Gelli on the Line

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One might think that after three months of non-stop creating for the Vintage Bazaar I would like a break,  take time to read a book, take a nap; all manner of nothingness.  But yesterday was most simply a perfect summer day in my opinion – temps in the 70’s, sun shining, dappled shade on the patio and a nice breeze.  AND…I had completely exhausted my supply of gelli printed papers so what better way to celebrate the glorious day than by making a HUGE mess of gelli colored goodness. Four hours later I had filled the clothes line with 20×28 sheets covered in printing and overprinting and more overprinting on both sides and another surprise item which I will share in another post.  While focusing on paint, brayer, stencil, pull I also decided it was time to start a NEWSLETTER featuring my Keeping it Simple Projects in tutorial form.  I am going to send out my first one in July and have added a sign up form on the side bar, so if you want those free projects, sign on up!

In the mean time, hope you enjoy my gelli on the line featuring stencils from Stencil Girl (Marybeth Shaw, Jessica Sporn and Terri Stegmiller) and Julie Balzer Designs stencils too. I cannot tell you what fun I had, and I don’t think any dogs were painted in the process…but I can’t be sure.Gelli on the line gelli on the line 1 gelli on the line 2 gelli close up 2 gelli close up 1(oh and then I did take a nap…and then dinner out with the Superhero, so it’s all good, so good).  Most Happy Father’s Day to all those Dad’s out there….



  1. That’s a great fun day you had, wish I could have played too 🙂

  2. What a terrific way to spend a day. Your gellis look so happy dancing on the line. They remind me of Tibetan Prayer Flags.
    So it was dry enough to hang stuff outside? We are slowly drying out; I hung out laundry yesterday.
    I’m still experimenting with gellis for clay. I think I am going to try printing separate sheet so I can layer them on the damp clay. I am also considering the way we used to ‘make ink’ for clay screen stencils, Karo and stain… could get extremely messy, but fun and effective. After all, why make art if you can’t mess around in it?

  3. That looks like a wonderful day spent outside making some fabulous gelli-prints. All signed up for your newsletter! Happy Weekend Corrine! Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Superhero too! xoxo

  4. No better way to spend an afternoon! That is the most amazing clothes line EVER! I will be signing up for your newsletter!

  5. what fun! Love your clothesline! signing up right now!

  6. Just signed up for your upcoming newsletter, Corrine…thanks! Love the view of your clothesline! I even recognize a few of those stencils and am now eager to get home and start Gelli Plating again (it’s been while!).

  7. great idea for your newsletter/tutorials! Your gelli printing day sounds heavenly and what a gorgeous stash you now have!

  8. I would consider this much more fun than just lazing about…great result too.

  9. lorraine says:

    what a lovely washing line…great colours and long may the sun stay with you..we have mixed weather at the moment

  10. Wow Corrine, what a fab way to spend a day, I LOVE all your prints and can’t wait to see what you do next. Lol I’m sat here now humming ‘Jelly on a Plate’ and giggling to myself – happy days.
    Huge hugs x

  11. Looks you had a great weekend. good for you!

  12. Very cool! Looks like fun!

  13. That IS SO FUN, Corrine. What a great day you must have had.. that’s a whole lot of Gelli printing going on. Newsletter, here I come.

  14. That’s one awesome patio with eye candy on the line! Signed up for your newsletter and am off to pin your prints…

  15. Carolyn Fisher says:

    This site is so motivating!!!

  16. I’d be tempted to leave them up there on the clothesline as prayer flags. I’d want to keep looking at them. Fantastic! It sounds like a perfect day to me.

  17. Corrine, I would love a clothes line filled with all that color! Your day sounds wonderful! I yearn for a day like that. One day soon, I hope. Your patio is calling to me. It looks comfortable, cool, and a wonderful place to make art.
    Signed up for the NEWSLETTER. Looking forward to it.
    xxoo audrey

  18. I’m loving all thee layers and fun colors. 🙂

  19. what a fantastic colorful treat this is to my tired Monday eyes! gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  20. I think I would keep your artwork up for days and days on the clothesline, so nice to look at!

  21. It’s a clothesline of happy! I love the way these look strung out among the trees. Joy joy joy!


  22. simply perfect!!! what a grand day… and i’d be doing the same! {maybe!} lol they are so beautiful, and i love the picture of your art in totality on the line!

  23. Not only am I jealous of all those lovely gelli prints, I’m also jealous of your gorgeous yard. Want to trade?

    Now I’m off to see what I’ve missed since I was gone.

  24. I think I we do this again and make the prints on fabric and keep them up like that all summer! What a perfect little creative space that would be!!! What fun!!!

  25. I love a clothesline full of gelli prints! I have just found your blog for the first time. I don’t see a way that I can look at your archives, am I missing something? I’m going to Lucky Star Camp, I hope to meet you!

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