Friday Affirmations — Let

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Let your heart expand into the ether and make room for more grace…

Let your heart expand into the ether and make room for more grace Let your heart close upEvery time I think about opening and expanding I think about what am I putting into the world.  I do firmly believe that what you put out there comes back to you and it’s vital to consider what that might be.  I know that I feel the strength of these words and continue to receive more grace when I try and live in that state…the more good thoughts I have the more good thoughts I get.  The more love I share, the more love I get….what I put out there matters and the people who surround me feel the same way.  In my experience in this virtual world of creativity I know that most of you all do to….so for today, I am letting myself expand my heart to send heartful smiles out to all of you….

Linking up to Paint Party Friday and Art Journal Every Day…thanks to those wonderful women for sharing their heart and art with all of us.



  1. From out in the world and far away, a hug gets back to you.
    I too believe that what you send out comes back to you! I try to treat others like I wish my loved ones would be treated. It does not always work though..

  2. I believe the same. What we give, we receive back two-fold.

    I adore the heart. I’m a BIG heart fan, so this one really caught my attention. Well done in both the saying and the artwork.

  3. This is lovely!

  4. you make me smile on this foggy morn!

  5. Beautiful. Thank you for always painting and saying your heartfelt truth. Such exuberance in this piece. xoxo

  6. i can just feel the love and light coming from this piece. And I agree with you completely–your thoughts create your reality-what you put forth into the world comes back to you. namaste…

  7. ADORE hearts. this one is so colorful – thanks for sharing. HPPF.

  8. Wonderful sparkling piece of art! Makes me happy just looking at it ….

  9. Such a happy and colorful piece! Love it! HPPF!

  10. wonderful page.

  11. I am heartfully smiling back at you. Found you on Society 6. 🙂
    Happy Weekend friend! xo

  12. Fun and happy work, love it! Valerie

  13. My thoughts exactly Corrine. Fill your heart with gratitude… Makes me smile. Hugs to you…

  14. I got your smiles and I’m sending a million back to you and all that I love around me. Thank you. Love your heart.. literally.

  15. This is truly WILD. Happy PPF, Annette x

  16. Beautiful art and post! Happy PPF to you.

  17. I love your art and your words. I am sending lots of loving thoughts your way. Thank you so much for always leaving such encouraging comments on my blog. Have a wonderful week.

  18. Such gorgeous warm and sunny colors. They make me happy on this drizzly day.

  19. What wonderful thoughts and so true . Your piece goes very well with your thoughts. Nice job, nice work. Thank you.

  20. You have a beautiful soul my friend. Sending up a pray of love to you right this minute.

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I’m always on the hunt for more blogs to read – and yours seems pretty special! Beautiful sentiment for me today.

  22. Right back at you, Corrine.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  23. I LOVE this piece, especially the words. Yes!!! Also, the new blog looks amazing. Thanks for coming to visit me for PPF!!

  24. What a beautiful picture and a truly lovely sentiment. Thank you for sharing it.

  25. Wow wow WOW this makes me smile. Off to pin… love it!

  26. very uplifting post, inspiring art and words! I’ll take them with me today.

  27. WOW….this is so wonderfully full of colour and life….awesome job!


  28. A large and cheerful heart, optimistic, saludos

  29. Linda K says:

    and a heartfelt smile right back to you Corrine. Beautiful thoughts and art!

  30. Love this! and love the light you put into the world!

  31. How lovely, the more Love you give, the more you get in return, uplifting and beautiful x

  32. Corrine this is great! Thanks so much to you for sharing your bright and positive art works with us, there is an energy that glows within your works! xx

  33. Gorgeous artwork and post!
    I love all the details within the heart. 🙂
    Happy PPF!!

  34. This message is lovely! Just inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  35. thanks for the heart… it is lovely… and in our house we remind each other to push it out there… same thing as you are saying… just a lot less eloquent!!!

  36. Thanks, Corrine! I needed your heartfelt smiles and cheerfulness today, and the “vehicle” you have created here is masterful! What you are describing to me is karma, damn good karma, too! I promise to pass this one to others.

  37. Beautiful post, both the art and the words.

  38. Amen! “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” I love the bright colors and patterns in your heart bursting with love, Corine!

  39. Nancy Lee says:

    Your “heart” really is bursting with love and colors! Thanks for the beautiful picture!

  40. Just beautiful! And so true about reaping what you sow.

  41. i love the big heart! the colors are so warm and wonderful! happy PPF

  42. I agree one hundred percent1! You attract what you are, get what you give!! Works for me too…beautiful art to express beautiful words!!

    Hugs Giggles

  43. beauiful post. and I agree whole heartedly, even when I can’t do it – it is OK because I know around the corner is a samara who can once again. I love your art. It is vibrant and radiant and speaks to just what you wrote. It is alive and happy and joyful and gracefilled! Lovies, Samara

  44. Such a beautiful piece with such a strong message. Loved your post today – we all need to approach life this way.

  45. This artwork is beautiful, and the sentiment so true! I think I needed this reminder today–thanks!

    [Just an aside, as I am the silly kind of person who notices misspellings before I see anything else–in your sidebar, it says “Esty” shop, instead of “Etsy”. I used to teach English, can you tell? ]

  46. So true! And your artwork is perfect to express what you wrote about.

  47. Dear Corrine, Thank you for magical words which are full of kindness and also your art is full of love. Thank you for sharing. Love and blessings to you

  48. I can feel the smile in this heart!

  49. Your artwork does sparkle and is so happy!

  50. Such a beautiful thought. But I wish it would work every time. Have a wonderful week

  51. lovely colours happy ppf

  52. Thanks for cheering me up on a dull day. Full of energy and dynamic!

  53. …and I’m sending smiles back. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. Elisa Choi says:

    a heart warming post corrine. what a beautiful heart it is!

  55. Hey! I found you through the AJED link up and I just wanted to say I really, really love this page! Really pretty quote too! x

  56. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and beautiful thoughts:)

  57. Absolutely beautiful. The thought, the art, the person. Blessings, Janet PPF

  58. another fabulous affirmation …. goods words for a tough season for me right now … thank you as always

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