I Am an — Outsider — artist

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I am an — OUTSIDER — artist.  I am drawn to outsider art, naive art, art brut, graffiti.  I find some of it horrifying and some of it so beautiful and soulful it makes me weep.  I am painting away for this Vintage Bazaar booth that I am creating and I am falling into my most raw and primitive self.  Spirit has taken over and I am letting the flow carry me onwards to wherever it leads.  Each painting is a surprise, each surprise is an epiphany of acceptance.  It is the best thing I ever decided to do, to put myself in a place where I had to be the most ME of me..I am telling my story and my story is telling me…

I will be posting my art regularly.  I hope you will SEE the me in it as I try and SEE the you whenever I visit.  Your support and friendship over the ether has helped me to fall in love with the idea of being an artist over and over again.  Thank you again and again.

mostly white cat

IMG_6691 IMG_6694 IMG_6696



  1. wow Corrine, love this cat!!! I wouldn’t even have to put it in a jar. I am in awe of these raw paintings

  2. That is a cat to like. Wonderful background too.

  3. You may know that I too, love this style of art. Your masterful muse is shining with happiness and joy and freedom. I love your heart Corrine.

  4. I love that you are so free with your art Corrine. Cannot wait to see more!

  5. How happy I am for you that you are finding YOU in your painting. I’m not at that stage. It must feel really good, Corrine. I LOVE your art no matter what it is called ~ the spirit, the color, the freedom is wondrous!! I celebrate you and your art!!
    audrey xo

  6. what do you mean you will be posting your art? seems to me that is what you have been doing all along! That is why I keep coming back to view and be inspired. gotta go, you have inspired me once again!

  7. Lovely…..whimsical and colourful.

  8. Your mostly white cat had me smiling from ear to ear, feeling happy just looking at it. I love it!!

  9. lyle baxter says:

    thats a cat after my heart! There is going to be an exhibit of outsider art at the Phila. art museum in April til June I believe. we’ll be going. will send you info when I have it! keep going with your happy paintings!

  10. Hello Corrine, great to visit here as always and come upon this sweet white cat! Great art, fresh, bright, simple and loving!

  11. Corinne your ART is beautiful and you shine through it and hopefully from doing it sweetie. Lol I maybe quite a new visitor to you but I keep on coming because your work always speaks to me, keep it coming my lovely. Happy smiles here because your cat is stunning too.
    Huge hugs x

  12. here kitty kitty! <3

  13. Your cat looks wonderfully happy and the background is fabulous. Enjoy your journey.

  14. Oh my gosh Corrine…what a great painting. Doesn’t look a thing like ya though. 😉
    How inspiring you are my friend…paint away…paint away. xoxo

  15. I am so proud of you! Way to get your artist on and explore the deep parts of you. I look forward to seeing all you create. I love the white cat.

  16. You are one playful person- and it shows in this! Love the spring colors too!

  17. C – your words are so moving and your art so beautiful. I love the line about each surprise being an epiphany of acceptance. Wishing you many days of free play and abandon, my friend.

  18. Your art moves me to weep sometimes, I feel your very core when I see it…it is exceptional, as well as the cat!

  19. Creating from that place inside us is a gift. The trust it takes to let that inner artist really take over in significant.
    So happy for you, Trusting One !

  20. Digging deep comes out of you. Love the “raw” (as Carolyn said) art. Meow.

  21. I look forward to seeing more of “you”! Love this – so genuine and soulful! xxoo

  22. First, let me say how much I enjoyed meeting you and “picking” your artful brain! I definitely need a “redo”! Now, to the piece at hand: I have had several cats through my lifetime and, although I am now a dog person, I still have a special place in my heart for cats–and your “mostly white” is included. One of the things I enjoy most about your work is that I view it in stages. First, I take in the whole. Then, I explore each layer as it comes to my eye. And, lastly, I like to enlarge your creations and examine the very core of them–whether that be the background detail or the “message” it is presenting to me. When all that is done, it gives me great joy to revisit your work and begin the process again. As a scrapbook artist, I know when I start where I am going. It has been a difficult transition for me to just sit down and begin–with no fixed plan. In your work, you encourage me to do that…and I am learning! 😉

  23. Oh this is really pretty! I’m drawn to this kind of naive figurative art too & children’s drawings are so awesome in that they show nothing but the idea. Love that

  24. Your richly detailed background once again amazes me with its layers and layers of goodness. Then the surprise of this charming cat….this is such a fun , light hearted piece. I don’t know that I’ve found the “me” yet when I create…..but I’m working on it. You continue to inspire.

  25. love your cat, not liking my mainly orange cat right now. ( woke me up at 4:00 a.m.)
    can’t wait to see your next painting. Happy painting!

  26. your cat is so cool! with her two colored eyes ant the textured background…I am in love with those warm light colors!!

  27. I LOVE this cat! Keep going friend! You are in a magical place!

  28. I am telling my story and my story is telling me… wonderful words. All those crinkles and folds and colors – oh my. Beautiful work my friend.

  29. love your white cat full of texture. I’ve not seen art brut but Graffiti can be wonderful. Would love to come along to your bazaar booth!

  30. You always make such happy art Corrine…its a tonic to come here . x
    (PS And I love typing here with this gorgeous fancy script 😉 )

  31. Maria McGuire says:

    I am seeing Corrine! I love how “free” you are being and want to do the same….we need to talk about this!I can tell these are coming from an inner place 🙂

  32. You are surely there, Corrine, with the wonderful spalsch of colours, almost decking the special prepared papers, and the great cat, seing both the good and the bad…
    Must be fantastic, to be able to just GO!!!!

  33. I love this cat!! The background is great. It’s always good to share what we’ve done, and I like that you’re posting so often. Wish I could post as often, but I’m probably…

    not as disciplined as you are!

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