Thelma Lou Sings the Blues

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When your mojo is gone, and you want someone to give you a sign(sing), sing the blues…..whenever I feel my mojo has gone on vacation I sing Muddy’s Water’s version of Got My Mojo Working…sing it as a creative tool to bring my muse spirit to the forefront….so today I began pasting papers in my journal, some scrapbook pieces I liked and singing along with Muddy and Thelma Lou just came along and began to sing with me…Thelma Lou Sings Thelma Lou close up 1 Thelma Lou half face

What got you mojo working this weekend? Β Tell me do????

If you want to hear Muddy singing this song you can go here..


  1. I adore Thema Lou!! I can just see you and Thelma singing away!!

  2. So happy to meet you Thelma Louise! Love your bright blue eyes and orange curls.

  3. I am listening to Muddy singing as I type πŸ™‚ It’s been a while since I did and it’s been way to long. Thanks for reminding about a fantastic musical artist. And your Thelma Lou made me smile as well. Thanks hun HPPF Dxx

  4. Nancy Lee says:

    her hair reminds me of the Dippy-Doo days!!

  5. Music always does it for me also. Right now, I’m listening o the late great George Jones. Thelma would probably love him also.

  6. starting tomorrow I’ll have mojo. Was not able to get into my studio over the weeked. My husband decided I needed new steps…
    I’m in love with your girls orange hair!

  7. Love your mojo! None here this weekend, life and death interfered.

  8. I love what your singing mojo did, especially the fabulous curls!

  9. She has character.

  10. Oh, she’s good, a perfect song for a Monday morning! I wish we’d seen more of them doing the shuffle outside on the video clip, lovely to see it & sing along, thanks for the link.

  11. Well, now I could have used little Thelma this weekend. I just love her. Eyes, face, curls… she looks like a lot of fun.

  12. That collage is the most fun!! Sing on Thelma!
    I found my mojo this weekend when I pulled out my stash of leather…must of got rolled up in there! So I’m inspired to bind some books again πŸ™‚ My first love is hand bound books…..
    the search and acquisition of the right papers, the thread, the stitching…..ahhhhhhh

  13. After a weekend with busy family things, I am here trying to quickly get though my e-mail, but you have stopped me cold in my tracks and was off to YouTube versions of “Got My Mojo Working” and, then the lyrics! OK, Corrine, I am easily distracted! πŸ˜‰ But, the trips were worth it, and I am now in a better position to understand and appreciate you, Thelma Lou, and your relationship! Now, I have met you and find you warm, witty and wise. But, here, I am meeting your muse, your mojo and your mentor! I find myself in awe of this whimsical creature who can, on one day, so inspire you to create masterpieces, and, on another, completely turn you on end and render you useless in the studio. How can such a sweet face, beautiful blue eyes, and hair to die for be so powerful in an artist’s life?

  14. My goodness….I go away for a little vacation and look who pops up! The way you play with face drawing is just tantalizing – and of course, as usual, your layering astounds. Very cool lady.

  15. She is great Corrine, such style and funk! She just pops right off the page!

  16. Oh I love her, -your Thelma-and your patchwork painting, dear Corrine-,
    she sings so beautiful, -what great colours, just to be happy watching, and getting in the mood of creating!
    My mojo haven`t been too good this last weeks,- and I still waits for it to come around!!

  17. Thelma Lou is adorable! I’ll have to remember your technique of singing the blues when my mojo goes missing again.

  18. Nothing got my mojo going – but THIS will – I absolutely LOVE this – the patchwork collage and those eyes! Brilliant, xo

  19. How happy is this? Thelma Lou just makes me smile! I love this! xxoo

  20. I’ve never heard of Muddy or his song, so I’ll check him out after I check out Thelma Lou. When I can’t create art, or find it too tedious to do so, I organize or clean. Not as much fun as singing, but it’s what I do. have a super week, dear.

  21. sitting in the SUN!! finally!!!!

  22. that is so interesting about the blues – whenever I do collage work, I put on my “Memphis Minnie” radio station on pandora. It’s all delta blues and really gets my mojo going for collage. That is just so interesting that it works for you too!

  23. What gets my mojo working??? Looking at Thelma Lou of course πŸ™‚ I LOVE her!!!!

  24. Well, I would say there isn’t a thing wrong with your mojo. Thelma Lou rocks! xo

  25. Ooooh lah lah! I love Thelma Lou! What wonderful eyes she has…. fantabulous!

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