Friday(Ah Well Thursday) Affirmations — Revel in your offBeat

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Revel in your offBeat —

The more I paint, the more I explore I realize that I revel in my offBeat.  Not fitting into a slot, no labels, no judgements,  letting my inner spirt be free to move in exactly the way it needs to is enriching, expanding and a darn good party for my soul.  Your offBeat is what makes you special, why I run to your blogs to see what new vignettes your soul is creating and why I “see” you and not some cookie cutter stepford person…why I resonate with you all and feel the buzz of the creation you bring forth into the world.  Do you revel in your offBeat?  Tell me about all your soul parties!!!

New offBeat painting – “She enjoyed her chicken conversations although they were a bit one sided”

Chicken Conversation Chicken Conversation close-up 1 Chicken Conversation close-up 2Linking to Art Journal Every Day and Paint Party Friday on Friday…



  1. I love being able to “blow up” your images because it allows me to see all the texture–the “bones” of your work! Love this piece, Corrine, because it is about talking to oneself–something I do a lot, according to my stepdaughter! 😉 So, you want to know about my soul party? I am still having one. I recently created an art journal page with a misspelled word! Ugh! I have made the decision to let it stand! Am I wrong?

  2. This figure and the chicken make me chuckle… or should I say “cluckle”? Great colors. Let the reveling begin.

  3. think of how the chicken feels! one sided!!! just because we dont speak the language! the old “language barrier” just think of all we miss. keep on having fun.

  4. Corrine I love that blue chicken and that rich warm background! I also love your offbeat characters, so full of style and soul! Keep on with the fun and exploration!

  5. I also revel in the offbeat too!! The rest is boring!! That’s why I love artists!! Great piece, wonderful perspective!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Reveled in this offbeat today! LOVE that chicken!! xo

  7. Its great to be offbeat, to do what you feel and to be the person you are. To be able to express yourself through your art is a gift. It is amazing to be around so many gifted people! Happy PPF

  8. Wonderful gripping textures in this piece…totally multisensory! Beautiful warmth and glow too and fantastical subjects..! I have always been the offbeat blacksheep and love roaming life’s journey my own is the magic of life to be uniquely awake to your true self and free to express it..embrace your divine design! Hugs..wonderful words! Always a joy visiting yoru enchanted world !Fabulous art!!
    Happy PPF

  9. haha my offbeat is my onbeat 24/7! so yea, i get ya! this art is beautiful. i love the texture and you have used my fav color – the peachness. the bird is stunning and i love the play in the face. Lovies, Samara (and i love this font!!!)

  10. Haha, this is awesome. Love it, esp the blue chicken – she is so awesome! I think you’ve found your thing!

  11. Oh, love these happy colours, the scribbles and the texture! Wonderful post!

  12. You’re so right – again! We connect with so many soul=sisters across the blogosphere just because they are as off-beat as we are ourselves. We encourage and push each other to ever higher levels of off-beatness (now there’s a weird word) Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without the almost daily contact of all the creative folks I’ve met online!!! Thanks for another inspiring Friday post. (and adorable painting)

  13. Beautiful artwork ~ texture and colors are divine ~ What is most important is that you staying true to YOU! ~ Brava! ^_^

  14. Chicken conversations sounds familiar, I am having quite a few of those myself.
    I agree with you, offbeat makes things interesting!

  15. what a very fun, quirky and wonderfully layered project Corrine!

  16. Loving your fun collage. Happy PPF, Annette x

  17. Amen Sister! Great post.

    Cute chickadee- my Dad has some chickens-one named Queen Nadine…this blue chicken reminds me of her! Have a happy weekend Corrine!

  18. Love your work, that blue chook is great.

  19. Wow, ver nice. I like your techniques. Lots of texture. Love the chickens. Thank you. Happy PPF!

  20. the texture is fab! great collage! xoxo ♥ aimee

  21. Lovely work, great texture and colours! Valerie

  22. Creative, colorful, and just chock full of wonderful texture.

  23. Dear Corrine, Your off beat painting is beautiful. your words about trusting ourselves who we are, especially after really hard day completely cheered me up, Thank you for it I really needed it. Big, big hugs.

  24. wonderful texture and colour!

  25. Very interesting painting, great colors!

  26. You are an amazing lady Corrine, such lovely wise words as always and a gorgeous painting to go with it all too. Tee hee, is this the chicken you mentioned the other day??
    Huge hugs x

  27. A love chicken- an apple not eaten off!! a happy smiling woman!
    I love this and your wonderful true words, about what makes us visit around…. I`m happy not to be a cookie cutter 🙂
    Love-and happy weekend Corrine.

