remember that you can always learn something

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Remember that you can always learn something…In the journal, in the practice…

I have returned to my daily art journal practice and I feel mood elevated.  With all good intentions I journal and then I lapse.  Noticing that the mojo wanes I return to the journal and begin again. One day, one page, and the sense of peace (piece) resumes and the mojo increases.  How simple is that.  Right?  But oh how easy to forget….

Walking more too.  Today I walked 4 miles over three walks, which is where I want to be, taking various canine friends on each one.  Moving the body, moving their bodies and noses to the ground.  Noticing what’s around.  I am learning that I can get back to a healthier state just by being more conscious of walking.  Feeling the sun on my face and the cold wind on my skin.

Reading more too.  Just finished Jo Nesbo’s  Police”.  Not for the faint of heart, but a page turner right until the end.  If you find him, begin at the beginning – his character Harry Hole develops all the way through.  The new Martin Cruz Smith is in the house, “Tatiana”, a new Arkady Renko novel.  Again a recurring character, begin at the beginning. Caught up also in in “Grain Brain”, a page turner of science and I think a real lifestyle changer…in some ways, hard ways, and just as much of a page turner as the above…..most fascinating.

“Remember you can always learn somethin, no matter how old you are, and keep your eyes and ears open, and your tongue between your teeth, and you’ll amount to somthin.”  (Found text)




  1. I don’t know if it was your intention, bu this looks like the world under books. We are always learning, aren’t we?

  2. I like this. I think I’ll go take a walk.

  3. Hi, Corrine! Sometimes, I like the art 90% and the narrative/quote 10%. Sometimes, it’s just the opposite. But, today, it is definitely 50/50. Perfect balance (as we strive for in life)! But, what I do think very clever are all the lines–lateral lines, horizontal lines and, those lines that encircle the circle! Cool that!

  4. Yep, this is a keeper! Love the horizonal and vertical lines in this piece, the text….well, really the whole thing is fab. I admire your willingness to go outside and walk when it is cold and windy. Good for you!!

  5. I love how it does seem like books. I’ve been walking more too. Hubby and i are considering another Half Marathon in the Fall of next year……hmmm..maybe. Hugs! deb

  6. Nice bit of text…there’s always something to learn.

  7. That page is really fun. Very expressive. I like all the strips on the bottom. Any day is a good idea to learn something new but I don’t seem to do that every day. Or maybe I do and I just don’t pay attention to it

  8. Always learning…every day.
    Thinking about the gluten thing for David and I right now as well. Just wondering if life has to be so all or nothing. Science and experiences of others help to make decisions, but ultimately, we have to do what feel right and good for us. Still pondering. Let us know if you decide to jum[p on the gluten-free wagon. I would love to know about your experience !
    Here’s to learning and loving each day !

  9. Oh yes…..walking, reading, making art…..what’s not to like? Loved the art you posted. Wish I could take a nice long walk with you.

  10. I agree with everyone – it’s an excellent thought and beautiful page. All that linear stuff is right up my alley! I’ve read a couple Jo Nesbo and love them – will have to pick up this one too. The other two authors I’m not familiar with so will look for them….I’m always eager to find a new author. I just finished And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini – it is excellent! (kite runner author) – I just love his storytelling ability and learning a bit about another country (Afghanistan). Highly recommend it if you haven’t read it. Currently reading an online recommendation: Reconstructing Amelia about teen suicide. I LOVE a good book! And evocative art! And walking on a crisp fall day!

  11. I thought the world over books of wisdom! Love this piece and what it stands for! I will, now, look at my daily walks with even more inspiration after seeing and reading your post! Thank you! xo

  12. Corrinne you always have such important messages and you convey them in such a special way. xx

  13. It’s a pleasure coming here again to share in your creativity and your happy words, life is good when we appreciate it!

  14. Love your books art! And I too loved Police…what a page turner…i agree. I just finished Donna Tartt’s new book, have you read it ? Loved it…but now back to nordic noir:)
    I think you have inspired me to do some art on the theme of books /reading:) Thank you!

  15. It really does look like a stack of books. Wonderfully sunny too ….

  16. Gorgeous page and very wise words sweetie. The blue yellow combo is amazing.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  17. Superb found text! And the walks are good for body and soul- been out in the cold air too- loved it!

  18. Very nice. Thanks for sharing another wonderful art piece

  19. Robin Parton says:

    Walking and reading are both good for the soul and improve creativity. Thanks for sharing.

  20. There’s so much truth to this, and I love the way you’ve included the text scripts. I wish we lived closer for a lot of reasons, one of which being I’d love to be walking buddies.

  21. It does look like the world with great sunshine and happy all around.
    I like your found text and I do like to read.

  22. Wonderful work, great words of wisdom, and I just discovered Jo Nesbo and Harry Hole. I am a happy camper all round.

  23. Mama Mia (Cheryl) says:

    I love these blog hops because, yes, I can always learn something. What an inspiring piece of art. thanks for sharing!

  24. I neither walked nor made art yesterday, and boy was I grouchy by evening. Its true I feel best when I can do both of those things every day.

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