those colors just say HAPPY!

  21. Isn’t it fun to just play and see where we end up? Love the way you incorporated the stencil into a beautiful mixed media piece.

  22. Lovely orange loose dress, the best color choice…

  23. Denise Spillane says:

    I always love your art it is so full of joy and life. What a fun piece you made!

  24. The story you tell on your pages is adorable. Love the colors. Orange shades are beginning to be my favorite.

  25. This page just makes me want to be a kid again ~ playful colors and collage! Yummy!!

  26. They look like they were FUN pages to make!! Beautiful! The bright colors are fantabulous!

  27. journal fun for days with this one

  28. This is a favorite Corrine, so gorgeous and full of summer dreams, wonderful!

  29. Ahhhhhh blowing bubbles! One of the most favourite activities in my household tee hee – a bottle for me, a bottle for Millie and a bottle for Max then let the fun begin tee hee.
    Your pages are beautiful sweetie and certainly invoke a childhood spirit, I adore the washi tape accents and that ‘candy-floss’ pink background is superb. A very fitting showcase for such a fun stencil design.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  30. Embrace our inner children!Your enthusiasm is infectious…off to play with stencils and paint.

  31. Elizabeth Kaplan says:

    Those warm colors were just what I needed on this frosty pre-blizard Friday. Thanks for the beautiful page. 🙂

  32. This yummy summer spread (in the colors of a Creamsicle, in my mind) is just wonderful, Corrine! Between your narrative and the journal spread, you literally too me back decades to a time when I had not a care in the world! Thank you for that!

  33. Hi Corrine, I just love your phrase. It works so perfectly with Sue’s Loose Dress stencil. Fabulous use of color too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Susan Schultheis says:

    I love Sue’s stencils! The dresses are “so sweet” to quote you and the wild, loose women are so much fun. They all make me smile. I would love to play with a set of these stencils. Thanks.

  35. Your colors and design are totally aligned with the dress image! Makes it come alive!!

  36. Oh yes! A very HAPPY page.
    Let the dance begin!

  37. Helen Markee says:

    WOW!!! I love it. thanks for the inspiration

  38. Love how this piece came together!! Great phrase to tie it all together!

  39. Roberta Schinner says:

    I really, really like the use of the dress stencil in this journal –the layout is totally awesome!

  40. Teresa Richardson says:

    Love this stencil. It is so cute. Reminds me of one of the dresses my daughter wore when she was little

  41. Laura Strack says:

    Your choice of colors just convey summery sunshine and happiness! This sweet little dress would brighten anyone’s day. Such a lovely piece.

  42. Great pages. fun, bright, cheerful. The dress looks good. Makes me happy to look at it.

  43. I just love how this piece evolved you are a true example of why we should just dig in and see what shows up on the page!! Good job….so inspirational!!

    Hugs Giggles

  44. Carmen Lucero says:

    I’m so in love with this stencil – after hopping along, I got so many ideas, I hope I win this so I can make some cute little projects for my grandniece!

  45. Oh, I love all the bright and summery colours. It’s really visible how much fun you had with this!

  46. Melinda Tate McCall says:

    Wonderful job,brilliant color! Love the stencil!

  47. What precious pages, brilliant colours. Looooove it!!

  48. Me encanta como ha utilizado la plantilla, los olores tan llamtivos. Es un placer seguir la ruta de todos los blogs porque de cada uno de ellos se aprende algo

  49. I TOO love the colors on the blustering dayweek it is for me….windy cold. i NEED some of that *fun* stenciling the sunshine … in gratitude

  50. Denise Frederick says:

    I love your sweet little dress made with Sue’s stencil.

  51. Your pages are gorgeous, such colours shining all into my soul, and I truly love your dress with that beautiful dragonfly on the other page. Your combinatio of papers and colours is fantastic, Corrine.
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  52. Wow, girrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllll, your dress is fantabulous!!!

  53. Very playful. Love the whimsy.

  54. This hop is proving to be very inspirational!

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