Friday Affirmations — When it Rains…

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When it rains, fill your cup —  rain, rain, rain, and more rain, it’s hard to look on the bright side when the skies are so darn gray, but,  I know that looking on the full side of the cup brings happiness inside despite the gray, despite the weather.  So I am filling my cup and letting it overflow into my work, letting the muse be nourished by this overflowing and saving my droplets for those dry days when the creative juices trickle down….Fill your cup, even when it seems like the weather is making so many lives a horror with storms and damage and tornados and flooding, the more good thoughts we send out, the more we do our creative work, as it was intended, the more we bring spirit into the world…So I made some flowers, to drink from this rain and nourish and to nourish me and maybe you.

pallet flowers

flower close up


Pallet wood, paint sticks, layers of painted papers and painted muslin.  Linking to Paint Party Friday


  1. Dont know how big those flowers are but I love them and was thinking what a “good bookmark in the right size!” I have books I’m reading upstairs and down and the flower would help me find where I left what!

  2. ah yes, this is exactly what I need!

  3. You have such fun flowers- it makes the sun shine indoors- no matter how much rain pours down!

  4. thank you for sending a ray of sunshine to me today. What great flowers! Great project with kids too and yet another use for those fabulous gelli prints. You are a continuous inspiration my friend!

  5. I love your flowers–but better yet I love the idea of “filling your cup” when it rains–what a wonderful way to look at a gray, rainy day!!

  6. Lovely, bright work! Valerie

  7. I absolutely love these! The way their colors pop with all those layers of paint!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  8. Your flowers make me feel happy! May your cup continue to overflow with the joy of creativity. Blessings!

  9. Oh thanks for the pretty flowers, so lovely! We all need some flowers, yours are so happy and bright!

  10. You make me so happy.

  11. We have had a TON of rain lately as well! I live in Florida, USA. Our state is called The Sunshine State. It hasn’t been very sunny lately though. Strange weather patterns we are having. I sometimes enjoy the rain. There can be a beauty in it all.

    Love your flowers. Are the petals paper or muslin?? I can’t tell. And…are they fixed to the wood?

  12. Sorry about all your rain…it’ll do wonders for your garden, however. Your little flowers ate beautiful!

  13. Tell me do, how does your garden grow? Love this beautiful bouquet!!

  14. I love the textures and the colors of your happy, summer flowers! Way to spread the sunshine!

  15. What fabulous and colorful flowers! Beautifully done. And yes, we also have had rain and storm warnings but no damage. We are ready for some sun for our poor soggy garden.

  16. What lovely flowers! What ARE they made of?? The petals themselves? Rain…oh how i wish you would send some our way….but probably no rain for us at least until October….then i may just go for a walk in the rain….

    I had to go sifting thru some of your older posts….I was wondering about the Bazaar …wondering how it went and i thought i just missed it….But i think i found a place that said it was June 22/23 right? Getting nervous??? I would be…June 23rd is my bday! I’ll be thinking about ya!!! Hugs! deb

  17. Beautiful flowers for a rainy day…love them. HPPF!

  18. I am not too far from you this morning, Corrine, being just above the state line north of you, and I listened to the rain most of the night as it pelted the trailer. At the exact moment I was reading this post, the sun burst through the clouds and poured through the windows! You are magic, my friend! As my mood improved while reading today’s affirmation, so did the weather. Your flowers cheered me, too, with their perky button noses!

  19. Ahh Corrine, a breath of sunshine amid the raindrops. These are so happy and cheerful, just like you!

  20. These would be fun to make a bunch of and stick out in the garden or scatter around in the woods where i could watch them slowly disintegrate.

  21. What a clever idea and a great way to turn rain into liquid sunshine. We’re quite adept at that here in the NW you know 🙂

  22. Lovely, they look bright and sunny!

  23. so pretty and thanks for this uplifiting post!

  24. Loving your wonderful flowers, Annette x Happy PPF

  25. Linda K says:

    what a BEAUTIFUL breath of sunshine you have created from a rainy day!! And such a creative idea too. Happy PPF!

  26. Your readers had a great idea — the flowers would be a great bookmark. Very fun. And sorry you are getting rained out but I wish you could send some rain here to CA — we had no “rainy season” this year and it is looking like a drought…no snowpack…ugh…And your garden will enjoy the rain. I think I better go look at the Boston weather on my phone and just see how bad things are… the meantime, keep on creating!

  27. GREAT saying…and the flowers are beautiful.

  28. I like how you make flowers grow!

  29. Love the pretty colors on the wood background!

  30. Corrine, these are just beautiful. So sweet, creative and colorful. Fantastic!!! have a lovely and creative week and much love to you

  31. Corrine you never fail to raise a smile from me, thank-you sweetie. Your flowers are amazing and just what I needed to cheer me up while sitting here listening to the rain hammering down and the wind howling!
    Huge hugs x

  32. Hi Corrine. These are wonderful flowers. Great job. I love rain. We just don’t get enough over here. Thanks, awesome work.

  33. I love these! wonderful use of a wooden background – I love the blue paint

    we have so much rain for most of the year – it really takes some getting used to. The puget sound native americans say, “make friends with the rain.” I don’t think I’m quite there yet – even after 13 years – but art really really helps!

  34. the weather is crazy everywhere at the moment, this week we have had unseasonal rain and grey skies and flooding, huge storms that have torn towns apart like we have in late Summer, and now we have glorious sun but gale force winds… it is like we are living in the weather channel… love your positive attitude though, and i do love these flowers… just beautiful…xx

  35. I did not think I would ever reach the bottom here to leave a comment…so many ahead of me. I love your colorful art and your colorful attitude. I wish we had some rain. It is pushing 100 degrees ans so humid. It’s getting stuffy around here and it just needs to stop that’s all there is to it.

  36. Your flowers are beautiful!!!!!! You are SO special.

  37. Beautiful and colorful work Corrine! And yes, when it’s darn grey how to lighten up…that’s the essence of my post too 🙂

  38. I absolutely love these sweet, fun flowers! Cute!

  39. I love the bright summer colors and wonderful textures of your flowers. They would make any rainy day seem sunny.

  40. Gorgeous! Love the color and the beautiful textures. For sure to brighten a rainy day!

  41. Fabulous flowers! Imagine a whole fence decorated with these, it could rain every day and we wouldn’t even notice!

  42. These are really fabulous. I love love love. And obviously, you don’t need ME to tell you. Look at all these visitors! groovy.

  43. What a beautiful loving spirit shines from your soul!! I love how positive your art is!! Very beautiful , done with so much love and care. All we can do is pray…so sad the weather and the fires…

    Sending you love and light with hopes of some sunny shiny days!!

    Hugs Giggles

  44. What a great idea, making brightly coloured flowers to chase away the rain ….

  45. Your beautiful flowers are a welcome sight! Glug, glug, glug here, too! It’s starting to shower already here today!


  46. Wonderful Colors and art! I love, love this flowers from your Soul 🙂

  47. Love your colorful flowers.

  48. These flowers are SO much fun. I might have to try making a few of these. What a super concept and a really fun way to use up bits of muslin.

  49. Such beautiful flowers, how can you help but think HAPPY thoughts 🙂

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