Intuitive Shift Journal Broken Wing

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A powerful weekend with the girls, shifting, shedding, mending.  I am processing my broken wing, absorbing breaking…open.  Ridding myself of old patterns.  Journaling softness and vulnerability. Holding sacred space for myself to return….to?

She has a broken wing


  1. Wow.. this is so open with emotion. So glad you had a great weekend. I still want to see the glam mobile.

  2. This is beautiful! A beautiful sacred space. Vulnerability is very powerful. Cheers to new patterns! I am glad to know you!

  3. You have not only scratched the surface here, you have touched the core. Just brilliant work (which has so obviously come from deep within)!

  4. Beautifully layered and complex yet simple in form. Love this expression…..

  5. Stunning Corrine, I love the blue and red combo, so very emotional and incredibly powerful. The freedom you have expressed is amazing, I hope it helped cleanse a little my lovely.
    Huge hugs x

  6. jill eudaly says:

    haunting, well done!

  7. This is a very powerful piece. Blessings!

  8. I love the light I see shining from within and the wide open space….it’s gorgeous!

  9. Thought provoking and powerful, all in one beautiful work of art.

  10. Corrine, I see many things in this piece of art. It is bold and I can see that you put your soul into it. Sometimes it helps us to shed, shift, and mend. Love you, girl. xo

  11. I believe this wing can flay Corrine. xo

  12. Yes to all of it! Carry on! xo, janice

  13. This is lovely, love the colours I am going along slowly, one day I will get there. xxx

  14. sounds like soul searching to me… x

  15. and this text box is giving me fits in the meantime. won’t let me move the cursor!

    What a magnificent wing. Both for sheltering and for flight

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