Friday Affirmations — don’t be afraid

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don’t be afraid to step into your colorful life…

Don't be afraid to step into your colorful lifeWhy does it take us so long to simply live our lives full of color and light.  I know it took me over 50 years to reach that sparkle place where I want to be as colorful everyday, all day before my expiration date. One lovely gal commented about her preacher’s post a while back and about us all having an expiration date..  Life has an experation date he said in a sermon.  Well yes it does…As someone who has lost both her parents, and most of her immediate relatives, you betcha, life expires.

Maybe that’s why I am intent upon filling my days with as much color and life as possible.  Don’t want to waste the gifts I have been given. Do I slack off and waste the minutes, yes I do.  Then I try to kick myself back into shape and realize time(which after all is made up) is a wasting….and what am I doing with it.

Hopefully making myself happy and in the process sharing that happiness with those around me.  Good gets good gets good on into infinity.

Spread color and shine, baby shine.


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  1. perfectly put!!!! inspiring as always

  2. TRUE and WICE words dear Corrine…
    After loosing my sister to cancer some 5 years ago, I also desited to alwayes wear colours ,in dressing and jeweleries…and not to fall back to the black`s I used before … I still every day put on something wonderfully coloured!! I see the same in your beautiful art here,– the heawy and serious no colours, and the happy and shining beautiful painting !! Gorgeous with the light lillac tones!! Hope your weekend shines !!!

  3. Thanks, Corrine, for the reminder and the clarity. Your sparkle reminds us of my own sparkle. The time is now. 🙂

  4. Lovely post Corrine. colour is so important – life affirming.

  5. The best advice I have heard in a long time! I will try my best baby! Sending hugs!

  6. This is gorgeous! I love how it blends from grey into lush and bright colours. and that saying is so true …..

  7. Beautifully put. It is so important to step into the colorful life that we are meant to live. Beautiful words for a beautiful and colorful painting.

  8. You are so right! Valerie

  9. It has taken me quite a bit of time too to embrace the colorful life- but now that we’re here- look out!

  10. Beautifully worded Corrine and SOOOOOOOOOOO true.
    Huge hugs x x x x x

  11. Such a lovely message Corrine, your works always sparkle with color and positivity, you truly shine!

  12. Hear hear!


  13. I love this post, and your artwork. It really resonated with me.

  14. So true…trying to convince my 24 year old daughter this…struggling to find her niche post college…
    Take care!

  15. I am moved by both your painting and your words this morning, Carrine. I, too, have given up the navy blue, brown and black life of my youth. Somewhere along my life’s path, I have decided to wear purple and orange and sometimes even together. My sister once told me, “What others think of me is none of my business!” I have come to agree. Something else took me back to a conversation I had with my father when I told him I wanted to divorce my first husband. When he asked why, I said, “He doesn’t make me happy anymore,” to which my father responded, “It is not *his* job to make you happy…it is *your* job to make you happy.” And you are both so right! Thank you for such an affirmation this Friday, my friend.

  16. these are exactly the words I needed to hear today. Thank you my friend. You have ignited my spark!

  17. Love all the beautiful color and texture.

  18. Hi Corrine, hope all is well with you. Loved your words, very moving. How right you are. Thanks for that food for thought. Your work is colorful and full of life, I love it. You asked me what is next after Nefertiti bust. I don’t know, but I do know that it will be full of life and very colorful.:) Take care.

  19. Amen, Sistah!!!

  20. Thank you, Corrine. I needed to read this! You always know just what to say.

  21. so well put Corrine-and a lovely art sample to represent it too!

  22. lyle baxter says:

    and you’ve had fun getting there and given us all some smiles too thanks!

  23. Great message and painting! Love the quote and colors together. Happy PPF!

  24. Well put, Corrine. I love the colors in your art. My clothes have gotten brighter after I got into my 70s. I have lots of the hot coral, even shoes! I also love bright turquoise. And unfortunately those of us with loved ones who are very ill do realize there is an expiration date in life.

  25. Great piece! so pure and true, so deep meanful and fun…LOOOVE it ♥♥♥ Conny

  26. Oh so true.. how many reach this full life feeling of color and living life to the fullest. Think of yourselves.. make yourself happy…. Most look for it all their lives. You inspire me, my friend. You’re the BEST!!

  27. Wonderful inspirational post. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and words of wisdom:) HPPF

  28. Amen great colourful thoughts

  29. Wonderful post – at some point in life we all lose someone we love. I like that phrase – life has an expiration date. Too many people live in the greyness of no hope, bitterness and anger. I used to wear really
    neutral (drab LOL) colors. Now I embrace color in my clothing and my art. I love that painting – the color is there we have to look for it.

  30. I couldn’t agree with you more. The spark of bright colors in the sea of gray truly said it all. Blessings!

  31. You got it right, Corrine!!!!

  32. This is a brilliant post Corrine. Sage Writing. Your piece is brilliant! In every way. xox

  33. I love the sentiment here and it goes so beautifully with your art!

  34. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing your words & art Corrine! x

  35. Sparkle ON Corrine! Sparkle ON! Loving your words and your work of art!

  36. Great post – that’s what I think, too! Beautiful art!

  37. I enjoyed your post – both reading it and the image. I too have been making a conscious effort to be colourful. – in my clothes,my surroundings and even my hair (red stripy bits! – i mean real red). It took me longer than 50 years though… in my younger days I wore far too much black.
    I really do love your art.

  38. LOVE. IT. Such an inspiring post – thank you x

  39. Beautiful and wise thoughts, Corrine. I have a feeling that I always find your thoughts when my spirit needs them the most. Thank you so much for it. Have a lovely, creative and filled with happiness week.

  40. I am with you … putting color in your life happens when you learn that it is okay to do for yourself becuase that is where you find the energy to do for others. It takes time to arrive at that place … it is called successful aging … and it is easy if your heart is in the right place.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  41. Inspiring and beautiful post Corrine… and oh so true… love your painting….

    Jenny ♥

  42. Your life IS colorful and you make the sparkle! Thank you for sharing!

  43. Color and light are two of my favorite things, Thank you for your words they are a wonderful reminder.

  44. Beautiful post !!! Thank you for reminding us that. We do have an expiration date and we have to enjoy every day as it is the last. Something that I have to remind to myself often…

    Have an awesome day!

  45. I returned to thank you for sharing your colour with Mandarin Orange Monday:))

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