In the Neighborhood — Waiting for the REAL Spring

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Yesterday we were out in long sleeve shirts and while it was breezy, I thought, okay, Spring is finally and firmly here….Don’t know if you’ve heard the expression but in New England, wait a minute, and the weather changes.  Today it is 30F.  I don’t expect it to stay that way, tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 70F, but really, 30F.  Wood stove was lit, fire blazing and walking the dogs early this morning required my full length down coat one more time.  I haven’t shared any walks in the neighborhood lately so I thought you would enjoy this one.  Later today will be polymer clay play with my granddaughter Brianna who is here for part of her vacation.  It’s fun to spend time with a teenager who loves to make art….we’ll show you what we make later this week.  In the mean time enjoy the sunny but brief return to those cold temps.


Surrounded by horse hoof prints in my neighbors sand ring


Princess Ella


King Philo with some frost on his head to match the gray in his beard


My steel coneflower sculpture looking a bit frosty


A few more leaves to rake out of the garden beds but at least the maples are beginning to leaf out!




  1. Oh it does look cold. Our winter is approaching but it is still quite nice,.
    Enjoy the time with your grand daughter.

  2. At least we don’t have to wear long down coats here, but it is chilly. Your dogs don’t seem to mind too much. I like your interesting shots, the steel sculpture is cool! Have fun with Brianna!

  3. love those sweet doggy faces. I’m in DC this week where it is full-blown spring. Hoping to return home to some warmer temperatures.

  4. Your pups are so sweet. I LOVE your coneflower…how cool! Enjoy the time with your granddaughter! Playing in clay sounds like a great way to bond. No pun intended. 🙂

  5. Love seeing the pups and your long shadow! Spring is coming — I feel it. Have fun with Brianna – can’t wait to see what you make!

  6. Burrrrr! Your shadow reminds me of one of your Gelli print collages with 2 people!

  7. It was so cold this morning, I thought the daffodils should be covered by a nice, warm blanket!!! Sounds as though you’ve got a fun week planned with Brianna. You’ll be making art AND memories!!! Hugs, Terri ♥

  8. Spring is not coming easily this year. I think the groundhog has been lurking somewhere near by! We too have our wood stove going. The only positive thing I can come up with is that the cool (no, downrirght cold) weather keeps the daffodils in bloom longer. Hey, we have to grasp straws!

  9. We have that expression in Missouri also. The weather has been like a roller coaster this spring? We put away our winter coats the last time it was 70 and refuse to get them out again!!

  10. Ella and Philo are AWWWdorable and that steel coneflower is AHHHmazing! Hoping for warmer temps for you…it’s TIME!

  11. Spring is surely taking it’s time to get here. Love to see the “kids” out with you. So exciting to have Brianna with you. Have a blast.

  12. Nancy Lee says:

    What cute dogs! Always gotta have a couple.
    I hope one day I can share art with a granchild & they enjoy it!
    So much fun to you and your granddaughter.

  13. That does look frosty. I’ll be returning to that in just two weeks. Great hoof texture!

  14. Funny they have that same expression in TX! LOL! Brrrr…. we are having a cold spell too but up around 80 again by the end of the week….Hugs! deb

  15. In the Midwest, where I grew up, the weather is predictable, save for those pop-up summer storms…but, here in New England it is quite a different weather pattern and temps can vary as much as 20 degrees in as many minutes! I am with you, Corrine, in lamenting the last arrival of Spring. I am *so* ready to hang up my coats, gloves and hats! Loved meeting two of the five members of your “pack” on you stroll this morning! Both are adorable! I must also applaud your metal sculpture! Have a great time with Brianna this week. I love what young people can teach us! Hugs!

  16. Brrr, looks cold. Isn’t it strange how the same temperature feels warm in the winter and cold in the spring. We have been enjoying warm weather today but it switches back and forth on a day to day basis.
    That cone flower of yours looks big and beautiful!

  17. Seems you are even colder than here!
    And lately -(2 dayes) we had warmer temps.—like 10 degrees, even so much
    wind is making it cold anyway!-Now they have already proclaimed colder again
    when meeting the new weekend 🙁
    Will it ever be spring?? I doupt it,- only a very sudden summer!!!
    Hugs to you Corrine.

  18. They keep telling us over the pond that Spring is here!..where, i say, lol. Your cornflower sculpture is wonderful.

  19. Looks cold but spring is coming. Cute dogs. Pet pet…..

  20. What a treat to spend time with your granddaughter! Huga to her, from NY.

  21. Your puppies look like they are waiting patiently for Spring too! I know…same way here…will it ever come this year????!!!

  22. winter’s last gasp? let’s hope so!!! yikes!

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