Sprite – a Joyous Being

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Sweet sprite, full of love and light, bringing joy with her innocent expression and funky wing…..I want to feel like her, light as a feather, the world far from her shoulders and a twinkling in her eye….what can she be thinking?

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  1. Sweet 🙂

  2. Wonderful Corrine, fantastic layers of colours and patterns, and she really is spreading festive joy !!!

  3. Her expression reflects a joyous curiousity and openess to life… an ability to delight in whatever may come. She makes me happy!

  4. jill eudaly says:

    I know what I’m thinking, is there more pie??? (just had a slice with my morning coffee) Your girl has such a sweet face. very nice.

  5. Such a sweet and happy soul!

  6. I always love what you write along with your sweet sprite!

  7. Oh.. she wants to be alive and be free.. “thank you for creating me, Corrine”… is what she’s saying.

  8. I will get this comment to post! Third time to try- all thanks to my internet connection…I think she is thinking she’s going to have an amazing time in Texas sitting on your shoulder having a blast with you!

  9. Sprite – that’s perfectly apt! Love your whimsical folks…..

  10. There is definitely an air of curiosity about her face! My sense is that, whatever she asks, the answer will be YES! So sweet!

  11. Who are we to question? Just to be so happy is enough!! I LOVE her layers of happiness, she is fantastic!

  12. Corrine she is stunning, what an adorable expression you have captured for her, beautiful work my lovely.
    Huge hugs x

  13. This is beautiful. I love the tones of the layers, the warmth. She looks so innocent!

    I’m trying to catch up with everyone today. I’ll try not to send too many comments, but I’ll probably HAVE to ooh and aah!

  14. beware! that innocent face is hiding some devilment she’s going to lead you into!

  15. absolutely stunning- I do love this so much!!!

  16. Beautiful. I love the way this is transparent or seems to be.

  17. I want to feel like her too! For now I’ll look at her and dream…..

  18. It’s so good to spend some time catching up with your posts. How much I have missed! This little sprite is so lovely with her sweet expression. I think she must be thinking how good life is and how truly, completely good it is to be surrounded by so much beauty in your studio! xo, janice

  19. She’s awesome! Love her expression and hair. She’s thinking of giving you a hug.

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