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I am so grateful that Terri Stegmiller designs such simple and graphic stencils, which of course she uses brilliantly to make her art quilts, stunning bags, and all manner of fiber goodness.  Yes I have a girl crush.  I am also grateful that she decided to create stencils for StencilGirl, which I can use in my own projects.

Grateful, that I’m in this hop and that I can make something with the Layered Salad stencil to make a bag as a gift for a friend who is a weaver and knitter. I started with a canvas bag which I purchased and gelli printed on it with acrylic paint using Nathalie Kalbach’s What’s the Point stencil and Mary Beth Shaw’s Refter’s stencil to give it a background, then laid down the Layered Salad stencil with masking tape here…



Using my uni-posca markers I colored in the layered salad, which looks to me like a flower garden in bloom.

IMG_0570The markers worked fine but the stencil needed some definition so I got out my pearl floss and began making a frame to go around my flower garden.  French knots, satin stich and some ribbon braid trim around the bottom.


IMG_0744I still didn’t think my garden was quite bright enough so I went back in with some metallic uni-posca pens and gave it a bit of bling.

IMG_0737I think this bag will look pretty good stuffed with some yarn and new knitting needles, don’t you?

Be sure to visit everyone on the hop for a chance to win.  There will be some amazing projects I know, I will be hopping right along with you.  I am so grateful to be on this team and work with such inspiring artists and I am so grateful to all of you for visiting and commenting and making us feel so appreciated.

Heres the awesome list :

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  1. What a bag, I love the colors, it warms the heart up in these cold grey winter days.

  2. Gorgeous…I’d want to carry that! Thanks for sharing your process!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Corrine, the bag is beautiful! The hand stitching sets the design off perfectly

  4. Your friend is one lucky gal … that bag is beautiful! Love the stitched border that sets it off so nicely. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great stencil and love that little bag! Too cute!

  6. What a lovely, bright bag. Yes it would make a great knitting bag

  7. Corrine, I love the bag.. a beautiful flower garden.. and a gift for a friend… how grand!

  8. awesome bag! such vivid and vibrant colors! well done C! “merci” for stopping in at grey dey thursdey…..if you EVER replicate thsoe gorgeous wings I better make a set of TWO! “one for for you!” tee hee! happy w-end! 😉

  9. Valerie Gilreath says:

    Oh, what a cute bag! Thank you for sharing your process with us.

  10. This has such a citrus summery feel, just lovely!

  11. The stitching really makes this bag come alive doesn’t it. Thank you so much for sharing your technique.

  12. Beautiful work and those pens look neat! thanks for sharing.

  13. Fabulous Corinne!
    I’d be thrilled to recieve this!!

  14. Corrine, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! The colors are bright and cheerful and the embroidery is a perfect frame forTerri’s charming stencil design!

  15. loved your bag! it turned out so adorable!! will have to hop along and see what else was made….

  16. what a wonderful gift! Love all the colors and texture. beautiful you!

  17. She will love this! What a bag you have created- your stitching with all the color and a great stencil choice too!

  18. You’ve created a one of a kind bag that is to bright and fun. Perfect.

  19. This is absolutely *TOO* cute! I love it. This is one of my fave stencils anyway……and you have done it justice 🙂

  20. made the circuit of this hop- wow! some very talented people in this group- so glad i visited this morning! and sooo still loving your bag!

  21. Love this Corrine! It would look great with Anything in it!!!!

  22. I love your bag-and I am enjoying reading about the techniques you are artists are sharing-thank you

  23. Your friend will love the bag. If she doesn’t, I knit also.

  24. This bag is so cool!! Your friend will love and cherish it!! The extra stitching around the stenciled image is perfect for a knitting/sewing bag… clever idea and looks great. Love the colors you used too.

  25. What a Happy looking bag, ,just wonderful, and to make everyone smile ,and feel glad!
    A beautiful gift for your friend dear Corrine !!
    Hugs and a good weekend to you from Dorthe

  26. What a sweet gift for your friend! Love this stencil and your use of color and stitching show it off wonderfully!

  27. I love the canvas bag and what you did with the stencil!

  28. Beautiful stenciled bag!

  29. Lovin’ this a lot!

  30. Great bag…..I haven’t tried the Posca yet. Hmmmmm……….

  31. I love the bag you stenciled.

  32. The bag is so cute!

  33. Carolyn Pertuit says:

    Great idea, beautiful colors!

  34. LOVE that stencil (what a great name for it too) You certainly jazzed up that bag with it…the colours are great.

  35. I love your bag. What a great way to use this stencil and also those pens. I have some pens like these but don’t use them, they are so messy. Now you have given me a new way to use them! Thanks.

  36. As far as I am concerned, there is no more a personal gift than one that is handmade. This is absolutely beautiful, and, yes, perfect for knitting needles and yarn!! She will love it!

