Stamp Collage

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Since mail art is part of my life, I have collected some vintage stamps and canceled stamps from around the world given to me by friends.  I needed to make some small pieces for the Vintage Bazaar so I raided my stamps for the most graphic images and made some simple collage cards.  One of the things I enjoy the most about collage is that is it as strongly meditative process for me.  I sift through a pile of stamps, another pile of vintage pages, some map bits and some hand painted papers.  The sifting process is what I find to me most meditative.  Selection, deselection, tearing, positioning until the piece feels restful to me.

As I made these cards I considered how grateful I felt that I could just relax and do something with limited materials and how after all these months of creating I was finally allowing myself to fall into the rhythm of the process in a non thinking way.  No squirrel brain racing in my head.  Preparation for this art show has been fraught with some anxiety, especially since I have never done this before, yet it is all coming together in a way that makes sense to me and I know that no matter what there will be lessons to be learned and awareness to cultivate and new relationships to be made.

Before I was NOT looking forward to actually being there, now I am….fear is winging away just like those stamps flying round the world on their mail journeys and coming home to roost with me.

collage cards collage cards close up 1 collage cards close up 2For all my friends in the States, enjoy your Memorial Day Celebrations tomorrow…it has finally stopped raining here and I am looking forward to some sun.



  1. These are so lovely! They’re just gentle and simple and beautiful, and there’s something so sweet about them. Good luck with everything! You’re going to be fine+!

  2. These are wonderful … small collages with stamps — tiny little works of art all on their own! You are going to be successful I’m sure — have fun!!!!

  3. Love them — of course — and funny, I was just almost exactly the same thing and posted a photo of mine this morning on the Cappuccino AndArt Facebook page…..great minds think alike…and mail artists…

  4. Those cards are so ready for the show, all wrapped in plastic like little kids with their jackets on ready to go out to play at a friend’s house. You are going to soar at your show!

  5. You were definitely in the groove. Very nice collages. I would buy one.

  6. June 22 and 23! I will be there! Now, is your Superhero going to sit there with you all day?? If not, and you want some company, let me know. Would be happy to sit with you. You might also consider actually letting people see you do some small art projects. That might be fun and stir up some additional interest! These cards are just beautiful, Corrine! And how very appropriate that you included the stamps and maps since they will be going into the mail and across the miles! You also know that someone is going to ask you if that beautiful blue desk and chair are for sale, right? This is all just coming together so nicely! Break a leg, Friend!

  7. These are amazing! I know you are going to be a big hit at the show. Xo

  8. WONDERFUL cards…very inspiring.

  9. I love how you articulate things so well! You are a fantastic artist as well as a prolific writer, and I am enjoying the little works of art you have created to wrap the other works of art in! Hope you holiday is great as well!

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed the graphic nature of these cards. I like that element in collage the best. I found these pieces really lovely, especially so from a graphic standpoint. You found some excellent stamps. Seems I have mostly Liberty Bells.

    Have an awesome Memorial Day.

  11. I love these, Corrine, so crisp and clean and simple!

  12. Those are very cool! Good luck!

  13. these collages are lovely and have a feeling of peace and sharing. You will be fine for the art show. Your work is glorious.

  14. Fabulous cards! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. 🙂

  15. You have stopped me in my tracks, my friend. These are gorgeous. So, honest and true in your collage work. I love this idea of cards. You have something here. There will be so many people around your booth, I won’t be able to get in. I’ll be the one jumping up and down waving at you.

  16. the cards are great! you could package and sell or singly good job! and fn to do. I am looking for some old addressed envelopes ones that have been thru the mail to use as a background! hard to come by. enjoy the sun. its nice here today but windy.

  17. What a wonderful way to reuse these things and enjoy doing it.

  18. Your small stamp collages are lovely. I like the simplicity of them and all the bright colors.

  19. Your little art pieces are just wonderful,
    Love the add of music papers, with the coloured pieces!
    Beautiful, Corrine!

  20. Corrine, these are just great…so fresh and sweet. The way you work with paper sounds like the way I work with beads…very intuitive and relishing all that tactile goodness. It’s amazing how rare actual stamps are becoming…you must have quite a stash!

  21. Meditative is a great description! Your work is very ‘peaceful’ and sweet! Just lovely!

  22. Wow! These are wonderful and will be sure to sell! Gorgeous!

  23. These are lovely.

  24. I’m so excited for you as I see your collection of show work growing. These are wonderful, Corrinne!

  25. I just love these! These are perfect for the bazaar!

  26. These are just amazing – creative and surprising and I can see how it would be meditative and relaxing to make them….simple but graphically interesting. Great idea for your show. Still raining here.

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