Getting Ready — Go Into the Dark Unknown

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Getting ready for the Vintage Bazaar in one week, getting ready for Lucky Star Art Camp in 3 weeks, getting ready for tomorrow’s blog hop of Seth Apter’s new stencils for StencilGirl Products.

That’s a lot of getting ready.  I am tempted to dive down the rabbit hole and disappear for a while but instead I decided to art journal the melting…..and Go Into The Dark Unknown…

Go into the dark unknownAt least there is some light at the end of the tunnel……


See you on the hop tomorrow.  The creative crew will be previewing projects from all three of Seth’s new stencils…including Seth himself.



  1. Yes, take it from me.. there is a light. Love your bulb. Can’t wait for the hoppity hop.

  2. That bulb just brightened up my day too! As always, thanks for your inspiration and energy. xo

  3. Brilliant page Corrine, I love the symbolism, perfectly done sweetie. Lol can I borrow your bulb please?? I’m trying to finish a challenge entry and feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall ha ha ha, it’s been covered up twice already, sigh!!
    Huge hugs x x x x

  4. No way you are going to the dark side, my friend…..

  5. Sounds like you have your fall cut out for you. That lightbulb of yours will shine through any darkness, just put one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there.

  6. Wow, I really love the colors in your “light” art. Just beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could disappear for a while down the rabbit hole, too.

  7. Boy, I needed to see this this afternoon! Great project!!

  8. Interesting symbolism, and I love how the light bulb lightens up everything …

  9. Love your door to the dark side, Corrine…guess it’s up to each of us if we will venture through.
    also love the energy from your great blub! Hope it will sustain you for the next month of serious creativity! 😉

  10. couldn’t help thinking about something on pinterest I saw…..due to the economy the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off! LOL
    Love your creativity.

  11. What a busy, wonderful time for you! LOVE the colors in this page…and the light bulb is so perfect. Enjoy your busy week, Corrine! Hope it’s a happy one! xo, janice

  12. Oh how I love this bright shining light! You have so much happening… I wish for every good thing for you, my friend.

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