  37. Denise Spillane says:

    Oh how I love this! I was looking at a blackish canvas bag yesterday and now I have inspiration. I just love that stencil!

  38. Janis in ID says:

    Such a delightfully pretty bag and wonderful gift. Your lucky friend will love it!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  39. You are so sweet with your kind words, Corrine! I love this bag you made. Your friend will too!

  40. I’m really loving this blog hop and the diversity of the projects.

  41. What an amazing bag and brilliant gift!
    Love the combination of bright colors and needlework!

  42. Heidi Orndorff says:

    Wonderful, colorful & delightful! Thanks for sharing your creation with us!

  43. Love that bag, whaz gorgeous colours! Valerie

  44. Beautiful bag! I love the variety of materials. I have been needing a to-go-bag for my art supplies, and this bag would be perfect! Definitely on my list of projects to do. Very creative…thank you!

  45. Fabulous Artsy knitting bag using Terri’s stencils. Thanks for hopping. Creative Bliss…

  46. Yes I think that bag would be great for knitting needles or anything you needed to carry because it is so much fun.


  47. What a great technique and the bag is wonderful, I’m sure your friend will love it

  48. Oh Corrine!!!! I love this, especially the texture you added with the stitching to a already fabulous project!

  49. What a fabulous bag! Love the colors and that salad stencil is a really fun design.

  50. I think your use of the stencil on the bag was just genius. The colors and the extra stitching just made it look so good.

  51. What a wonderful gift your friend will LOVE!
    That is a really neat stencil.
    Here in FL we might say your flowers looks like sliced oranges…

  52. Who wouldn’t love to receive that wonderful canvas bag?! I love it! Thanks for playing along in this blog hop. The “salad” stencil is one of my favs!

  53. Karin Boulanger says:

    That’s lovely. Your friend is sure to treasure it!

  54. it’s a great and fun idea!

  55. I love everything about this project–the use of color, design, texture, layers. Your friend is one lucky girl!

  56. I’m inspired, once again, by your fabulous creative art. The stencil is awesome and how you use it is over-the-top! Love this! xo

  57. This has such a great summerfeel to it. Love the bright colours, and that stencil is indeed awesome!

  58. What a creative use of the stencils. Your friend will love it!

  59. so nicely summery! Makes me feel like driving to Sonic for a cherry limeade. In fact, I think I’ll do that and toast to you for theinspration!


  60. Tamiko McCurry says:

    This is such a cool bag! would love to recieve one myself.. but would settle for making one! haha.. love it and the stencil choice! TFS!!

  61. Anyone would be more than thankful to receive one of these bags. Beautiful!!!

  62. I also thought it looked like a flower garden right up till the final photo. It was at that time, I realized it might be either a flower garden or a salad garden. either way, it is stunning. You did a wonderful job.

  63. Of course! Printing on a bag! Love it! Thanks for the ideas for materials, too!

  64. This is a wonderful gift for your friend! Lovely colors and very practical! Thank you for sharing the idea with us!

  65. such a lovely gift, nice use of showing off this set of neat stencils

    ArtistPoet dot Girl @gmail dot com

    Good luck y’all

  66. So cute co cute !!! Love a cute art supply carrying bag !
    This is bright and happy !
    Have a creative weekend, Lovely One !

  67. Such a lovely gift! Lucky gal!

  68. Carmen Lucero says:

    I think your friend is going to be delighted with her bag! Thanks for the inspiration!

  69. Helen Markee says:

    very nice. thanks for the inspiraton

  70. LOVE the colors…nice job! Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. so many different fun ways to use these stencils….very inspiring

  72. I’d be proud to stuff my yarn and knitting needles or anything else in that gorgeous bag!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  73. Omg this bag is soo amazing! I would love to use it as my shopperbag!! I soo love the sewing around and the warm and happy summer colors!! Now I will take a look at the other hopper 🙂 ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  74. What a lovely, joyful bag! Thanks for sharing!

  75. Cute bag.

  76. Lura Brown says:

    love what you did. who wouldnt love to get that?? thank you so much for the great tutorial and idea. and thank you so much again for my mail art, you are just so sweet. much love. xooxox

  77. RaNae Ellett says:

    I really love the new stencils by stencil girl and all of the pieces I have seen that have been made using these stencils are fantastic!!!

  78. This is gorgeous Corrine, fab colours and details and I love the framework you have created around your focal point – simply beautiful sweetie.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  79. Nice stencils – love your colourful work

  80. This is too nice to be used as a bag. I would make it into a wall hanging. I love your work – it’s so colourful and happy. TFS

  81. Love this bag – the colours are bright and cheerful!! Thanks for inspiring!!

  82. Erica Hersh says:

    Love it! 🙂

  83. Linda on the Prairie says:

    The stitching adds a perfect frame for the central image.

  84. Brilliant! totally amazing bag!

  85. Love what you did here Corrine!!! The colors are fabulous, love your stitching and the way you made the stencil your own is fabulous!! XO

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