Clearing The Clutter — The Big New

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I have been reorganizing the studio lately with the help of some steel shelves to expand a place to dry work in progress.  While going through stacks – and bins and ziploc bags of paper, cards, mail art, old greeting cards…well you get the idea…

I found a card from one of my best and oldest friends that she sent on my birthday last year.  It’s so funny and so perfect for the two of us I didn’t want to get rid of it, so I used it in my journal as a way to keep it forever(card was a recycled greeting designer acknowledged at the bottom of the page).  That led to looking through some more mail art envelopes and finding a bunch of great stamps that I added to the page and using a new stencil from Julie Balzer I made some tabs and a photo strip layout of printed papers and words and numbers thinking of Carolyn Dube’s Use Your Words***go see the launch of her new Gelli Printing Workshop***.


Speaking of workshops, the classes are up at Lucky Star and the full descriptions will be available some time this week.  Registration starts Friday March 1st, so head on over and see my class line-up and the other wonderful instructors that will be there.



  1. That card is great! I like how you used it in your journal page amid all the color and postage stamps.

  2. Some very cool work here! Fun card that inspired some really fun pages. Cleaning out can be a chore but it’s also often so inspirational! Who knew you kept all that stuff????

  3. You are a legend…but well behaved?…I reeally don’t know you well enough.

  4. the journal is such a great way to keep and honor that card. Love the tabs you added to the other page.

  5. What a great card, Corrine, and, indeed, an inspiration! Love this very complex work. Seeing all the close-up shots was like getting two desserts after dinner! Yummy!

  6. Love the colours here Corrine. This inspires me. I want to do mail art one of these days…Hugs, Norma, x

  7. Love the intense color! You found a good use for this wonderful card.

  8. What a FULL page of beautiful colors and memories about friends. Great way to savor the card. Can’t wait for Carolyn’s new workshop. Stay warm.

  9. wonderful wonderful wonderful — love love love — legends indeed!!!!!!!

  10. Love your method of cleaning and de-cluttering. You got a gorgeous spread out of it! Great card and love all the lettering. xoxo

  11. Fabulous recycling of a great card and a great sentiment !
    Here’s to cr4eative decluttering !
    Happy Monday !

  12. so colorful, just like you! I use to love the British cooking show, Two Fat Ladies. At the end of the show they would have a clip of them on a motorcycle with a sidecar, always got a kick out of them. They were not well behaved either. Your in good company.

  13. Wonderful,getting older, and not to well behaving – gives life a little more joy 🙂
    Your pages are wonderful dear Corrine, love the pink motorcycle(ofcourse) and all the “slips” of colours, and bright life on both of them.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  14. How fun…Texas! You are a lucky star and those that get to hang with you that week will be as well.

    Love what you did with your old birthday card…what a great way to preserve those special ones.

  15. PS: I have followed Juliette Crane’s blog for probably as long as I’ve read yours…how great you both will be there! xo

  16. What a wonderful card and it makes a fabulous and meaningful inclusion in your journal! xxoo

  17. I stopped by last night, but couldn’t leave a message. I got a no service error when I tried to post. It might have been my internet connection due to the weather.

    This is one very special card. What I like most is it is so personal, especially to you. It’s easy to appreciate it on its own, and explaining it to others increases that personal touch.

    I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you stopping by even when I couldn’t visit you. It means so much to me.

    I also wanted you to know how much I like your upcycled 3-ring binder. I need to do something with the one I’ve chosen to hold my monthly calendar pages, so this gives me an idea. I really LOVE those stamps. Nicely done with your gelli plate, too.

  18. I forgot to mention. I hope you show us your newly improved and decluttered studio when you get it finished.

  19. I find the best things when I am clearing out, totally new discoveries, or, totally new fame of mind!! Your piece is gloroius and funny and so heartfelt!
    Yaaayyyyy!! A huge congrats’ to you on you were born to teach, you are so open and free, and will be a fantastic expereince for all of your students! So happy for you! Hugs!

  20. Maria McGuire says:

    What a great idea for a special card! Love all the textures, patterns and colors in your page! I’m doing the same going thru what seems to be a million bags, boxes, etc.

  21. What great gals you’re working with! And your friend’s art. Fabulous! What you’re doing with it…Super Fabulous!

  22. this is so beautiful, Corrine! Love the way you’ve taken the card and sealed its parts in your art. A treasure!

  23. Wow. These colors are fantastic.
    It’s got to be so exciting to be teaching! I know it’s going to be great.

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