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Explore the edges —


In nature it is in the edges where the most interesting mingling of species happens, the greatest biodiversity appears.  The edge of wood and field, of field and river, ice and rock, ocean and sand.  Both plant life and animal life has a certain abundance and adaptability in the edges…just like in nature. For me as an artist the edge represent that mingling of muse and spirit that sparks the act of creation.  Most everything has an edge somewhere.  What might be hiding there waiting to be revealed…I often walk the edges when I am out with the dogs and find it to be a full place for noticing, for seeing what is sometimes unseen and for finding that hidden jewel amongst the brambles. It is in the daily and ordinary parts of life that the most exciting things are revealed to me, where the most happens in the edges of my life. What are your edges, where do you explore?

Explore the edges


Where do you find that mingling of muse and spirit?


  1. the edges of the day are magical times. For me, it’s rarely late at night, but early morning – the edge between night an day – the hush and stillness, heavy with anticipation. the first birds begin their tentative song while the creatures of the night slink back into the shadows of the woods. One by one more birds join the chorus as light returns to the sky and the day stretches out ahead, full of promise. My muse and spirit walk hand in hand in this hour.

  2. that early morning edge is pretty special – the time between stillness and the hustle and bustle. These are the times when I consider the things that are special to me. Friends, neighbours, family, views over the Moorooduc plain, a glimpse of the bay and seeing ships making their way to somewhere else. The birds waking up and the possums settling down to sleep the day away. The distant sound of trucks and cars on the highway.

  3. I love the quiet moments of the day, dusk has always been a favorite, it’s a very special and magical time that can so easily slip away if you don’t notice it and take the time to be aware of its magic!

  4. I am quite opposite of these gals, the edge is at night…I have seen the day, the edge is what remains, the pieces of paper lying in random or overlapping on top of each other on my work table and the beads spilling over the edge of the mat have all become serendipitidos creations of the day…if only I could remember them all!

  5. have you tried exploring the edges on your paintings? Anne Bagby has an entire article on edges. she suggests trying a stencil around just the edges . it changes the entire look of the painting! fun to experiment with edges of different weights! even tearing the edges makes a differenci! as to outdoor edges I find too many weeds around the edges of my garden they think they can hide there!

  6. I love reading all these responses. Me? I just try to not fall off the edge of my bed.

  7. I’m with Judy … with 3 kitties on the bed the edge can be a dangerous place to be! My edge is usually very early in the morning — that’s when my muse starts in and I have a notebook full of *what ifs* to try. But usually don’t get around to any of the list until all the chores are done and I settle in for the afternoon. Lately with watercolor and sketching owls!!! 😀 😀

  8. I love what you have written here!! I think it is one of the best posts you have done!!

  9. beautiful post. I have found that when I explore an edge, I find that it is not defined at all — it is instead spacious and full.

  10. This is such a powerful post, Corrine. For me, I most love the edge of night just before it transitions into daybreak. Did you know that birds begin to sing *before* it gets light? That, to me, is the most powerful description of faith! It is the time when one can listen yet not see. It is the time when one knows something is about to be made visible. A time of anticipation. For me, this is akin to art in that when one begins a project, the finished page or work cannot be seen, yet one knows, eventually, that time when it will be revealed will come. Thank you for this post!

  11. I love your poetic thoughts here Corrine. I can’t say where I find this mingling…it seems to be everywhere and all the day long most of the time. Lately though there has been a particular inspiring quiet taking place on my daily walks. I think it has to do with the wind making sounds through the newly blooming trees.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. The way you see the world and creativity is so inspiring!

  13. I’m a huge daydreamer. I am always processing and turning things in my head. Living in the moment is hard when your internal wheels a flying! It drives my family crazy that I am not tuned into what is being said or happening around me. If they could only see the ideas forming inside my head! I have woodblock printing, blog, flash fiction contest and photography all spinning around in my brain today. so the dog did what? who needs lunch money? get a little lost.

  14. C
    These comments were all interesting. I like to explore the edges in the morning and start the day off with creating. But I also like to explore the edges of the papers — and I love things kind of stick out from the edge like little tabs and just edges of collages that are layered and uneven….

  15. It’s definitely morning for me. That is when I take my daily walk and explore nature and being conscious of my breath.

    This post is thought-provoking and has inspired me to think more on it – perhaps will lead to a journal page 🙂

    Thank you!

    Hope you’re experiencing sunshine and joyous moments! xxoo Marilyn

  16. I walk with my dog on the edge of my world, it’s the best place to be any time of the day, away from the pulls of busy life then I’m on edge in the studio trying to get it down on paper or cloth. I love the edges of paper 7 cloth, too 😉

  17. I love your thinking, Corrine. I need to slow down a bit and play on the edge.

  18. I have never thought about that. I cling to the edge of my walking trail so I won’t get hit by a bicycle. Does that count? I have noticed that the edge of the trail has the loveliest, greenest, lushest moss growing there. It tries to creep out all the way. I’m sure if there were no bicycles or walkers the trail would soon be COVERED with moss. Fun thought 🙂

  19. Here it is Tuesday and I’m just showing up to read your Friday affirmation. You always come up with such an interesting concept. And of course, the art is fantastic, too.

    I don’t think I have a muse. My muse ran away when Bleubeard chased her (grin).

  20. HMM. I know I posted my message, but I don’t see it. If it doesn’t show up, it’s because I was so late getting here!

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