Magical Gardens

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Snuck away last weekend for a painting reunion long ya ya sisterhood kind of  weekend to Philadelphia. After painting for 8 hours on Saturday, we took a Sunday trip into the city to visit the Magical Gardens of Isaiah Zagar.  His studio building is now a museum and his gardens(what were a vacant lot hole in the ground in the late 60’s) have become a most magical place of faces and hands and words and light. Most exciting is that it turned out to be his open studio day and we got to hear him speak about his art and his most intuitive process of creating it.  Not only has he adorned his studio and gardens, but over 30 building facades on South St bear testament to his work. That’s me in the middle flanked by Carolyn on my left and Victoria on my right.  Damini of the famous 40 Day Creativity experiment is seen through the bicycle wheel in her marvelous purple felted hat.  The last photo is Isaiah himself seating in his studio.

More on the painting later, it was so big I had to ship it home….well you’ll see…hope you enjoy the tour.

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  1. It is simply breathtaking! Now that I have visited Gaudi’s work twice, this might be on the top of my list of magical artwork which I want to see. Off to check out more about his work, thank you for sharing. Seriously, thank you!

  2. Wow ! What an amazing place ! So glad you had that wonderful creative time !

  3. These are just fabulous!! I would love to see them!

  4. Best garden I’ve ever seen! And to be there on open studio day- that is the cherry on top of a great day!

  5. What an absolutely amazing place, Corrine! You cannot be there without being moved! Thanks for sharing these great photos!

  6. Stunning work, what a creation! And what a fantastic artist, it must have been wonderful to meet him.

  7. What a wonderful outing — wish i could have tagged along. Thanks for showing us.

  8. What a wonderful place.

  9. Amazing.. everywhere you turn is a field of inspiration. What a great visit you must have had and with your ya yas.

  10. This is totally fantastic dear Corrine, oh how many hours he has used to create all those walls filled with small pieces of cheramic ,glasses, and porzelain??? Must have been a fantastic day for all of you.

  11. spectacular! what an amazing place.

  12. That’s extraordinary. What a delightful place to spend some time. Thanks for introducing me. Looks cold over there Corinne, you’re all rugged up. It’s about 24 degrees (Celsius) here, and it’a only 5 am.

  13. This is wonderful…thank your!

  14. Oh my!!! Talk about eye candy! I’m in awe of these photos you took! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing! xxoo

  15. WOW!
    That is amazing detail to stare at. I would have just been standing…..!

  16. Wow- that is a truly magical place! Sounds like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see what you painted!

  17. Zowie! Thanks for sharing, I’ve never seen anything like this.

  18. Oh, Corrine, how fun and wonderful and inspirational!! I want to go there!! I have wanted to do something like that in my yard somewhere for years, but never have because I wouldn’t even know where or how to start. I bet you really enjoyed seeing all that work up close. Definitely a fun trip. Thank you for sharing.
    audrey xo

  19. What a treasure to see all of this! I have seen some of these over the years, I frequent Phialdelphia often, but up close and personal looks fabulous!

  20. lyle baxter says:

    what a great adventure! you took some great photos. thanks for sharing!

  21. the amazing magical mystery tour! 😀

  22. You gals must’ve been in Heaven! Can’t wait to make the trip myself! 🙂

  23. My kind of place. I need to take a trip!

  24. What an amazing place! I have heard of this before…I think I saw something about it on TV. It must have been so inspiring to be there in person and experience the whole place.

  25. Absolutely amazing! What a rich experience!

  26. Corrine… the photos came out GREAT!! What a perfect day we had!

  27. Such great pics. I would love to see that mosaic work in person. Thank you for sharing!

  28. Maria McGuire says:

    This is incredible–must have been so beautiful in person 🙂

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