Polymer Clay Vacation Play A La Judy Shea

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Our granddaughter Brianna has been with us for a few days of her Spring vacation, which was the perfect time to break out the clay oven and goodies and make some embellishments.  Every single thing I learned about polymer clay I learned from my friend Judy Shea.  I took her online class and also had the pleasure of spending a day getting the lowdown on some basic polymer clay embellishments.  What I learned from Judy I tried to impart to Brianna, although I don’t think she needed much help at all…as you will see.  We had a fun several hours, christened my clay oven, made a big mess and got some great results.

In light of what happened at the Marathon in Boston yesterday, we are thankful that no one we know as of yet has been hurt and our prayers go out to all those families affected by the tragedy.  I was glad to be with my granddaughter when it happened.  Life is precious, give someone you love a hug.

Brianna 3

Whenever possible choose adventure – good advice. Brianna wants to use this for a journal cover. Look at those cute stars and hearts.

Brianna 2

She loved her bird piece the best. A rubber stamp or two and some great texture was achieved.


And here is the smiling teenager herself looking marvelous in PINK

Poly clay 1

My big stash for future use.

poly clay 3

My multi color heart, not a sleek at Judy’s but not bad, I’m happy with it.

poly clay 2

It’s all about the texture. We used Payne’s Grey, Van Dyke Brown and metallic Lumiere paints to get these effects. The brights greens and blues were glitter clays which we hit with Lumiere golds and halo blues.


  1. These turned out wonderfully. What great embellishments they will make.

  2. Looks like you had a really fun time and how lovely to share it with someone special.

  3. Corrine… my friend. You are amazing. Thanks for the shout out. These pieces are just beautiful.. I can see them in so many art pieces. Brianna’s are so cool, too. I, too, love the bird one. Great job and no burning…. yay!!!

  4. Corrinne your clay embellishments are fantastic, what a good idea , clay is so fun to play with .

  5. Amazing Corrine!! I LOVE the heart. I MUST remember to use stamps with polymer clay! What fantastic results!!!

  6. Could there be a better way to spend a day than arting with her?! Love all those embellishments!!!

  7. what fun! Beautiful pieces. Yay Corrine, Brianna and our clay goddess, Judy Shea!

  8. These make me want to get out my clay and play. I may do just that next month. Yours are gorgeous, but Brianna’s are incredible. Very nicely done and she is a super cute teen, too. i really love her bird and saying. You have started her on a path that hopefully will continue.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog all the time. As usual, I am most appreciative, but haven’t had much time to show it lately.

  9. These are really cool! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’m inspired to do some ‘baking’ myself. My heart goes out to those involved in the Boston explosions.

  11. The more I read about polymer clay the more I like it. Love this post. So glad you enjoyed your gd’s visit and she in turn enjoyed being with you – a great time had by all.

  12. Awe Corrine these are gorgeous. What a brilliant way to spend some family time too.
    Hugs x

  13. These are all so lovely Corrine, keep enjoying the sunshine and fun! xx

  14. Nancy Lee says:

    So eye catching! Nice colors!
    what a pretty granddaughter!

  15. These are just beautiful! Are they really made with just clay and stamps and paint, they look like little pieces of art each and everyone. Looking forward to see them in your work!

  16. These are just gorgeous, Corrine, and more special by far for having created the with Brianna! While the “Choose Adventure” piece is my favorite, I am so drawn to those buttons! What a wonderful way to spend today.

  17. Brianna is lovely and so are all of your polymer clay pieces! Fabulous time together!

    Yes; the Boston explosions were tragic – my heart is heavy for the victims and families. This leaves us all so vulnerable. xxoo

  18. These are all so terrific!!! Hard to choose a favorite!!! I must say – I liked the bird too!!! ♥

  19. Oh wow…great job! I love the bird best too! And spending time with your beautiful granddaughter…priceless.

  20. how grand to have an artistic grand daughter! looks like you two had fun! and those will come in handy some day soon I am sure.

  21. oh my – these are wonderful. It looks like you two had a glorious day together.

  22. So glad you got to make art with your granddaughter. What a special thing to share together.

  23. I wanna make some!!!
    They look great!

  24. What a beautiful girl and a plethora of lovely projects! I sooooo want to play with clay. Love how you used a variety of images and even words stamps. Fantastic!

  25. You truly created amazing pieces, so great colourmixes, –
    I love Brianna`s bird-in gold- and your heart,-but all are wonderfully happy charms to look at, and to use for future creations. The use of gold in many of them are my favorites… LOVE GOLD,LOL
    Yes we are chocked here ,too- Corrine- so tragic for all involved- so without meaning!
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  26. What a lovely way to spend time with your very lovely granddaughter! Your results look marvelous!

  27. wowser! These are fantastic! Brianna is a natural, and I think you two should get together more often! These are going to make some MORE serious art. I love them!

  28. These are AMAZING Corrine! Brianna is BEAUTIFUL–how wonderful you could do something like this together!

  29. what a fun time that was! my girls would love doing that …. what is the oven like? would a designated toaster oven do the job? If so, I wish I hadn’t given it to the goodwill!

  30. I gave a start of surprise when I clicked on your blog. Clay! I love the colors and shapes. Of course the blues spoke to me. So nice to see your granddaughter, loving her smile!! she sparkles too!

  31. I love the way these clay pieces turned out and they make such pretty pictures. Tell your granddaughter she is beautiful! And the bird one was my favorite too! xo

  32. Wow! Your polymer clay embellishments are almost as beautiful as your granddaughter Brianna. My daughters and I used to work on all kinds of crafts when they were little, and I loved it. God willing someday I’ll be able to do the same with grandchildren. Blessings, my friend!

  33. Lovely polymer clay embellishments….WoW!!! Your granddaughter is sweet and very creative!

  34. Carlene Taylor Simmons says:

    Lovely, lovely

  35. I love playing with clay! Such fun pieces you two made. I like the bird one too!

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