  28. Offbeat- that explains why I could never keep the beat in music class! Your chicken is the very very best chicken ever! EVER! And you bring out the creativity in others – when we sit and chat my offbeat self feels so happy and ready to create more- that is why you are the best choice for teaching at Lucky Star!

  29. I love this post and your words. I often feel offbeat and need to learn to embrace it more!

  30. Thanks for the encouragement to go off beat — it’s hard in such a rigid world to follow your own beat. Did you get that texture with just paint or did you use a medium? It’s very beautiful and elevates the off beat into a real soul level. Love it!

  31. I am always seduced by the offbeat and get a bit cranky when we get pulled into the not offbeat world… we drag our feet to family functions and all use the right forks and make polite conversation and then we all get in the car and relax again… back to mad conversations and thoughts and sharing our ideas… it is always so nice to spend that time reinforcing that we all belong together in our little offbeat family…xx

  32. oh, i love this… the texture and that blue chicken cracks me up. Beautiful work. xox

  33. You KNOW I do! LOL! Your painting is SO offbeat YOU! And perfectly, delightfully wonderful!

  34. I really love your words and your paintings. Off-beat is not something I would call myself, but I think it would be fun to explore that notion for awhile.

  35. love that chicken and it looks like she knows the best stories because that figure seems really happy to see her! I love the offbeat!

  36. What a fun piece. I love it. Blessings!

  37. Love this post! fun art work and title…it made me smile! happy PPF!

  38. what a great post! more and more I feel I am living the life I was meant to and that shows in my art. And, how’s this for serendipity – my husband and I are sitting discussing getting some rescue battery hens and what sort of coop and free range area we would need (now we’re living in the country and have plenty of space) and then I click on your blog and see your wonderful chicken conversations piece! a sign if ever there was one!!

  39. Elisa Choi says:

    this is such a fun piece corinne. super colorful lively! keep it up!

  40. This makes me smile–so fun! I must confess, I am a bit afraid of my offbeat but this inspires me to listen more to it and take a chance once in a while! Thanks!

  41. I love this! It makes me smile. It’s so happy! I am learning to just let my art “be”and let my inner self guide me !

  42. I love the warm colors in this painting and the texture is just wonderful! The chicken is just adorable.

  43. I really like your chicken and the texture in your picture. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  44. OKAY! That is an awesome painting. I LOVE the color and everything about it!! Thanks for sharing and for your wonderful comments! Happy PPF 🙂

  45. What a painting, wow! This is amazing – I like the quirkiness, it’s fantastic. Beautiful colors – they make you smile. Love it!

  46. I really like how you applied the texture. Very nice

  47. Beautiful , so vibrant and happy. I luv your cute chicken and use of texture.

  48. This is my first visit to your site, but it won’t be my last. I enjoyed looking around at all your interesting work. I especially liked the redo you showed a few posts back. I liked seeing the steps of your progress.

  49. This is wonderful Corrine! The texture is fantastic – brilliant! xxoo

  50. I love revelling in my off=beatness, but I am only finding it comfortable now! I love your painting, the textures + colours – I wonder if the chicken understood but chose not to comment?
    (p.s. thank you for leaving such lovely comments on my PPF painting! I greatly appreciate it!)

  51. I love this! Thanks for the PPF visit. I try not to judge my work or my life by really stringent standards of normal or appropriate – to other people maybe it’s offbeat, to me it’s just me!

  52. so well put, offBeat, that’s what I feel, so much!
    And your art is wonderful, lively, colourful and funny!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and art it brightened up my moment 🙂

    Happy PPF (sunday)


  53. I can totally imagine, now you have shared the story of the painting! Hehehe 🙂 I love chickens, we have 5 of them too. Happy ppf!

  54. Just look at how many “soul sisters” you’ve resonated with, Corrine!!! I LOVE this piece – but I ADORE your attitude!!! Sending HUGE hugs! ♥ Terri

  55. Your creation is awesome! Love the pretty textures and cute image. Thank you so much for sharing. ^_^

  56. I like your OffBeat and I’m so happy for you that you found the thing that gives you freedom to express yourself. 🙂

  57. I revel in my offbeat & enjoy my one sided conversations, peaceful that way (that’s why I enjoy blogworld so much, lots of nice things to talk about)

  58. So, so fun, Corrine. Love it! Perhaps that is what is missing in my life…a chicken. Would be a pretty good confidant, I think.

  59. great post, I totally agree! I love your painting, it’s enchanting and makes me smile.

  60. Cheers to being offbeat… love it! You’re such an inspiration, honey, and I’m with you on nixing the cookie cutter art.

  61. now this just makes me smile. i love your colors and your sense of style!

  62. What a great project. This is great. Blessings, Janet PPF

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