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OH!, that moment when you realize the eureka, well this little guy epitomizes that moment for me.  A funky wing, flippers to swim through life more easily an extra big listening ear so as not to miss a thing.  An open heart wrapped in electrical blue and an overall softness.  He’s painted on gelli printed fabric mounted to gesso board…what will be your OH! moment today? I will be off starting Carolyn’s Gelli Printing workshop and seeing what shows up! Maybe an OH MY to go along with my OH!



  1. He must be a member of the ‘blue rinse’ set…lol

  2. I just love what you are doing lately. So fun!

  3. Kimbucha says:

    He’s electrical alright…Like an electrical outlet to plug into and you’ve certainly have been plugged in lately!

  4. This is an “oh” for sure. A special person here you’ve created. My morning started with “oh, it’s Monday, back to work”, but I will be part of Carolyn’s workshop… excited.

  5. Oh! what a pleasant surprise to see this super sensory creation first thing in the morning. Happy April to you! xoxo

  6. Here’s my OH moment- I never thought to glue down the fabrics I’ve printed and then create on top of them- I’d get to enjoy the texture and feel of fabric without having to work in soft only- sparked me again Corrine!

  7. FUN! What a funky dude…..

  8. That would be worth a lot to posess – the wing the big ear and the
    ability to swim easier thorug life- and that big electrified but soft hearth…Hope they would all be used in the good way!
    I did not have any eurake moments today….. not eighter swam to easy through life today!
    Hugs Corrine-

  9. He’s great! I’m loving your art style and these funky bright colors, wonderful!

  10. Oh I adore him and Oh I need a funky wing and Oh I need to make something.
    Happy April, Corrine!

  11. Oh me, oh my! He’s wonderful! Love that giant ear…. the better to hear the muse’s whispers.

  12. Fantastical and joyous

  13. Very cool!

  14. My OH! moment came a few days later (today) when I finally was able to unwrap my own Gelli Art Plate (received last week)! It is so addictive, but have enjoyed every minute so far. Working on creating a brick wall being uncovered by scraping away the white paint over it! It remains to be seen whether this will be an OH! moment or an OMG! moment! 😉 Love your round-faced character forever saying OH!

  15. What a fun fellow he is!!! Love him. Don’t you just love when something calls to you and you bring them to life!

  16. Corrine–OH! is the perfect word for this. I love it and would love to see it in person! Fabric–you smart girl!!!!

  17. I love you guy. He is so fun and happy. I saw him on the Gelli Print Party board and had to see more of him.

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