Glitter Man

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Playful, that was what came to mind as I purchased three wagon pull toy boxes in birch with red plastic wheels.  Playful glitter, sparkle, and more glitter.  I wanted to create something playful and childlike in these toy boxes and in the first one we have Glitter Man.  Not sure what’s up with these listening ears but they seem to be talking to me, an ear/tongue perhaps?  The dancing gypsy, well maybe he is listening to her! Oh and a polymer clay eye, thanks to what I learned from my class with Judy Shea, one of the most playful people I know….

Glitter Man glitter man close up


  1. That’s so cool.

  2. You find the best stuff to paint on- playful in a big way!

  3. what a wonderful canvas! love that polymer eye.

  4. What an absolutely FUN altered art project, Corrine! Can’t wait to see the other two wagons! My favorite part? Why, that polymer eye, of course! Great project!

  5. So much fun! Love the clay eye. What a great idea to use these pull toys – playful substrate, playful painting. xoxo

  6. LOVE! Very creative and colorful. What a great canvas, Corrine.
    audrey xo

  7. Yay, Glitter Man! Best superhero name ever. <3

    What a fantastic idea to paint a wheely toy box!

  8. Fabulous idea – I’ve been looking for some shallow drawers to avoid the framing issue but no luck yet – these would be perfect!

  9. Moving art.. now that’s cool. Clay eye has great texture. Love ya.

  10. You find the neatest stuff to alter!! And then you do it perfectly. Love this, right down to the polymer clay eye.

  11. I love this idea of letting your heart out to play …with a child’s pull toy used for blocks. I am painting today…and can hardly wait to get started. We must all continue to play our way through the days. Imagine and Live in playful peace. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. Great job at playing ! You are the best at being free my freind and with the use of glitter….I love how he evolved…he is fanatstic!~

  13. So cute and playful! Great idea to paint the little wagons…now they become art.

  14. How cool and fun is this???? VERY!!! Love it! xxoo

  15. love the idea of using a child’s toy… brilliant

  16. How fun – never would have thought of using them as a canvas – you’re amazing!

  17. That’s an awesome surface! Great mind to see it as a canvas. And I love the eye.

  18. Oh Corrinne! I LOVE this!!!!

  19. Listening man on a run! —in his green and wonderful wagon-
    so bright and happy Corrine,- and hopefull, as green is the colour of hope!!

  20. Your art is talking and listening and full of spark!

  21. Glitter Man, wonder what his superpowers are. Playfulness, listening powers?
    Love your new canvas!!

  22. What a great piece. Glitter Man made me smile 🙂
    Among many of Glitter Man’s talents I think he sings too!

  23. The wagon is a awesome place for your art! I love the ear and the eye!!!!

  24. Wonderful composition that has created within that toy wagon, good idea!

  25. It was lovely to see you use these toys in such a creative way HPPF Dxx

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