Mood Monday — When You Think You Got Nothing

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When you think you got nothing, that’s the time to pick up that brush.  I was working on my newsletter in the studio on Sunday and rolling along on the project nicely, but needed a break.  I headed out the door with the two big dogs and a leash and put in another 5,000 steps on my goal for the day.  When I came back in I thought I would finish the project but just stalled.  I really didn’t want to do it at that time so I picked up a canvas board that had some paint all over it and stared at it for a while.  Nothing.  More nothing. Let dogs in and out a couple times.  More nothing. So I figured, what the heck, just take a catalyst blade and slap some paint around, and then it moved, and moved some more and I kept on painting and drying and painting for two and a half hours.  I HAD NOTHING, until I created something by moving the energy out and onto the canvas…and what did I create, well I call it “Cupcakes for Breakfast”.  Don’t know why, never know why the titles come but it does, so somewhere inside all the layers of paint, under the black, under the gesso, under the pencil are my “Cupcakes for Breakfast”.

When you think you got nothing, that’s the time to pick up the brush.  It made me soooooo happy.  That other project, that can wait until tomorrow.

Cupcakes for Breakfast



It is not really Monday yet.

Cupcakes close up 1

But I wouldn’t mind cupcakes in the morning.

Cupcakes close-up 2

Lemon raspberry cupcakes…

Cupcakes close-up 3And the glittery sunshine and texture of goodness that comes from the support of your good friends. The friends who make the days better, whose support gets you through the times when you got NOTHing, who like you just the way you are, with all those lumps and bumps that make you YOU.  Thanks everyone…and Happy(Sunday)MonDAy.


  1. My “cupcakes for breakfast” was actually “pumpkin bread pudding for lunch!” But, whatever you call it, it makes the soul feel all warm and fuzzy! Today, I am being “the good wife,” and trying to share the Pats’ game with my husband. Tomorrow, I am alone in my studio loft and promise to pick up a brush! Thanks for the kick in the butt!

  2. Looks like great fun, Corrine!

  3. How about “cleecha” for breakfast? Slapping and smooshing paint.. the best. I played a little today too.

  4. It goes to show….JUST DO IT!

  5. Cupcakes for breakfast…You just had to plant that thought in my wacko brain, now didn’t you? Now I must have them! What a fun post and so true that sometimes you just have to get that energy out onto the canvas. Thanks for the inspiration…always! You rock, Corrine! xo, janice

  6. I love what you made .. that is mojo or muse.. the best to do is to play so we get that flow and we can create the most wonderful things… we have to be loose…
    the most time I don’t reach this moments of just playing.. but when I do – I am most of the time really happy with what I made. If we are able to combine this mojo with things we have learned ( means technique)than it is paradise.
    I love the sparkling blue gelpenlines here.. they look like sewing..amazing piece!
    xxx Susi

  7. I love the closeups that show some of all the layers and textures, particulary the bright yellow one! So beautiful!

  8. It looks great! Love your colours, they are alive.

  9. I, too, love the close-up textures! Great fun! Love it! xxoo

  10. Oh dear Corrine, you just kept at it and the precess did you good! Now look at your bright and sunny figures shining in the dark, full of hope and light, bravo!

  11. Yep – all so true and so easy to forget. There’s something very appealing about this piece. Maybe it’s the black background, which you rarely use….maybe it’s the shapes w/o a person or animal …..dunno, but I know I really like it. Of course, your bright, bold colors are still there and they always make me so happy!

  12. I can see the joy ,come jumping out from the dark background,- and I love the thin turquise coloured lines, looking like thresd!!
    Wonderful to find IT when not thinking one can !!

  13. I so wish I could reach out and touch all that wonderful texture I see there! This so sooo cool, and I will now think of this when I have cupcakes for breakfast, which is a real treat for me, but I’m hoping for tomorrow!

  14. Ooh I LOVE this Corrine, such amazing shapes, colours and texture. A brilliant outcome after attacking the lull, way to go sweetie.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  15. You are so right- when you feel the least creative is when you need the art the most! What a great reminder too to trust the urge to create and make Cupcakes for Breakfast instead of getting the “work” done because in the end- the cupcakes will get the work done.

  16. Oh so funny. Love the close-ups. Really shows that strong texture, I could just feel it.

    (Don’t send your kid to school after “Cupcakes for Breakfast”…)

  17. You are so awesome, you made something out of nothing!

  18. Gotta LOVE the way your brain thinks!

  19. Wow, does that POP! Good for you, sticking too it!!!! It is hard to keep going when you feel like the are no creative juices to be found. You are inspiring!

  20. your new piece reminds me of Klee and Calder… so lovely and shapely..

  21. This has such great energy… I’m smiling for you that you found your very happy face just by starting. Such good advice!

  22. Love the results of your aimless play/escape. so glad you have friends and lots of love to help you over the humps. True treasures, those !
    Happy Wednesday !

  23. Well, thanks for those closeups because it’s so hard to get the detail from most photos. That’s why having the original art is best, and that’s also why I need to take better photos!

    This is filled with variety, beauty, cheer. I love the abstract quality.

  24. Lovely artwork…and doesn’t it look great in close-up!

  25. these colors make my heart sing! xo

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