Friday Affirmations — What Moves YOU?

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What moves youWhat moves YOU?

Is it color, is it light,

sound, speed, thought forming rapidly in the mind,

heart-ful overflowing, spilling, breathing,

nature, words, mountains, sea, shore, sand, grass, trees, water, night

layers of black, layers of white

paint flying, colors mingling

heat, frigid, ice droplets forming on the window pane

dew on the grass

dogs breath, the smell of the dogs paw

cats, horses, rabbits, fur soft against your cheek

eating life, eating pie

ice cream, sharp angles, left turns

the voice of your child








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  1. Beautiful, colourful and happy! Valerie

  2. You do. Love this saturation of colors. Now, that moves me.

  3. Yes, Corrine, to almost all on your list of motivators!! Birds move me. My husband’s unquestioned love moves me!! This morning sitting outside in my screen tent at the campground moves me! In addition, other artists’ works often move me. A new technique might move me to get outside of my art “box.” In your piece today, not only does the color move me, but the overlapping layers, fabric, and buttons! Even that tiny asterisk in the upper left-hand corner moves me! Stay cool, my friend!

  4. That’s a marvelous evocation of what moves you! Great colors and design.

    What a terrific subject for Friday Affirmations. What Moves me?
    1. Rising sun hitting the tops of the trees.
    2. Proge’s delight in living here and making it possible for me to continue to live here.
    3. Ice cream, because what is life without ice cream?
    Hey, maybe I should do my own post on this!

  5. WOW Corrine, I adore your canvas, amazing colours and composition – so playful, fun and incredibly uplifting sweetie. Fab post too, many many things move me beyond measure, you being one of them my lovely.
    Huge hugs x

  6. Your art moves me! My husband and my son being near me moves me. Words and song and dance move me. Lots of color, smiles, my cat, mountain views, being in nature, intuitive creating, seeing a student have an enlightened moment, seeing plants grow, seeing people put themselves out there, laughter, seeing someone cry, homemade chocolate cake and homemade ice cream, funky buttons, feeling love in all its forms, seeing what other artists do, my studio space, nightime stars, fireflies, wild life, flying a kite…I could go on and on because I am moved by so much in this world. Thanks for reminding me about this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Love your colorful piece and also your list, with the exception of dog’s breath–altho i guess it does move me–but not in a good way.

  8. Beautiful, rich layers full of color and light in this artwork!
    Nature moves me…art, maps, the warmth of my doggy nuzzling against me, friendship, family…
    Have a lovely Friday and weekend!

  9. Thank you for making me stop and think about this……
    Cool morning breezes on a soon to be hot day…
    My cat lying upside down so i can scratch his belly with total trust and abandon….
    Seeing the northern CA rocky coast for the first time…..
    Laying eyes on blue Lake Tahoe for the first time…places i thought i would never see in my lifetime…
    Completing a piece of artwork…i have such a hard time doing that….
    I’am moved in the presence of trees
    The color green….green grass…green trees….i’ve lived too long in the desert….
    Hugs! deb

  10. Beautiful post …gorgeous art..and such beautiful words..everything sparks me…your list says it all..all of nature and life sparks me! Wonderfully creative post!

  11. Kim Mailhot says:

    All those things…
    and the ability to see, hear, feel, taste, smell and know them !
    Happy Friday, Awesome One !

  12. Beautiful colors…they just pop off the page! Love it! Happy PPF

  13. What a great post. I love the poem and the artwork is so vibrant. Animals and nature in any shape or form move me!

  14. Corrine, this piece of art is absolutely majestic! I am in love with it and want to covet it for my wall!!! I just inhale the colors and can smell the texture. All that you say in your prose…yes yes yes yes yes! My post today on sn.b.c aligns so well with yours…again yes yes yes. i love your blog and am SO glad i am here. i had to subscribe to it. I just talked to MB Shaw! How fantastic you are on the SGTeam. What a fantastic and fun gig!!! I just got back to subscribing to the kit this morning. I was in withdrawal every time I saw an artist use them. Again, your prose alone is D’alai Lama-ish, Your art alone is magic. Together – OMG-d…a day filled with sunshine! Best and HeArtfully Yours, Samara

  15. Such a powerful post…love it! Reminds me the painting I did for my powder room that says,”what do you stand for?” First off this post moves me…thinking, learning, being inspired!!

    Color, words, music, flowers, trees, my kids, my friends, good food, intimate conversation, the ocean, scrabble and art!! It all moves me!! Great post, thanks for making me think! Gorgeous painting!!

