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Pen doodles, green cats, big and tall man, funky dog/bird?  Huge pink heart…been doodling again in another child’s toy box with wheels.  Exploring shapes that come out of my scribbles, adding some text from an 1890’s children’s reader and old music scores.  Doodling while the rain pours down and the dogs mope because it’s too darn wet to go outside.  The only happy critters are the ducks who love the muck and water…Weather is weather and we best make something with our indoor summer time.  Not every day a sunny, breezy heaven, so we doodle along.

LovebirdWhat are you doing with your rainy days?  Happy Wednesday…



  1. Love it … the best way to spend a rainy day … play!

  2. charming… I love your sense of whimsy…

  3. I love everything about this–the man-the legs on the cat-wonderful!

  4. Rainy days….what i wouldn’t give for a rainy day……Where i’am in Ca is suppose
    to have a Rainy Season…..from what i hear that has not happened in two years…….oh well
    maybe this fall/winter it will……Hugs! deb

  5. How fun, Corrine. A perfect day for art. Love the box.

  6. I think you are brilliant! I hope I can come and play some day too, for now, my rainy days are mostly spent working…boo!

  7. You certainly found plenty to do with your rainy day, this is very happy and in fact is a story in a box, love it.

  8. I love a rainy day. And what is better than playing in the studio? Nice work.

  9. What better thing to do on a rainy day than to play in your studio! It looks like you are having a fun day with all those wonderful colors.

  10. Lovebird is one of my favorite words and your painting does it justice. Fabulous!
    I am not doing much on this particular rainy day, but anything creative would have been perfect on such a day.

  11. adorable! i love that kitty! {heck i love it all}

  12. Awe Corrine this is absolutely gorgeous, I adore the colours and your cat is amazing. Brilliant work sweetie.
    Huge hugs x

  13. Yay for doodling! Too cute.

  14. Love the scribbles, the cat, the colors!

  15. Rainy days were made to doodle in! Lovely Corrine, ah that red heart is so vibrant and I love all the little green drawings around it, such a happy loving piece full of fun!

  16. Yeah. I like it. Been raining here too, I played with the gelli plate yesterday.

  17. This is the third day my husband has been homes sick, and I am going nuts! I decided today was a day to his my LSS (Absolutely Everything) in Topsfield. Came away with two bags of goodies, and came home to find my husband on my computer in my art loft! What’s a girl to do? Tomorrow will be my day (hopefully) to take out all my goodness and get crafty! Love your project today, Corrine! What a sweet ride you have created!

  18. We are preparing for another night with rounds of high winds (75 to 100 mph winds) and tornado possibilities. Right now I am packing some of my home elements to move up the whole second floor. I want to be close to Ken …we will meet with the oncologist specialists next Tuesday. To be honest I felt my knees give way when we walked out of the doctor’s office but today I am stronger. I love your squiggles and the lovely green cat! Have a great week. Thank you for your loving support! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  19. What an awesome red heart! Enjoy your cozy indoor time….summer made it here…94 and sunny!

  20. at least when it rains its not as hot! I’m having fun recarving some old stamps! changing and rearranging! if you dont use em one way try another!like your greenies!

  21. it’s so fun and playful … puts a smile on my face 🙂

  22. I love doodles of all kinds and this is NO exception 🙂

  23. When I stop by I feel the creative play- and the fun- doing this in a toy box with wheels is an instant smile maker!

  24. You know this crazy cat lady loves that green kitty! Fun piece!

  25. So cool! I love it. The colors are great. It rains so seldom here in Southern California that I can’t remember the last rainy day! Hope your storms blow through soon.

  26. I’m digging your doodling, girl!

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