Mood Monday — Still Life

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Still Life.  Life be still.  Dense fog, so dense we could not even see but the edge of the pond this morning reminded me of deep stillness.  How much I need a few days of this…Still life goes on, but it can be quieter, more dreamlike, sleepy.  I am letting myself off the hook, taking a few days to just be and refresh.  Next week I am off to teach, to Texas, to explore the new.  This week I am re-charging in stillness this Still Life.

Still Life 93013


Still life compostion.

Still Life Face 93013Dreaming of stillness.

Spindles and laces 93013


Finding comfort in the old; the familiar.  Spindles and laces…



  1. Be still my beating heart – those lace spindles are amazing!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your stillness sweetie, what a brilliant recharge for you before taking Texas by storm. Hope its a fab experience for you my lovely.
    Huge hugs x x x

  2. Glad to hear that you are reaching for this….

    In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.
    Deepak Chopra

    Best of luck in Texas!

  3. I think one of the hardest things for those of us who live in our studios is remembering to stop, kick back and look around!

  4. I like your “stillness”, Corrine.. We all need to remember to do that more. Thanks for taking the lead. I know your Lucky star experience will be fantastic… THEY are the lucky ones.

  5. I’m happy you are taking in the stillness for yourself. We need to do that, for ourselves, refreshes the mind, soul, and body.


  6. Enjoy some quiet and stillness before you get busy busy. I hope Texas is an amazing time. xo

  7. It’s so good to have some stillness amongst the madness of our busy lives. The early morning is my favourite time of day Corrine, the world seems so perfect then.
    Enjoy your Texas experience!
    Alison x

  8. You have caught me today in my own “still life.” Russ is at work, Jake it at daycare for doggies, and I am literally alone in the woods of New Hampshire. Well, save for the friends of the winged variety and the critters of the woods. Leaves fall silently, and the son seems lazy but warming. This is a day for me to renew and recharge, as well. Your experience at Lucky Star will be amazing both for you and your “lucky” students! Go forth and enjoy!

  9. Sometimes we need that quiet time, away from all the everyday life. Glad you are taking time to recharge, but I’m going to miss you loads. BTW, I am in LVOE with that lace.

  10. I think you need that, …you have been so filled with energy, -wake at nights, off to so many things…you are right in reloading, refreshing before Texas …
    Your photoes are gorgeous, Corrine!!

  11. Sort of ‘the calm before the storm’ thing Corrine. Hope the ‘storm’ is productive and FUN.

  12. Ahhhhh…put those tootsies up, settle in with a good book and a glass of wine…..snooze, gaze outside (or better yet go out but it’s raining cats & dogs here so I wouldn’t recommend it!), sip, snooze – ah, heaven. I know you’ll have a blast in Texas and can’t wait to hear all the news.

  13. do i spy with my little eye some vintage lace bobbins and a coverless book bundle??? SO nice of you to stop in and say “hello” dear Corinne. Susan and I were just chatting about you the pother day and what fun we had as “first time vendors” at The VB! Meeting people like yourself (and your hubby) was icing in the cake! 😉 (get some rest…and then it’s “Texas or Bust!”

  14. life be still… Ha!

  15. I enjoyed seeing your spindles/bobbins – oddly enough I had just posted a picture of some I have on my blog asking if anyone knew what they were used for. Great fun to see yours too!

  16. Wishing your peaceful stillness so you can be full up to go on your new adventure, Corrine.
    Enjoy !

  17. Hello Corrine, I too have been very still, with a fever running since last Friday, starting to feel better, but feeling weak, so I appreciate peace and stillness too! Enjoy your peaceful week!xx

  18. Nothing better than some serious stillness, then followed by some serious art! It’s all a good prep for the teaching venue!

  19. Nancy Lee says:

    What a neat pictures of “old things”.
    Buttons, pictures and lace! I like old things because they paint a picture to my soul
    of a time gone by.
    (My son and husband would love to move to Texas)!

  20. Have a fabulous time in Texas! Rumor has it there are a lot of mail artists there….I’m just sayin’……

  21. Darlene Propp says:

    Peace and contentment in our situation is priceless. Glad you’re having yours.

  22. Hope you weekend is going well…. stillness in anticipation of a flurry of activity next week!

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