    Hugs Giggle

  16. Great question to ask…..harder to answer. We all have a range of things that move us and as I sit and think about it, my list is actually quite long. Everything from my husband’s smile (he has the BEST smile) to a phone call from my boys to a beautiful sunrise/sunset to a favorite song. It’s kind of like counting your blessings – there are many!

  17. All of the above! And LIFE of course…waking up…..knowing you , and so many other joyous like minded people!

  18. WOW I love the color. Big, Bold, Beautiful.
    Have a very nice weekend

  19. Color move me! But you probably could have guessed that already!

  20. What a punch of color! For me, many things but mostly brushes and pencils…. โ™ฅ

  21. Fun colors! Love it and it made me think too…my grandkids, and nature along with your list. Happy PDF!

  22. Fantastic colours! Lovely art!
    Lot of things moves me….nature, colours, light,….many things around me sometimes even the simplest things moves me…

  23. This rich explosion of color moves me. Deeply. Hugs!

  24. Beautiful painting, and I love your words, very moving.

  25. What moves me is when I see some of the beautiful art you create and how you put it together, along with lovely words to live by.

  26. I am moved by people, the laughter of children, the color of the sky and so much more. What a beautiful piece of art accompanied by a powerful question. Both move me to think and feel!

  27. All that…and more.

  28. Among a lot of things, color moves me in the world of art. And your piece with all the wonderful array of colors really moves me. It is so beautiful.

  29. Linda K says:

    What moves me??? Right here and now, this gorgeous piece of art moves me!! Love the flower theme and all those DELISH, happy vibrant colors!!

  30. Life itself moves me. Everything! Beautiful piece, awesome colors. Thanks.:)

  31. I think ,that each and every thing you wrote, moves me, each in its own way, and each in its own time!!
    Every little happening in ones lives moves us ,in one way or another… and YES your beautiful and bright ,painted and collaged flower moves me, dear Corrine.
    Happy friday to you!!!

  32. Wonderful colors and an interesting poem and questions.
    Light moves me, tree too, and sea, good painting like this of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Fabulous post… like super duper fabulous … I just asked Phantom what she thinks moves me and she laughed and said everything which is why I spend my life like a spinning top… funny take on things… but sadly a bit accurate I think… light moves me, and smells, the first mango of the season, strawberries in the sun, the smell of my favorite tea and the waft of jasmine… smell is so evocative … love that you make me think in fresh ways when i come and visit…xx

  34. peggy gatto says:

    I am a color nut and this is truly a beauty, explodes and inspires!
    You have a fun and original style I like!!!

  35. You and your art moves me! Always has! xxoo

  36. Oh Corrine, I think it’s all of the above! (Although I must admit that my dog’s breath sends me moving in the opposite direction) Your art is so energizing. There is movement and mystery and joy in it. It seems to glow from behind with beautiful light! -Terri

  37. Everthing you said moves me too. And human suffering, that really moves me. I love all your wonderful colours (and your header too) Happy PPF.

  38. sunshine, the ocean, the ducks in the trees, the funny smiles on the faces of the twinnies, the love of my grandchildren, the smell of cut grass, the softness of the breeze, the special aroma of an old book…….and the beauty of your bright and colourful art work.

  39. Dear and beautiful Corrine. Lovely words and art work, full of colours, energy, motion and light. Thank you very much for sharing with us. Have a creative week!

  40. love this piece, and nice post. Today I am spending the day with friends I have known since grade school. As we are all nearing 50, I think “where has the time gone?” I don’t see these ladies and their families nearly enough and some of us live only a few miles a part.

  41. oh wow, those colours! Guess that moves me most: bright, happy colours, light, beautiful quotes, art that lifts my spirit and makes me curious …..

  42. Love all that gorgeous color and texture! hppf!

  43. I can always count on feeling uplifted when visiting SparkleDays ๐Ÿ™‚
    I thank you for that.
    Your entire list is inspiring! I would add stillness and then my
    list would be complete. How about you? Was that your list, or
    do you have your own moving motivators?

  44. Absolutely gorgeous, Corrine! I have to say color and nature really do it for me.

  45. All of the above and more my friend. Absolutely gorgeous! xoxo

  46. Love the color and texture in this piece. It makes me happy to look at it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  47. I love this painting, the colours are so vibrant and happy. I can see a whole garden in the flower. Wonderful!!!

  48. WOW that is some bright colors!

  49. Those times when people act beyond themselves in sacrificial ways; those times when people allow others to take the glory without whining about it; those times when people speak out for those without a voice. These things move me.
    And I just love those colours!

  50. What moves me? Color and nature. Love your colors here. HPPF

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