Mail Call

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It’s been – well – forever since I posted incoming mail and I just got around to opening mail that arrived before I headed off to Texas, so the abundance is overwhelming and I am oh so grateful…

Envelope love and vintage music and silk ribbons from Nancy….thanks so much.  A notched journal made of gorgeous teal and pink paste papers from Leslie.  Mail Me Some Art MMSA swaps trees from Christie, Sandra, and J.D., sweet flower doodles from jeweler Sharon Borsavage, lunch, lunch and more lunches from Pamela Gerard, whose meals I always comment on. A fabulous address from Dawn, who wouldn’t want their address to be so colorful and artsy.  Fish from Sherry in Alaska.  Yellow and feathers another MMSA swap from friend Terrie Purkey.  Mail heart  numbers and postage from Linda at Happy Day Mail.  Self portraits in multiples for another MMSA swap from Linda. More feather’s from Deb, and crows, crow, pumpkins and did I mention crows – all created by my friend Lyle.

Some pretty spectacular mail don’t you think, oh, and now to return some even greater mail….I know what I will be doing this weekend.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Jessica Sporn’s Bubble Girl Stencil Hop and again on Friday for Celia Swatton’s StencilGirl hop…fabulous projects to be share by all the participants.


  1. So much color, texture, imagery and more to admire here. Normally I dread opening all the mail when I return from a trip — but this is a treasure trove of deliciousness!

  2. something to CRow about??? you do get some great mail!

  3. How fun to get all this art in the mail.

  4. I love getting art in the mail! I love holding in my hand and touching another person’s creation! It just doesn’t get any better than that for me! And, yet, there is joy also in creating something to send back. A piece of me, a bit of love, and a lot of color! Oh, my! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces, Corrine. I enjoyed your mini art gallery this morning!

  5. What fun and fabulous mail ! So cool how you have all become dedicated to treating one another this way.
    Happy creating !

  6. Happy mailboxes!

  7. Your mail carrier must get a big kick out of delivering your mail.

  8. Must be like Xmas every day at your house. Fabulous stuff.

  9. Corrine, you must truly have smiled when opening all those amazing envelopes !
    How great and wonderful to recieve so many wonderful, and loving greetings !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  10. Nancy Lee says:

    I bet your mail carrier does wonder about YOUR mail!
    Happy (trails to you) envelope opening!

  11. Wow, your postie must love delivering mail to your house. Some mail art is definitely on my ‘to do’ list, when I get there I will surely wing some your way sweetie.
    Looking forward to the hop tomorrow now. Huge hugs x x x x

  12. Fab mail! Treasures all for sure.

  13. I am making DIY postcards right now for my swap, and can’t wait until mail art starts coming into my inbox again. I love that. Yours are great!

  14. Abundance is right…. wow, that sure beats those window envelopes in most mail boxes!

  15. Judith Kaufman says:

    Lovin’ your ideas! Would love to win these fabulous stencils!

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