Keeping it Simple — What to do with a Bubblet

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In this issue of GreenCraft Magazine there is an article by a wonderfully creative mail artist named Lynn Radford. She does the most amazing thing with leftover plastic bubble packs and the article is just so fun.  Lynn really rocks trash….

So this particular trash multi bubblet came as packing material in something we received and I thought aha, I know exactly what to do with it.  Make a trash bubblet and mail it to Lynn.  My take is no where near as elegant and fancy as hers, but…I had some scrap book bits leftover from a garland I did a while ago so I cut them into confetti pieces and stuck them in the mini bubbles.  I then took part of my work paper on the desk covered with paint and stamps and used it to back the transparent bubblet.  I put a recycled cereal box on the back to stiffen it all up, taped it together and voila it’s on the way to good old PA and Lynn.  Hope she enjoys getting trash bubbles as much as she enjoys making them…



IMG_6356Bubble on trash rules….



  1. That is so cool! At first glance I thought it was bubble wrap and could not understand how you got your confetti into the bubbles.)
    I love how you are making such fab art from trash!

  2. that is so cool. thanks for the link to Lynn. I’ll be eyeballing that packaging in a whole new way.

  3. This is so cool Corrine! xxoo

  4. lol….she’ll love it….how could she not?!?

  5. You get the best trash and then make it so much fun!!

  6. Perfect timing, Corrine! Just yesterday, I opened a refill for my Tombo glue runner and happily tossed it into the recycling container in my studio! This morning, after reading your post, I dug it back out! It is a small bubble, but just perfect for enclosing birthday money for my grandson’s card! Great idea! Thanks, too, for the link to Lynn’s blog!

  7. Yowza… that is truly a thought process.. what a cool idea. I know Lynn will love it.

  8. what an interesting idea!

  9. What a fabulous and totally unexpected surprise, Corrine! I always open my email before going anywhere else on the net… Your blog notification intrigued me. Bubblet? I thought. “What’s a Bubblet?” (I could even hear Ozzy Osbourne saying it as though he were once again asking, “What’s a Beiber?”) I clicked on over and was totally knocked off my feet! You were so kind to feature my article and blog in your post today. I cannot wait for my Bubblet to arrive! Of course, you know what this means? You’re going to end up being the feature of one of my blog posts! And I think a very special Thank You is in order as well. Have a beautiful day in the studio, my friend! Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

  10. Very very fun!!!! Where is that article?I’d like to read it….

  11. Pam, it’s in the Winter 2013 Issue of GreenCraft magazine. On stands now. Easily found at your local Barnes and Noble. 🙂

  12. Great Idea!

  13. That is so funky… turning trash into art! Love this!

  14. OK now that is fun. There really isn’t anything you won’t try. Awesome!

  15. Wow! Now that’s really what I call recycling trash…and it looks great.

  16. Oooh I really like that!!! I will have to retrieve a trash bubble I put in the recycling today …. Very cool idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Maria McGuire says:

    That is really cool Corrine! She will love it! I have the magazine, now I need to read the article.

  18. People’s inginuity and imagination never fail to blow me away ! Fun idea and yours looks great ! I am sure she will be thrilled to receive it .
    Happy Thursday !

  19. Love this project, how funky! I can see why you had to make one. 🙂

  20. Finally received the Bubblet yesterday! So amazing in person! The size shocked me, as I was looking for a 4×6 postcard! Can’t wait to blog it later today! THANK YOU, Corrine!


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