There’s No Place Like Home — StencilGirl Blog Hop — Jamie Fingal Houses

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HomeThere’s no place like home – aka – Dorothy and her shiny red shoes.  That’s what kept going through my mind as I looked at Jamie Fingal’s stencil Houses.  Her inviting cottage houses covered in flowering vines reminded me of our own bitsy  abode nestled into the shady glen by the pond.  I was completely entranced by the notion of HOME and how much I adore tiny cottages.  So I set about to create a cottage home wall hanging for my own house.  I took some white burlap and folded it over and wonky hand stitched it leaving an opening at the top for a hanger and an opening at the bottom for further embellishment.



I printed out the stencil onto a painted background using a black Stazon ink pad and cut the houses out individually.

I chose the three that were the most cottage like and after painting white acrylic paint onto the burlap to give the paper a place to stick, I glued them down using gel medium.

Then I set about playing and embellishing with paper flowers from Prima, heart shaped buttons a bit of lace stitched on, hand made paper as a border and black foam letters on grunge board. Batik fabrics were torn and used to make a fringe.  Some bright acrylic paints -which I painted directly onto the burlap gave the hanging some cheery color.  A piece of driftwood complete the composition and acts as the hanger. You can see all the step in the gallery below.  You can enlarge all of the photos to capture the detail.

No hop would be complete without the hoppers so here are the players and please visit them all to win the giveaway – ALSO – TA DA  – I am giving away a SIGNED COPY  of Mary Beth Shaw’s book  Flavor For Mixed Media to all the people who complete the hop, so put on your HOUSE bunny slippers and get hopping.

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Corrine Gilman — that’s me…

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  1. Love the piece you made

  2. I love what you’ve done with Jamie’s stamp Corinne!
    I’ve never worked with burlap(we call it hessian here!) but I use it in my upholstery work and it’s not easy to handle!!

  3. This is such a clever idea and looks so good – love the use of the stencils.

  4. I savoured it with pleasure!Fabulous work!Happy PPF and hugs from Brazil!

  5. I love the idea of making a fringed banner, and he color scheme is so beautiful. Blessings, my friend!

  6. Your imagination is crazy GOOD, I love what you have done! You have shown what can be done with a stencil that I would have never dreamed! Very cool indeeed! Love it!

  7. What a terrific idea… the stenciled houses look great and your flowers are good fun! A really creative way to use the house stencil and allude to the comfort and protection of favorite places called home.

  8. Well done, love what you have made! Valerie

  9. ooops, my comment ended up on an individual photo instead of here… I’m a dunce…

  10. Those are fun stencils and I love what you did with them! xo

  11. I love this piece and how you showed the steps and all the pictures. Beautiful.

  12. Beautiful Corrine. The Burlap and Batik is a wonderful combo. Nice texture and happy color! It looks wonderful hanging on that…is it a charcoal colored wall? Beautiful! xoxo

  13. Love your wall hanging. I would love to make one for my house. I have a great cabin room that the stencil would be perfect for.

  14. What great stencils these are and you did a wonderful job with them.

  15. really creative use of both burlap and batik… and as always great texture!

  16. I love the color Corrine……something about that amber color just seems to glow!
    Hugs! deb

  17. Love the house stencil and what a clever use of this stencil! thanks for sharing!

  18. Such happy colorful houses! I love that stencil and your work on burlap. Corrine you never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Happy Weekend! Hugs.

  19. What a great post. I love the direction you went, the ‘no place like home’ concept. Clever and meaningful. Well done.

  20. Great piece! The burlap gives it such wonderful texture!

  21. Love the combination of fabric and paints and papers. fun, fun, fun

  22. Your originality and creativity always inspires me and makes me happy. Love what you’ve done with this beautiful stencil. Xo

  23. I LOVE your wall hanging!

  24. Hi Corrine. I love banners and do love that fringe. Very nice work with the burlap. Thanks.

  25. I love how your piece came out and the possibilities with the stencils and mixed media.


  26. Melanie K says:

    I love what you made! Very cool.

  27. So cool! I love what you have created!

  28. What a brilliant idea – to make a wall hanging! Love how it turned out!

  29. I’ve been playing with mixed media ever since Jamie released her rebel quilting DVD. She – and these stencils – are so inspiring! Thank you!

  30. Love seeing all of these ideas! Fabulous stencils!

  31. Erica Hersh says:

    <3 it!!!! 8)

  32. Wow! Your wall hanging is fantastic. If I win, I hope I can create something as wonderful!

  33. Really fabulous idea! It’s beautiful!

  34. Isn’t that a wonderful stencil and I love what you’ve done with it!

  35. what a creative way to use the stencil-really fab Corrine!! And tho I will check the blog hop I don’t want my name added for the giveaway-only because I already own this wonderful book 🙂

  36. Haha! I currently do not own fuzzy bunny slippers….but I do love the wall hanging you crafted to house some imaginary bunny slippers! Thank you so much for sharing with us hoppers on this fantastic Friday! Nice to visit your website and this new follower is looking forward to future posts of yours!

