Friday Affirmation — Content Matters

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Content matters —

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Content matters, yes is does.  My friend Damini Celebre and I were talking about how everything we say puts a certain energy out into the universe.  Since we both believe everything is connected in our glorious world, content matters intensely.  Conscious thinking is essential.  Communication and connection, what we say influences everything around us, our laws of attraction and the energy we put into the universe. How easily something can be misinterpreted no matter how much we are thoughtful about what we say, can unintentionally hurt without us even knowing.

Mindfulness, that’s easy to say, but the older I get, easier to do.  I remind myself continuously shut your mouth until you are sure you are saying what you really want to put out there….vibrations on the ether.  Writing helps this immensely for me.  I need to be clear here in what I say and the circular energy of writing and speaking sync up, the same as it does for me in art making.  I care less and less about what others think, while being more mindful of staying within the confines of the context and content of what I say.

Content matters, it sure does.

To illustrate this idea, I made an accordian folded book.  Using one of Seth Apter’s new stencils –  Number’s Stencil , which has a distinctly urban vibe and graffiti cool, I was able to pick out some of the words and illustrate them with my quirky drawings.  Use parts of the stencil to create mini vignettes to highlight the ideas in a general way.


I started with a piece of paper painted with Terri Stegmiller’s leaf stencil, cut it down, taped it together and made the book from there using old pages and some stamped and painted paper

791….it was a nice exercise and something to keep as a muscle memory reminder that Content Matters….

Tell me what you think?



  1. I so agree with your words. 🙂 And I love those stencils.

  2. Your book puts out there a wonderful vibration for the universe to enjoy (and myself and all your other visitors!)!

  3. Gorgeous pages Corrine, I love the energy. What beautiful stencils to play with too, you have showcased them wonderfully. Seth’s number stencil is pretty amazing – totally multi-purpose and so very versatile.
    Huge hugs, hope you’re having an amazing time sweetie x x x x

  4. Amen! Just love your pages and the stencils are wonderful!

  5. I have been thinking about the same things lately. There’s a wonderful book called “The Four Agreements” and one of the agreements is “Be impeccable with your word”. It really sums it up. (The others, also useful, are: Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions and Always do your best.)

  6. Mary Warren says:

    Funny you should have done this. I just finished a journal page with the the idea that “words have power!”

  7. Corrine, I agree that we should think carefully before saying anything to or about others. There is so much circulating on the internet that if the person had thought first they might not have pressed enter.

    And, I too love the stencils.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly. Content truly does matter. We really have to do our best to communicate words and ideas that encourage and heal…ideas that add to the good and not the bad. Our artwork is a great vehicle for this. Thank YOU, Corrine, for using your words and art to put a lot of positive vibes out there!

  9. You know…..I really really want to come over to your studio and play with paints and stencils…..pretty please….all I need is an airline ticket.

  10. Loving all the texty goodness on those pages.

  11. Hello Corrine! How cool are these stencils and what you have created with them. I LOVE the bitty people one! xo

  12. Once again, such a thought provoking post….I never feel anything but warmth and inspiration from a visit here so I’m quite sure you reap that in spades. Thanks again for continuing to motive, encourage and make us think! Love Seth’s stencil….so many possibilities!

  13. I love that your art does not “force feed” us, Corrine, but merely puts something out there for us to enjoy, to ponder, to digest. Your words sit well with me.

  14. I love how you used the stencils Corrine. Thank you!!!

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