Summer Garden

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This weekend was a glorious mix of warm sun and soft breezes and the place to be was outside…walking, weeding, planting….I finally got around to putting some annuals in pots and weeding the garden beds.  My bleeding heart were over 4 feet tall and had to be cut back to make room for some other plants to thrive.  A few weeks ago I made this simple piece around the garden theme using some gelli printed papers as the impetus.  It says summer garden to me…

summer garden


Someone else loves the summer garden too…

Ella on the porch


  1. I love the layers you have used here, Corrine–it’s as if the blooms are striving for the next higher level! You have created gorgeous art with your Gelli Plate and love how we can find shapes in them, much as we as children could find shapes in the summer clouds!! But, that pooch? That’s another art form all together–and one I love and can certainly appreciate!

  2. still waiting for nice weather, so glad you had it, but I think our rain might be headed your way! what a sweet hound…

  3. Lovely piece. I also love your dog…so sweet.

  4. We had rain from Andrea….great weather yesterday…..more with flooding expected tonight through wednesday.
    I like what you are doing with the gellis. I’m still experimenting.

  5. Good Morning, Corrine. Those layers are just serene. Love the pooch.

  6. Fingers crossed the rain stays away for the next few days so I can get outside to weed. My front beds are getting crazy overrun with weeds already!
    The subtle colors of your piece are so pretty!

  7. Very pretty and atmospheric piece. Speaks immediately of gardens.

  8. Very pretty, Corrine. I love the softness of it. We have had rain, rain, and more rain. Yesterday was a beautiful day with sunny skies and a nice breeze. Today ~ more RAIN. No work to be done in the gardens today around here. xo

  9. Lovely piece — I do love the layers. Pet the dog for me.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous artwork, Corrine! Love all the beautiful tints!
    Adoprable photo of your puppy, too! 🙂

  11. Cool mornings spent in the garden…..perfect!
    108 here this past Saturday and 79 today…Thank goodness….Hugs! deb

  12. Love the colors on this one–I have never seen a bleeding heart get so tall–they must really thrive where you live!

  13. Beautiful abstracted piece! And I just adore your doggie. 🙂

  14. Soft and beautiful ….love the colours.

  15. Don`t think it is a simple piece of artwork, dear Corrine, but a very amazing one in layers and colours , so very beautiful !!!

  16. A nice change of pace from your usual color palette – I agree…very summery!

  17. Gorgeous work Corrine, I love the colours and layout sweetie. Just the colours I have been playing with lately too, thoroughly enjoying them as well.
    Huge hugs x

  18. What a beautiful piece! I love the colors and the soft feeling it has. Your pup is adorable too!

  19. You are enjoying summer, great! I love your summer garden piece, I love its simplicity!

  20. That piece is just plain beautiful, floating gorgeousness! Love your pup too!

  21. our yard has gone native. we have been invaded with stinging nettle. all my flower beds along the wood line over run. We have been battling the nettle for years, it just keeps sending out runner. My husband is ripping all my plants and shrubs out. Nettle roots are wrapped around all plant roots. Now my husband is building a stone wall around the edge of the yard. He dug down 3 feet, poured a footer and now has a cement block wall up to ground level. we have burned the stinging nettle, poisoned and ripped it out by it’s roots, still comes back. I know stinging nettle has herbal health benefits but I have been stung enough to not want to deal with it any more.

  22. Beauties-both the art and the pup! I bet your garden is just amazing already this year. 🙂

  23. lovely lovely … we are all so ready for this season aren’t we?

  24. Beautiful way to use your Gelli prints-love how soft it is. I want to be sitting right there chilling out with your dog 🙂

  25. The impact of the flowers over the gelli prints speaks to me! I love that your soul is in your work!

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