StencilGirl Speckled Eggs, Nests, Incubation and Cracking Open

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Nest close-upHi All…my post is up over on the StencilGirl Talk blog.  To see how I made the nest to hold these lovely speckled eggs(stencil by Tracy Lyn Huskamp,) fly on over and read the full post.



  1. Looking good over there!

  2. What a glorious burst of colours, I am popping over to check it out!

  3. Love the speckled eggs!!

  4. Beautiful art pages, Corrine… especially on this day full of sunshine.. like you.

  5. Flying over to StencilGirl Talk now! 🙂

  6. Very cool! I’m heading over now.

  7. PREEEEETY!!! love it!

  8. Oh–how lovely. And I checked the other site — really great.

  9. Love that great “yoke” yellow, Corrine! Hopping over to check out the details!

  10. So much glorious colour! Those nests look lovely Corrine! x

  11. This looks intriguing! The nest materials seem to pop right off the screen. Off to check it out…

  12. jill eudaly says:

    will do!

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