  37. Glenda Lovchik says:

    Burlap was a great choice for the cottages. It reminds me of the straw used on village huts. Such a wonderful project. Thanks fro sharing your talents.

  38. What a creative mind you have – this is a great idea and it was really interesting to hear and see the step by step process. It turned out beautifully!

  39. I love it. I just love it.

  40. you wall hanging is beauituflly made! And I love the topic of home.

  41. Gorgeous….what a wonderfully inventive piece!! I too love cottages and houses in artwork…this is brilliant!

    Hugs Giggles

  42. Janelle R says:

    Fun fun project. Loving the uses for this stencil. So many elements in it to be used all together or in bits and pieces. I am not only loving all those houses but I am in love with the different areas on the tops and bottoms of them all. This would be a great addition to anyones supplies. Thanks so much for sharing, and the chance to win no only this awesome stencil, but Mary Beth Shaws book as well. I can’t seem to learn fast enough!

  43. Nancy Lee says:

    I want, I want I want… book AND stencil!
    Oh, this has my mind spinning with ideas,(dangerous, I know)!
    Your peice is a forever piece for your home for sure!!

  44. Brilliant……love what you have done.

  45. Beautiful Compositions, yes, I like your exquisite colors!

  46. Denise Nawrot says:

    The wall hanging is quite nice and written directions very clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

  47. Teresa Richardson says:

    What a great idea! A great way to use the stencil

  48. A gorgeous hanging Corrine, I love the thinking ref the Oz connection, perfect!
    Huge hugs x

  49. WOW! I’m learning so many great stencil ideas. I love the pieces you made. I would love to use the stencil to make quilts for my two granddaughters. I’d love to win the book, too! Thanks so much for sharing your creative talents.

  50. What a nice heirloom piece you’ve created with this stencil! Love it, Sanna

  51. What a great project you have completed! I love cottages too 🙂
    Do yet another bloghop?I’m afraid I will get lost ;-), but what a nice give away!!!
    Happy PPF and thank you for your nice comment on my blog xxx

  52. THis blog hop has been the best just to see what everyone is doing with a common stencil! It’s a great stencil with some out of sight uses and I can’t wait to visit the rest of the blogs! I’d love to win this stencil!

  53. Corrine, your project using the houses is lovely. Just wondering how you used Staz-On ink? Did you use the reinkers? Curiouser and curiouser…

  54. I love your cute houses! The stamp is really amazing.

  55. i love what u did! so nice and so talented, tx for sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

  56. That is a fun wall hanging — I love my home as well.

  57. I love the colors!

  58. I love your artwork, and I really appreciate the theme of home. Thanks for sharing!

  59. Great use of the house stencil. I definitely can see “there’s no place like home “in your wall hanging. Would love to play with this stencil…and get new ideas from your gifted book. Thanks.

  60. Elizabeth Kapkan says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  61. I really love this stencil and how it’s been used on fabric. Not a medium I use much but I’m getting very tempted!

  62. Very creative how you did this, and the end result looks terrific!

  63. I LOVE the house stencil and really LOVE what you did with it! Gorgeous work! Happy PPF!

  64. I really love this stencil, and your art work is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  65. sandy karsten says:

    Great use of the stencil. I think I like the 3 houses that you used the best.

  66. Wonderful pieces! <3

  67. Deborah barnhill says:

    Great chance Tim win! Thanks Corrinr.

  68. I love the idea of going vertical with the banner! I work mostly vertical when I paint on canvas, I don’t know why I never think that way with banners! Love it!

  69. Corrine- I love how you used Jamie’s stencil!

  70. Hello Corrine, I love your home ! I love how you used all this different mixed media to make this, so creative , great!

  71. Barbara I. says:

    Thanks for sharing your art with us. The blog hop looks like fun and I would love to win a copy of Mary Beth’s book. What a great giveaway gift!

  72. Very cute! Love what I’m seeing with all these houses. Thanks

  73. I just love your your finished wall-hanging!!! Thanks for sharing your process. It turned out just perfect…

  74. This is so gorgeous! I loved seeing how you created it x

  75. Totally in love with this, Corrine. The driftwood and that fabulous fringe are the perfect finishing touches! xo, janice

  76. Love the finished piece & how you’ve used the stencil … and love Jamie’s work too!

  77. Linda on the Prairie says:

    The color choices on burlap are extra special!

  78. Your wall hanging is beautiful…what a creative use of the stencil. I am learning so much from these blog hops!!

  79. You fiber artists are so creative!

  80. Thanks for sharing. Fun stencil, creative use.

  81. j elizabeth ballard says:

    another blog hop! yay!

  82. Great project! Love the stencil!!

  83. lovely result – would never have tried to use burlap myself… wondering what other fabrics might work with this technique – good use of the stencil!

  84. What a beautiful wall hanging! That’s a wonderful stencil, too… so many designs in one place!

  85. Lovely colors! lovely design! I love houses, so pretty. thank you for the inspiration!

  86. This would make the PERFECT house warming gift–LOVE it!

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