Give me a sign

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Give me a sign…because it’s 3:00 a.m. and I am up painting, painting, painting.  Six hours later the sign emerged.  Acrylic painting and collage with paper and burlap on found plywood. A nap, some photos and all is right again and the sun is out and it’s warm.  That is a sing(guess the powers that be wanted me to type sing instead of sign)…it fits.

Give me a sign Give me a sign close up 1 Give me a sign close up 2


  1. while I’m sorry for your insomnia, look at what came from it! there is magic in the wee small hours. and what a glorious day it is today.

  2. Definitely a sing…now go back to bed.

  3. Oh my ! This person definitely needed to come out, even at 3am. LOVE the rough plywood base. those awesome blue patches and the sweet mouth – looks like she’s singing!

  4. She may be your insomnia muse. Very cool.

  5. Kimbucha says:

    Incredible Corrine! You have a fickle muse but she sings alright! I love this piece and your process.
    Sign me up!

  6. Absolutely enchanting, Corrine! I love the whole, but can’t take my eyes off that burlap! I want to touch it! If this kept you up all night, I would say/sign/sing, “So Worth It!”

  7. Corrine this piece is really something, it flashes out and has light, so bright and spectacular, it draws me in!

  8. I want to say it’s electrifing but what I hear next is grease lightning. It is lightning though, no wonder it kept you up at night. I wonder what he/she/it is thinking – or singing!

  9. Oh, Jo’s comment cracked me up.
    I’m an insomniac right now! So I can relate to looking for sings!
    I love that little patch.

    sweet dreams!

  10. What is this sing telling you?
    It’s tellling me that you are most definitely a creative person.

  11. Sing most definitely! Your 3 am painting looks wonderful- again!

  12. Well she says she has a tool that paints brave colors and can tell a damn good story, at least that is what I think! Fabulous!

  13. Sandy Zeiset says:

    A Fellow nite owl! Some of my best inspirations come way after 12am!

  14. Wow, this piece is so intriguing. I’ve been sitting looking at your close-ups for about half an hour!
    Lovely textures 🙂

  15. Lovely work, scratchy textures & I too am drawn to those delicious pieces of burlap, carry on, but do try to sleep!

  16. What a sing your Soul needed to let loose ! Wow !
    Sending light and love and hopes for rest to you !

  17. Don’t fight it, work it, sleep will come when you’re ready

  18. Oh I hate it when I can’t sleep, but I’ve never been able to be creative when I can’t. Very nice! I love the textures!

  19. How many fantastic layers,–and those colours- the fabric added, and your big lines!!
    A wonderful night creation,- seems you are now and then awake in nights!! I am very seldom
    avake a whole night.

  20. I’ve just been perusing your last few posts….and this painting is my favorite of your recent imaginative portraits. I’m going to check now and see what you’ve got going on in your Etsy shop!

    I hope you have found some time to garden in your lovely backyard!

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