Mood Monday…Changes

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Time to change things up.  Fall is slowly creeping in.  September 1st as I write this. Lots of movement going on.  At night the critters are readying, emerging for the deep of the swampy forest out into the cooler air of the pasture. To hunt and to fill themselves up.  They are gathering and tidying, rebuilding and preparing for going inward.   Me too.

The Superhero built me some beautiful shelves this weekend.  One is in, one to come.  He made them out of leftover materials from a commercial project and they are helping me tidy my own nest. Get organized so the creative journey can flow, rather than be interrupted by chaos and the search for what I cannot find, hidden under clutter.

So in honor of these few weeks before the full start of Fall I am moving energy in my studio to make space for going inside, seeking the higher self to guide me forward.  Hence a new direction for the blog. Time for Mood Monday.  A reflection of what is coming in to the picture for the upcoming week.  For me the next Vintage Bazaar is almost upon us and I have been slowing down and only adding to what I have already made.  Working on a few things, but letting go of the outcome and just preparing to enjoy the fantastic setting (and the antique motorcycle show).  Working on my StencilGirl projects and joyfully trying to think up the new and the unusual.  Spending time with my family and friends just enjoying the waning days of summer…Changes are a coming.

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  1. Your creative space looks amazing and makes me want to sort out my chaos too. We are starting Fall (autumn) with lovely sunny days. A last chance to drag all the rubbish out of my studio and rearrange the space.

  2. this past year I’ve been working on paying attention to the way my energy shifts and to accept it/embrace it and not fight against it. Your writing is always a good reminder to slow down and pay attention. change is in the air.

  3. neatness counts so they say! your workspace is neatness plus ! just show us what it looks like in october!

  4. I love seeing all your wonderful supplies all organized and ready for action!!

  5. I love it! Mood Monday! Your studio is so inviting and organized!

  6. I love seeing your organized creative space! It is so inspiring!
    Seeing your photos motivates me to organize my studio even more now, too!

  7. Love the idea of mood Monday and setting up for the week. Your studio is looking great!

  8. What a fab peek into your creative space sweetie, its looking wonderfully tidy and very organised. I love your ‘stamp basket’, brilliant way to store them.
    Huge hugs x

  9. You have a mini shop of supplies, I’d love to come and play with all that!

  10. Love seeing your creative space and how organized it is. I especially love the shelves with neatly stacked paints and the tin cans to hold brushes, etc. What a fun place to create!

  11. I love the tidyness of your workspace! I agree, clutter slows down the creative process.
    Fall is arriving here as well, the air changes long before the leaves. It’s quite nice really.

  12. It’s always fun to have a peek at where artists create. Your shelves look great and so neat, too. I notice that you have some of the soy paints…how do you like them?

  13. Well, if there is a Mr. Superhero, there must be a Mrs. Superhero! You! LOVE the studio. I’m showing my superhero, because, yes, if I had the RIGHT shelves, I could move everything into one room. I have said that, but HE doesn’t believe me. Now I have it in proof! Your pictures!

  14. I am jealous! Looks super great!

  15. Love sseeing this! The shelves are wonderful! Can I come over and play?

  16. Look at you getting all organized and ready for autumn. Those shelves are awesomely awesome. And so are those Golden paints, too (grin).

  17. Dear Corrine…Thank you for you sharing your inspiration with me,,,we are just staying home today and I am working on the “furball” painting for the auction in 3 weeks. I am loving working with Golden products and I received a sketch sample from Conte pastels fro sketching that is sweet. I think because it came in such a cute small box…they seem to be more precious. Have a glorious Labor Day…I will look into buying some shelves when we settle down after the move. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. Mood Monday sounds like a great new feature. Love seeing your studio space today.

  19. What a well organised and wonderful work space you have, Corrine!
    All those gortgeous materials of every kind one could wish for, and the warm homey feeling, of cozy indoors doings!! That is what comes to me ,when seeing your photoes from your studio!
    I wish you wonderful changes to come !!
    xo, Dorthe

  20. That looks like a wonderful space to create in. We are in the process of putting in new cabinets and keep getting a bad one, so hoping the next one is good and we can finish the job. Then I can get into the basement and clean up my mess.


  21. There must be something in that seasonal air change…..I too spent time cleaning and organizing my art space – sprinkled liberally with some sit-out-on-the-deck time too – I feel so refreshed with a ‘new’ clean space. Your shelves look amazingly organized and tidy….so how long do they actually stay that way? 🙂

  22. EVen art materials and art spaces make great art in themselves.

  23. Change is good….and so is a nice neat place to get those creative juices flowing 🙂


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