Collage A La Gelli

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While exploring some mark making techniques with the gelli plate, I decided to take some shots of sections of the 20″ x 28″ pages I was working on with the hopes that I might make some cards of portions of these images.  I got to playing on ribbet photo editor doing some photo editing and watermarking and these resulting collages came out of it.  Another way to think about using your own work in different ways. The first photo is the original shot.  Some of these might make great t-shirts, that’s what was running through my mind and the last one, well, thats for all my mail art buds.  Thanks to Maria MGuire for sending me off to ribbet, it is the easiest ever to use.  Sometimes non thinking works best.

gelli collage original gelli hdr collage gelli collage bokeh gelli collage inverted postage stampDon’t forget Carolyn Dube’s gelli printing workshop starts April 1.  It’s not too late to sign up…I did.



  1. Yummo!

  2. Fabulous and such a variety!

  3. even with the bits of dark, still feels light and fresh….nice

  4. gotta check out ribbet – very cool what you did here. xo

  5. love the colors!

  6. These are great.

  7. wonderful effects, and ribbet looks like a wonderful tool.

  8. Just amazing manipulation of color, Corrine! I need to checkout ribbet, too! I think I have finally made the decision to buy the 8×10 Gelli Plate, just haven’t done it yet. My interest is definitely piqued by what I see here!

  9. Wow.. one piece is enough, but to look at your work 4 ways. Just lovely. Ribbet ribbet.

  10. Nice work, Corrine.

  11. What a way to change how it looks! I never ever would have guessed where the altered ones started- what a way to get oodles of bang out of your art! Love it! Thanks for the shout out- can’t wait for class to start!

  12. I agree…would be great on a t-shirt. I love seeing how different area “pop” when the colors change. It’s so fun to play with images that way. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  13. fun fun fun. i love ribbet. i could spend all day playing … sometimes i do! 😀 😀

  14. Oooh I really like that second version – all that turquoise. Such pretty contrast with the white!

  15. Those are cool. you are having a great time with that!
    They would make great t-shirts. I love the last pic too!

  16. Aren’t art programs fun to play with? I find them addicting….you came up with some fabulous alternatives here. There are just so many fun things to try! Where do I find the time????

  17. What a gorgeous variety! I love these prints! The patterns and colors are wonderful! xxoo

  18. brilliant!

  19. AMAZING dear Corrine ,
    and how fantastic what changing colours and what else you have done in there in that editing program 🙂 –can do to what we believed was THE photo- they are gorgeous looking- love all the lilac tones with the aqua!

  20. very nice! the feel of the colors, mellow to xray!

  21. Maria McGuire says:

    Glad you like it Corrine–what a great idea for the Gelli prints!!!

  22. Dreamy! They’d be great on anything – teeshirts, bags, etc. Love em!

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