Friday Affirmations — Make your mind

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Make your mind a peaceful garden and wander there….

Our garden collageI took these photos on Wednesday which was a most perfect summer day.  The garden is a riot of growth and chaos which comforts me and allows me the freedom to wander through it’s jungle like fullness and feel content.  My mind becomes a peaceful garden when I wander here.  Hope you enjoy it too. (Photo collage is a bit compressed, click on the photo to make it larger and you will see it more clearly)

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  1. So pretty! Glad you are finding a way to relax! Me? I’ve been painting on my canvas….trying to get past my fear of failure and just…letting it be… Hugs! deb

  2. What a gorgeous place you have, dear Corrine, like a little forest of your own, looks so pieceful and lovely!and then a lake of your own, too what could be more perfect!! I would love to wander there with you !! Happy weekend !!

  3. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place. Anyone wandering there will feel instantly relaxed.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I can imagine breathing in that beautiful scent. 🙂

  5. Oh this is all so beautiful and peaceful like you say…there is so much beauty around at this time of year, so much green to calm and relax in, enjoy!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… now stay right there. Just breathtaking. The weather here has been perfect… I guess it’s over for a couple of days.

  7. Lovely…

  8. so beautiful and serene!

  9. Is that Mountain Laurel? Beautiful photos, and lucky you to have this as your garden to wander in and relax.

  10. Some pictures with exquisite colors, beautiful flowers, pure delicacy in these landscapes!

  11. What a beautiful garden and view! Thanks for sharing! Valerie

  12. Thats your garden???!! Oh wow….its heavenly! When can I visit? 😉 xx

  13. So lovely! HPPF!

  14. Oh, I hope everyone will take the time to click on the photo to see your work in all its beauty. Lovely collage, Corrine.

  15. What a gorgeous place!

  16. wonderful photo collage!

  17. Wow, Corrine, these photos are gorgeous. Glad to see summer finally made it to your neck of the woods . Enjoy the beautiful weather. It was a long time coming for you guys up there! Happy wandering!

  18. Linda K says:

    Gorgeous mosaic of garden photos. Yes, here’s to the sounds and smells of summer!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog too 🙂

  19. Flowers and water. A wonderful combination. What a beautiful place to just “be”

  20. wow beautiful, bright, green and peaceful photos and thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us Corrine. Wishing you a lovely and creative week.

  21. you are truly surrounded by beauty – can see why you find it calming. Here’s to more perfect sunny summer days for you!

  22. Gorgeous photos!! You have a beautiful garden.

  23. Beautiful photos, ahh!

  24. beautiful pictures!

  25. Your photos are gorgeous!

  26. Great quote and the photos are so pretty!

  27. Wonderful photos, and very peaceful, i think i need to catch up on some of your other posts as i quickly saw the one on monkey mind, and that is ususally my problem as well,..too many ideas, not enough simplicity of mind… Thanks for welcoming me back!

  28. Your photos are just awesome. Who wouldn’t want to walk amongst all this greenery. Thank you.

  29. lorraine says:

    this looks like the woods I cycled through yesterday..wonderful photos and such beautiful flowers..happy ppf

  30. wow, this is your garden?? it’s stunning. It looks so peaceful and remote there and how lucky to have perfectly blue skies. It’s still only 11 degrees centigrade here today!

  31. What a wonderful place to relax, it looks like the Garden of Eden:)

  32. Truly gorgeous photo….love the pink rhododendron !! Beautiful and serene photos!

    Hugs Giggles

  33. Elisa Choi says:

    the garden is beautiful. i can read and paint there all day!

  34. So serene and calm. A great place to relax and the at the same time to get inspired also.

  35. What a garden and neighborhood! I can feel the sun shining when I look at these!

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