Gloria Hangs Out in the Garden

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Over at Artists in Blogland, the May Challenge is up for Color This Quote and Jessica Sporn has used one of my favorite quotes by Picasso.  “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”  I must have been channeling Jessica because I was working on Gloria and she fits this idea perfectly.

A thrift store cross stitch sampler – there’s no place like home – in a heart topped frame all for one dollar.  A good coat of gesso over the sampler and I began painting Gloria hanging out in the garden.  The garden because their are some vines on the sampler that wind up around her face, and the home became part of her face.  She needed to be bold and vibrant and she is, no shady glen here, but a riot of color.

One destroyed sampler creating one colorful gal….fits the quote perfectly I think.  What have you destroyed only to create something new.  Hop on over to Artists in Blogland and link up…

Gloria Hangs Out in the Garden Gloria close up 1 Gloria close up 2



  1. The hints from her former life gives her such great texture! Perfect for this quote!

  2. Gloria is so very engaging, Corrine! I love the texture provided by the base sampler! Total genius!

  3. So interesting, that texture. Gloria? Great name for her. “glorious gloria”

  4. Awesome! I love it.

  5. You do know how to “do” color. so well done!

  6. She’s just fabulous! Well hello Gloria!! Thanks for joining us!

  7. This is one of the best ways I’ve seen to recycle an old, outdated sampler. Kudos!!

  8. You have such great ideas for what you can use as a canvas. I love the needlepointed texture!

  9. great idea for the background! gloria looks a bit annoyed is spring still too cool for her?

  10. Wow, what an amazing idea Corrine. I can think of nothing better for an old sampler (lol I used to do a lot of cross stitch in the day ha ha but I was never a fan of samplers!!) than as a canvas, what an unusual texture it creates. Gloria is such an appropriate name too my lovely for such a glorious creation.
    Huge hugs x

  11. I love that the texture of the cross stitch is still there – this is fantastic work – and amazing quote to go with it!!! I LOVE the aqua blue 🙂

  12. Your are is always pushing boundaries and making my mind work in ways it usually doesn’t, and that’s a good thing, and so is Gloria! Her texture is very becoming, I think she has fully blossomed!

  13. Two works come together as one awesome one! Love, love the texture it gives the “new” piece!

  14. love the colors and the recycling aspect of this piece very joyful.

  15. its beautiful, such an inspiration!

  16. The sampler, coming through your painting…gives Gloria a kind of secret life…like things she is only dreaming about! Wonderful, Corrine- even bold forthcoming sparkling people ,have secret lives!

  17. This looks fabulous!

  18. That tray or frame is so fabulous with its curves to accommodate Gloria. She was meant to be there.

  19. Oh I LOVE this! And how perfect Gloria carries the imprints of her earlier life – just as we all do. 😉

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