Mood Monday — Embrace the Stuckness

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Embrace The Stuckness  —  you know — the critic, the muse killer, the idea decimator, the mood evaporator, the creative interupter  — The Stuckness.  That old feeling of not being able to come up with a thing to create, a feeling to embellish, the world filled with chaos and nothing comes clear.

Embrace The Stuckness 1

Embrace it I say, make it big, bigger, biggest….Make it so big it can’t sustain itself and it blows up and poof, it’s away on the wind…

Embrace the Stuckness 2


That whirling mass of confusion is no match for you…

I’ve got a ton on my plate these days, a mini melt down in progress – and most of it is SO MUCH FUN, but overwhelming nonetheless so The Stuckness has invaded my psyche.  Too much to do, no time to do it all(we don’t have 36 hours days yet?  Do we?) and I find myself floundering in The Stuckness, start here, or here, or here?

Embrace the stuckness 4Too many arrows to choose, so the heck with it, fall in love with The Stuckness in all it’s color, make it more colorful, more chaoctic, more, more….

Stuckness 1Move the energy up and out….there, now that’s out of my system, where are those posca pens?    And I am posting early…..Ah, have a good Monday….


Lining to Mandarin Orange Monday




  1. <3 to you for this. I so needed to hear and see this today. Haven't created anything in a week. Now with your inspiration I will get to it.

  2. Corrine, whatever stuck,-it was not your creativity…. look at this!! It flows and dances, and looks very happy!!
    Hope your day is happy, too!!

  3. You have kicked the rear of Stuckness here!

  4. Thank you. I’ve been sitting in stuckness myself. Now I have this desire to scribble color!

  5. OH YA… we need to say “STUCK THIS”!!!!! I tell my girls when things get crazy EMBRACE THE CHAOS… I hope creating that wild art helped you.. not get over here and help me, too… LOL!!!

  6. This is just perfect for “those days”! I say yes…embrace the stuckness!!

  7. I can feel your emotions in this. Kudos to you for expressing it in your awesome art! xxoo Marilyn

  8. Ah, yes! You have it! Embrace the stuckness…make it bigger! Pure genius, Corrine. Enjoy the ride!

  9. Beautiful color and motion! I’m with you in the whirlwind. xo.

  10. Brilliant post Corrine, thank-you sweetie. Ha ha ha ha I’m right there with you on the ‘stuckness’ at the mo, too many ideas crowding my head and no idea where to start. I really must write/sketch them down, it may/may not help!!!!! I’m lucky though that I have no DT commitments or suchlike, just a couple of challenges to keep up with, most of my crafting is just for me tee hee. Fingers crossed that you manage to blow that ‘stuckness’ to smithereens my lovely.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  11. Hello Corrine, wow the energy here is let loose! Good for you just letting go! I love how you do that and have fun and let it all out of your system, so good for the soul. This piece is a really warm and full of life and rich color, it’s so expressive and shouts out loud! Best of wishes for this new week!
    Hugs Kat xx

  12. Oh thank you for this zany, wonderful post. I know all about Stuckness–it’s where I mostly live! I am learning to be happy in my chaos though, and all will be well.

  13. The overwhelmed feeling of too many directions, too much to do, what to do first usually leaves me frustrated and doing nothing. I call it the “I don’t wanna” syndrome. I can think of 100 things I want to do and should do but “I don’t wanna”. Good ideas? Many, but “I don’t wanna”. The way to break out of it for me is to get up off my fanny and put glue to paper, paint to brush, marker to doodle and force through it. Looks like that’s exactly what you did – and very successfully!!!

  14. I think that this embracing STUCKNESS in order to blow it away sounds like a plan, Wise One ! In the mean time your art inspires anyway !
    Hope your flow becomes smooth soon and that there is much joy in the process !
    Cheers !

  15. “Embrace the Stuckness”…a new phrase shall dance in my brain and I shall think of you every time I think of it! I love it! I hope you do become unstuck even though you’ve embraced it. I know this feel very well! xoxo

  16. Talk about “timely,” another perfect post from Corrine to Kay. I have weeks of e-mail on which to catch up and two very important artful deadlines, and here I sit reading e-mail! I feel empty in the art department! I have taken 3 “dry runs” at creating something to attach to a Design Team application–and torn them all up! I have a narrative to write to accompany a layout being published, and I am at a loss for words! That’s stuck with a capital S, for sure. You have inspired me to get back to business! Thanks, my friend!

  17. You should get “stuck” more often because I can feel the energy in your work. Crazy color–crazy good!

  18. Your art makes me happy even when you are in The Stuckness.

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