Get Out of My Head

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Fall is a coming as I mentioned on Mood Monday and the air here this morning is decidedly cool – YAY!  I know many of you love the summer heat, but it’s not for me so I welcome this change.  As I move toward this new season I am continuously reminding myself to Get Out of My HEAD and stay that way…..I was doodling in my journal inspired by the most beautiful journals of my friend Janet Joehlin. Just wanting to experiment more with the drawing process and the thought of opening up my head and letting it all float away on the wind like bubbles.  Some directed arrows and movement of getting rid of what is not necessary and takes up space inside that could be cherished elsewhere…

get out of my head

of my head close up


Going off to walk the dogs and definitely GET OUT of my HEAD

Thanks, adore, love, all the comments on the blog hop There’s No Place Like Home with Jamie Final’s Houses Stencil.  The Superhero picked comment #23 from his big hat.  Big congratulations to WendyJournalista for winning Mary Beth Shaw’s book “Flavor for Mixed Media”…hope to hop with you all again soon.


  1. Good exercise for sure…both the journal page AND walking the dogs. Enjoy your day!! xo

  2. PS: I am ready for cooler weather too…looking forward to making soup!

  3. love her hair-do! we all have too much clutter in our heads! just enjoy the nice cool day!

  4. Awe Corrine she is amazing – I WANT HER HAIR!!!!!!!!! I adore the colours you have chosen, so vibrant and very warm and those arrows work perfectly to express your thoughts – brilliant. Ha ha I’m with you on the temperature thing, so relieved that its starting to cool now, I LOVE autumn.
    Huge hugs x

  5. This is just SPLENDID!! Love the colors, the texture, the freedom, the message. Xoxo

  6. I love all the colors and patterns here Corrine, it’s definitely a good thing to get out of your head sometimes, well needed!

  7. That’s a great lady. Well put advice!

  8. I love this page so much ! Both for the message and the awesome image. Happy September ! May it be a heart-felt month with as little head messes as possible !
    Cheers !

  9. Oh My Gosh I love that message! I think I use my doodling for that same thing…. to get it out on paper so I can carry on with life! It is Definitely THERAPEUTIC! I love what you do dear Corrine! Thank you for sharing <3

  10. Happy soon-to-be-fall, Corrine! Have a nice walk….

  11. I love this weather too.. I’m with you. Nice to get the muggies outta here. I have no room in my head.. It’s just like my mom’s freezer, it’s so packed you can’t even put an egg in there. LOL. So, a new season begins and making rooms for creativity in our heads is what we need.

  12. Me ,too love the cooler weather,- and me ,too wish to sometimes get out of my head, and let it all blow away in the wind!!! Especially the dayes with worries!!
    This great lady seems to be able to let go of it all- -wonderful dear Corrine.

  13. LOVE this! And I’m very envious of your cooler temps because right now we’re still in triple digit temps around here…not my thing at all.

  14. Nothing like a walk with a dog to clear your head. Scout wouldn’t think of letting me get away without one! Nice journal spread!

  15. If I got out of my head, maybe I could sleep, right? 🙂 I think a walk is a splendid idea – out in the fresh air and stretching your legs and there’s lots of room for all the brain-clutter to fly off to. 🙂

  16. cool …. I need to do that 🙂

    I love the look on her face too – a little bit surprised maybe at what came out of her head 🙂

  17. Fun, fun, fun piece!
    Bring on the autumn air.

  18. I too want it all to float away out of my head! This looks fantastic! Maybe if I just open the top like that it will all spill out! Love it!

  19. Love that look of total surprise on her face. Happy PPF.

  20. I like this piece Corrine. Fun and colorful. I love it when Autumn is coming as well. It’s my time of year. I really start feeling very much alive and wanting to do lots of things. It pleases me much. Have a great weekend. Happy PPF!

  21. Love all the great colors! What’s on her head? Whatever it is is gorgeous.

  22. I love the idea of getting non-important stuff out of the head to fill it with other things, and I too love the page, especially the hair- or is it thoughts that are floatong away?

  23. Ooooh I am LOVING those backgrounds! And her hair… what a riot… love all this eye candy!

  24. I love that…get out of your head! and I love what you created from being inspired by our friend Janet. I too, was totally inspired by her work and love how you made what you did your own.

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