Friday Affirmations — On Thursday — BIG

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When in doubt, or when your confidence wanes, when you need to expand go BIG —

Intuitive painting with my friends always leads to moving BIG energy.  Whatever energy needs to be moved shows up and gets painted on out of there.  We are so close to each other, like sisters only more that the sacred space we surround ourselves with really affects change.  I needed to get some BIG out there with all the things happening for me this year and to acknowledge and give myself permission to expand to fill the spaces I have created for myself.  In order to do that I guess I needed to create a 15 foot woman with a huge bejeweled throat. The words Recycled Old Bag came to me and they mean re-invent yourself, YOU CAN RE-INVENT YOURSELF TO BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. Oh and the what looks like a frown is her chin and that big O under the nose is her mouth.  The really BIG O is her throat –GIVE YOURSELF VOICE.

The painting is so tall I can’t photo it all in one place except out the window and there is a blizzard here right now, so I am sharing a shot taken in Philly and a close up of where she hangs on my stairwell (not all of her fits so her feet are rolled up).  Funny thing was I painted her in sections all separated and my friend Damini asked me when I was going to put her together? She actually got somewhat rearranged and changed so now she feels integrated and whole…with big sturdy feet and strong roots.  I think I can stand on her and let go…

I am posting today since it’s my birthday and I am 57 years old.  I am now a CRONE, an official Recycled Old Bag and I love it. It just keeps getting better…

What BIG did you do for yourself today?

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  1. Holy moley… First of all… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend. This “old bag” is just beautiful. What a thrill it must have been to create her. The colors are just knocking me over. BRAVO!!! A great day for you… and what’s up with this snow. It’s time to go away.

  2. Corrine,
    BIG is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love how you have no fear to try anything! Since I can’t “art” right now, I am having loads of fun through you.
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend!!!!!!! 57! WOW! You are in that “best times of your life” bracket. And, I do believe, you are having the time of your life. (At least when it comes to art.)
    I truly wish you nothing but happy, joyful, loving, fun days ahead, Corrine.
    Love you.
    audrey xxoo

  3. how fun and happy birthday you “old” crone you!! xx

  4. Happy birthday my friend! I had to look up the word crone, and it had such a negative ring to it, that I would say you are anything but!
    You sure have proved that big women are beautiful, but In my case I do hope I never get to the point when I won’t fit in a picture,) Enjoy your day!!

  5. Go big or go home- one of my favorite lines from my college years. You went big- and it is rocking! Happy birthday 57 times- what a way to celebrate!

  6. A very Happy Birthday Corrine. What a wonderful way to celebrate. Your big woman is fabulous, just like yourself x

  7. Oh Happy Birthday Corrine!! You sound so very happy and that is the best thing ever! You are such a creative soul, what a great colorful art piece and what fun to paint BIG! Good for you and keep on having a smashing and colorful time! xx

  8. Happy Birthday Corrine!!!!

    I just love how bright and beautiful and BIG you paint!
    Hugs! deb

  9. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, old crone! I’ve been a crone now for many years and am here to confirm, it is a good calling! For instance, I now have time to “art” around and pretty much do what I feel like doing on any given day. If I accomplish one task a day, then, it has been a good day! Now, to your bag lady. Love her! She is bold, she is strong, she is colorful, she is wise and, rather than a big stick, she carries a big voice. Magnificent seems like such a small word to describe a 15′ painting, but she is indeed that! And so are you, Corrine!

  10. Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You and welcome to *crone-hood*. I highly recommend it! 😀 😀


  11. Happy Birthday dear Corrine! Your woman is glorious and joyful and vibrant and powerful – just like you.

  12. Corrine — don’t say such crazy things! Happy Birthday to you — another March birthday! Your painting and YOU look beautiful.

  13. FAB U LOUS!!! Happt birthday sweets! I love how you are always so tru to yourself, your painting ROCKS!

  14. Wowa! Your lady is amazing and beautiful and so are you! I hope you had the happiest of birthdays today. The year ahead already looks to be full of wonderful happenings for you. What an amazing season of creativity and growth you are enjoying! Best of everything to you, Corrine!

  15. Oh Corrine, I didn’t know you were celebrating a birthday. Happy Happy belated Birthday!!
    What a wonderful way to celebrate! Your painting looks fantastic…I Love such colorful pieces!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    sending big hugs your way,

  16. lyle baxter says:

    Happy Bday! In my league you arent an old crone yet just a kid! enjoy your day! snow and all. enough snow already! I love your big girl especially her face with all the circles. Does she have a boyfriend yet???

  17. Omygoodness!! You are one AMAZING woman my friend!! Your painting is just wonderful and happy and bright.Love it,love you!!!Happy Birthday!!xox

  18. Wow wow wow Corrine she is beautiful, heartfelt and full of soul.
    Happy Birthday sweetie, hope you have a fab one.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  19. Christie says:

    From one old crone and Recycled Old Bag to another – have a fantastic birthday and fabulous year!

  20. Happy Happy Birthday you old so and so! I’m right behind you turning 55 in July! LOVE your big, beautiful and bold creation. Looks like so much fun! xoxo

  21. Happy Birthday, beautiful Heart !!! What an awesome creation your old lady is ! Full of juicy energy and intuitive wisdom ! Fabulous . I love that you let her emerge in such a brave and brilliant way.
    Sending you wishes for a sweet celebration of all things you !

  22. She is absolutely fabulous! A perfect match for you! Happiest of birthday wishes for you today and for the coming year. Life is good.

  23. Wowee…a great BIG Happy Birthday to you…..Fabulous painting!!!!!

  24. BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL GODDESS!! What a presence!

  25. ‘You can reinvent yourself to be what you want to be.’ I started down the path of reinventing – or maybe just expanding – what I want to be a year and a half ago at the ripe age of 58. I’ve added art to my life and it has widened my perspective, connected me to a giant, exciting community of supportive people, and reinvigorated my passion for creativity. You’re NEVER too old to reinvent! Happy Birthday you spring chicken – can’t wait to see what this year brings you!

  26. Happy Happy Birthday……….okay, I’m a little late!
    This is Amazing in BIG BOLD letters!!
    Love it!
    Looking good miss thing! Hope you had a fab b-day!

  27. Oh my gosh, Corrine… this is fantabulous! When we spoke I couldn’t imagine how rich and textured she is… WOW!!!!!!! And the happiest of birthdays to you. Hope this year will be everything you wish for and more, hon.

  28. Wooooo HOOOOOOO I am loving this BIG BIG FUN piece! The feet are the best part! Awesome Corrine. Happy Birthday!!!! xoxo

  29. Happy Birthday (late) my dear friend, Corinne! You make the LOVLlIEST old crone, ever!

  30. Carlene Taylor Simmons says:

    Happy Birthday Corrine !

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